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Studies in John's Gospel -- Part 15
Blue Chip Portfolio

By: A.J. Higgins, M.D.

Passage: John 10

    In a day when investment firms warn us that the quality of our lives depends upon their expertise, when corporations daily juggle millions to gain percentage points in interest, when each day's mail brings a new opportunity to become wealthy through a "can’t miss" offer, wecannot help but be acutely aware of the importance of investing wisely.

    I would like to suggest an investment that few of my readers have possibly ever considered.  I make no claim for originality here.  The investment was suggested long ago by another Whose wisdom and farsightedness have never been equaled. In the l0th chapter of John, the Lord Jesus Christ certifies

The Trustworthiness of the Investment

    As an advisor in this all important matter, His credentials are impeccable (vs. l-5). He speaks of having come by way of the door into the sheepfold of Israel.  All the numerous prophecies that Messiah would have to fulfill were fulfilled in His life.  He has come from heaven to advise men as to the way to heaven.  It is His heaven: Who better could tell its entrance requirements?

    But our investment is more secure when we consider His concern and commitment for the sheep (vs. ll-l3).  As the Shepherd of the sheep He is willing to give His life to secure their welfare.  His care for each individual one is announced in vs. l4-l5. No mass production line Christianity was ever anticipated by heaven.  Whatever advice He gives, we may be sure that it comes with credibility and interest in each one of us.

Total Benefits of the Investment

    No investment however is worthwhile, if we are not in need or interested in its dividends.  The investment that Christ speaks about in this chapter, however, is of vital interest to all.  Man as a sinner has forfeited his claim to life, subjecting himself to eternal separation from God.  This is the consistent testimony of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  The Lord Jesus has come, not simply to tell men the way to heaven, but to become the Way itself.  In view of His anticipated death at Calvary, He could offer men the great benefits of life eternal, life abundant, a future secure.  Through men may not articulate the longings of their hearts in this language, the multiplicity of religions, the variety of experiences, the flourishing of the entertainment world, and the interest in the stock market, all attest that these are basic innate interests.

    The Shepherd who has gone into death for the sheep alone can offer life eternal. The Shepherd Who has endured the wrath of God against sin for the sheep alone can offer life abundant. Every other life, however steeped in man’s contrived substitutes, is but a distant second, a poor imitation for the real.

   Imagine having the assurance of the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, eternal security, heaven forever, and the best of this life.  He guarantees all the above and much more. There is no fine print to read; no excluding clauses; no last-minute legal complications. His offer is genuine and real.

    In conclusion, notice...

The Terms of the Investment

   A careful reading of John 10, which is recommended to each reader, will make evident one critical truth: the Shepherd has assumed complete responsibility for the sheep. Upon the cross of Calvary, He became responsible for God for my sins. Now He is responsible for my satisfaction.  He is now and forever responsible for my security.  I can never perish.

   What then is required to come into the good of this investment? His terms are simple: "I am the door. By Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved," vs. 9.  The Bible uses many expressions to convey the thought of trusting Christ.  It speaks of believing, trusting, entering, and others.  All express the need for a personal reliance upon Him as Savior and Lord.  All convey the truth of turning from every other hope of salvation and depending upon His blood shed at Calvary for the forgiveness of sins.

   To those who choose His terms, His promise is certain: "I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish," vs. 28.



"But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

Romans 5:8