Poetry: The Saviour's Promises

Rachel J. Sweetnam

(Rachel is a 17 year old girl from Ireland)

The Saviour's many promises
Are precious to my soul;
The blessings that come after He
Hath made a sinner whole!

Firstly, there is eternal life -
I know that all is well!
I have been saved from judgment long
Eternity in Hell.

No worries what the future holds,
No need for fearful doubt,
For Christ has said, that when I come
He'll never cast me out!

In Hebrews, Jesus promises
He'll never me forsake
And that He will my Helper be,
At foes I need not quake.

He is Today and Yesterday,
The same forever, too;
And so, today, as long ago
His promises are true.

He said that when He went away
'Twas to prepare a place
And those who are saved will dwell up there
With Him, the Lord of Grace.

He said that He would come again,
Receive His people Home.
My heart, it throbs with longing hope
E'en so, Lord Jesus, come.

The blessed promises of Heaven
No sorrow, death or pain;
No crying, tears, no growing old
No trace of sin or stain.

The promise of being able to
Gaze on His blessed face
So marred and torn on Calvary,
Transformed in that bright place.

His praise will sound for evermore
To Him that sinners loved.
To Jesus, Savior, Sovereign Lord,
God's only Son, beloved.