Here and There - A Word of Exhortation and Comfort for 1998

Harold S. Paisley

As we enter another year of witness and testimony for the soon coming Lord, we would address the readers of Words in Season in the felicitous terms of John to the beloved Gaius. "Beloved I pray that in all things thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" (3 John 2, R.V.). These words envisage blessing and success both temporally, physically, and most important, spiritually.

It is my desire to draw the attention of the Lord's people to the two words at the heading of this paper, "Here and There," trusting that the Spirit of God may cause them to bring comfort and guidance during the rest of our sojourn. What an effect if the Lord would cause them to find a place in our thoughts and hearts.

Here (Hebrews 13:14)

This mention from the Hebrew letter is "Here we have no continuing city." Ponder the great meaning conveyed in this little word. How much it means to each of us. It applies to all on earth. Here to the unbeliever is a life of self-seeking pleasure, sin, and uncertainty: "without Christ and no hope in this world." To the child of God "here" is our place of hope and testimony. The place where we got to know God and His Son, and where we learn His ways and love. "Here" is also a place of sorrow, trials, problems, and difficulties, and at times loneliness. Here we experience heartbreak, tears and sadness. Here we have no continuing city. It is a vanishing, fading, passing scene. Our time is short. The Lord is coming at any moment to bring us from here to there. He said, "Where I am, there ye shall be also."

There (Revelation 22:5)

"There shall be no night there." What a contrast. This tells us of the meeting with the Savior in that home beyond the sky. There we shall see His face. There we will sing His praises with the myriads of the redeemed. There all tears are wiped away, and there is no night there. Nothing will ever come between our souls and Himself. No sin, nothing to darken or cloud the scene. There, joy, worship and praise for all eternity. There shall be no separation, for the last enemy has been destroyed. We shall be there because of that wondrous grace of God who gave His only Son to purchase our pardon on Calvary's cross. There His Precious blood will be the endless theme of thanksgiving.

The Father's everlasting love
And Jesus' precious blood,
Shall be our endless themes of praise
In yonder blest abode.

In patience let us then possess
Our souls till He appear,
Our head already is in Heaven
And we shall soon be there.

A.M. Toplady