Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


We were saddened and shocked by the homecall on November 29, 1997 of our beloved brother and servant of Christ, Paul Kember of St. Thomas, Ontario at age 54. Our brother was a diligent worker for the Lord with a love for souls, and will be greatly missed in the work he faithfully carried out in his field of labor.

"He died in battle' as it were, and in tribute a large crowd of 800 or so attended the funeral which was held in the London, Ontario Gospel Hall. Many of his fellow servants were present as well as people from all around the area and many from some distance. Brother William Seale, Jr. and Norman Crawford spoke suitable words at the hall and brother David Oliver at the graveside in St. Thomas.

Pray for his dear wife Phyllis, four children and their families, and his mother and many relatives. A suitable memorial with photograph will appear in the February issue.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Lonaconing, MD - Gary L. Kirk, 340 Main St., Westernport, MD 21562

Change of Correspondent

Omaha, NE - Omaha Gospel Hall, James Harvey, 3139 North 126th St., Omaha, NE 68164. Phone (402) 498-9005.

Reports – USA

Alpena, AR - The annual Bible Reading conference in November was well attended, with Art Ward and Bill Lavery giving help in the readings. Brother Lavery stayed for three nights of ministry following the Bible Reading. The assembly also enjoyed visits by Cliff Lock, Dan Shutt, and Walter Gustafson, in November and December. Brother Gustafson was with the assembly for one Lord's day and three nights of ministry.

Belleville, AR - In December Cliff Lock from Paradise Valley, British Columbia had three weeks of gospel meetings in various homes in the community with some interest. Please pray for the salvation of a young man in the neighborhood who is dying with complications of diabetes. Walter Gustafson visited with helpful ministry on December 7.

Phoenix, AZ - The Thanksgiving conference was well attended, with instructive ministry from brethren Allen, Baker, Currie, Doherty, Gustafson, Krauss, Lavery, and G.P. Taylor. The Bible readings were most helpful. Brethren Currie and Lavery remained after the conference for meetings in both the Garfield and Sunnyslope assemblies.

Palm Springs, CA - The Christians very much appreciated visits from Jim Currie and Fred Krauss during November. Please pray for proposed gospel meetings following the conference in April, D.V.

San Diego, CA - Jim Currie was with the assembly for a visit in November, giving very helpful ministry on the gospel of Matthew.

Newington, CT - Eugene Higgins began gospel meetings on November 30, using his chart on future events. The Christians were encouraged from the start by the interest and attendance of relatives of the believers, and also many strangers. Two have professed, others are concerned.

Garnavillo, IA - The Thanksgiving Day meeting was refreshing, with ministry from Joel Portman, Robert Orr, James Frazier, Art Ward, and Jerry Jennings.

Hitesville, IA - Please pray for gospel meetings planned to begin on February 8, D.V., with Jonathan Procopio and Robert Orr.

West Union, IA - Allan Christopherson and John Slabaugh planned to begin gospel meetings on December 28.

Cambridge, MA - The assembly enjoyed visits from Ian Irvine for ministry on December 3 and December 9.

Methuen, MA- Robert Surgenor was with the assembly for an afternoon meeting on November 9, and Ian Irvine had a ministry meeting on December 4.

Saugus, MA - There was a good crowd at the December conference, and there was a sense of harmony in the ministry, which was shared by eight of the Lord's servants. Robert Surgenor had two weeks of helpful and practical ministry using his charts on the tabernacle, from November 2 14. Tom Wright had a house meeting with a Brazilian family during the first week of November, which resulted in the salvation of the wife and mother-in-law of a young man who had been saved a few weeks earlier. Worcester, MA - The small assembly has been encouraged by visitors attending since they have moved to a new location. One woman professed.

Cumberland, MD - Larry Buote visited on December 4 for ministry and an account of his work in the gospel in Quebec.

Battle Creek, MI - The Christians enjoyed visits during November from Gary Sharp, Brian Owen, Larry Perkins, and Jim Smith. Dan Shutt planned to begin gospel meetings in Kalamazoo in December, supported by the assembly in Battle Creek, which is about 20 miles away.

Livonia, MI - The January 24 bimonthly Bible reading subjects will be "Courtship and Marriage' at 3:00, and 'Raising Children in the Home' at 6:30.

Tylertown, MS - Walter Gustafson and Larry Perkins each had several nights of encouraging ministry during November, which the believers greatly appreciated.

Hickory, NC - The Christians enjoyed a short visit from Neal Thomson in October and a week of ministry with Walter Gustafson at the beginning of November.

Cleveland, OH - The gospel meetings in the Monticello hall with Dan Shutt and Matt Smith (Jackson, MI) gave the assembly encouragement. The believers hope to see additions to the assembly as a result of the meetings.

Forest Grove, OR - The Christians enjoyed John Abernethy's visit in November.

Salem, OR - During November the assembly appreciated visits from John Abernethy and Jim Allen.

Bryn Mawr, PA - Eugene Higgins and David Oliver closed four weeks of gospel meetings on November 23, with blessing in salvation and encouragement to the assembly. The conference over Thanksgiving was the largest in recent years, with an especially large number of young people present. The timely and profitable ministry was shared by seven of the Lord's servants.

Hatboro, PA - Harold Paisley visited the assembly from November 30 December 2, ministering on Proverbs 30 and 31.

McKeesport, PA - Gary Sharp was with the assembly for the Sunday School Treat on November 22 and the following Lord's Day, remaining for two nights of instructive, practical ministry for Sunday School workers. Bill Metcalf visited on Lord's Day, November 30.

Matoaca, VA - The assembly was much encouraged with ministry given in November by Oswald MacLeod, Walter Gustafson, and Larry Buote.

Arlington, WA - During November, the believers profited from ministry from John Abernethy, Joel Portman, and Fred Krauss. Please pray for gospel meetings planned to begin in February with Gaius Goff and Peter Simms, D.V.

Marysville, WA - In November, the believers enjoyed and appreciated edifying ministry from Jim Allen.

Seattle, WA - John Abernethy was with the assembly for ministry during November.

Cataract, WI - Jerry Jennings and Dick Bruley (La Crosse, WI) held gospel meetings during December in this town near Black River Falls.

Ontario, WI - The first of the area monthly Bible readings was held on December 7, on Romans 12. Greg Cliff (Blue River) opened the reading, and Art Ward and William Skates were present to give help as well. There was a good spirit, and at least 15 brethren from six different assemblies contributed. The January 4 Bible reading on Romans 13 will be in Mt. Sterling, D.V., and the February one, on Romans 14, in Blue River, D.V.

Mt. Sterling, WI - Please pray for gospel meetings scheduled to begin on January 18, D.V., with Jim Beattie and Dale Vitale.

Reports – Canada

Squamish, BC - David Richards had a week of appreciated ministry meetings on Philippians in late November.

Terrace, BC - Bryan Funston and Dave Richards ended a series of encouraging gospel meetings in early November, with blessing seen in salvation and in the numbers attending.

Vancouver, BC - In early November, Jim Allen had ministry meetings throughout the area. Neal Thomson was in the area on his way back to Australia and New Zealand in late November, and spoke at the monthly missionary meeting at Victoria Dr. on November 29, giving an interesting account of his early work in Venezuela. Stan Wells, David Smith, and Murray Logue shared the monthly ministry meeting on December 7 in North Vancouver.

Westbank, BC - The baptism of two young men in October brought joy to the believers. They also enjoyed the visit of Jim Allen for ministry in

early November.

Green River, NB - The assembly was encouraged by the visit of Ivan Poirier of Sarnia, on December 1-3, ministering on Jonah.

Tracadie, NB - Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells completed six weeks of gospel meetings in November, with quite good attendance, and blessing in the salvation of some of the believers' children.

Carbonear, NF - Carl Payne and Ken Taylor finished a series of gospel meetings on November 23. The brethren covered a large area with invitations and Via magazines daily during the series, and were encouraged by the attendance of some unfamiliar with the gospel, as well as some of the believers' connections.

Gander, NF - Ministry on November 5 by Peter Mathews and on November 26 by Ken Taylor was much appreciated. Brother Taylor had a ministry meeting on November 27 in Sandringham, and on December 2 visited Gander Bay.

Parsons Pond, NF - The assembly appreciated two weeks of ministry meetings on 'Egypt to Canaan' in November with Bert Joyce. The Sunday School work has been encouraging, with a number of new children attending lately.

St. John's, NF - Ken Taylor visited the assembly on Lord's Day November 23 and was also with them for a night of ministry during the week.

Sydney Mines, NS - The Cape Breton conference over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend was well attended and a cheer and blessing to the Lord's people present. Twelve preaching brethren ably ministered God's word and faithfully preached the gospel nightly to a large and attentive audience, with a good number of unsaved present. The new hall under construction is continuing as the Lord enables.

Charlton, ON - The assembly was encouraged with the attendance of children and parents during children's meetings in November with Don Nicholson.

Englehart, ON - Don Nicholson was with the assembly for the Sunday School treat on November 15, with a good crowd of children and parents present.

London, ON - The believers were delighted and encouraged in late November by the salvation of a young man who had been troubled throughout the earlier gospel meetings with Eugene Higgins.

Newmarket, ON - Don Nicholson was with the assembly on November 30 for their Sunday School supper, with a good number of children and some parents attending.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Albert Hull and Bryan Joyce closed three weeks of gospel meetings on November 25. During the series a prayer meeting was held each morning at 7:30, and the Lord was pleased to bless in salvation. This was a great encouragement and cheer to the assembly.

Glen Ewen, SK - Neal Thomson visited with helpful. ministry for two nights in November, and Jim Webb had a week of interesting and practical ministry on the Epistle of James from November 16 to 23.

Reports – Foreign

Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil - Tom Wright began gospel meetings at the beginning of December, and as of the beginning of the second week was encouraged by a good number of unsaved nightly with one professing.


Tampa, FL - February 7 and 8, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Ave., Tampa, FL. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:30, and 7:00. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. Oronzo Dalfino, (813) 265-2757. Gospel Hall (813) 932-9530.

Matoaca, VA February 14 and 15, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Rd., Matoaca (5 miles west of Petersburg). On Saturday morning at 10:00 there will be a ministry meeting, rather than the usual Bible reading, followed by ministry at 2:30 and gospel at 7:00. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. John Nobles, 5735 Beechnut Ave., Matoaca, VA 23803. (804) 590-2988. For accommodations please contact Jonathan Cooper (804) 265-0670.

Palm Springs, CA - One-day conference, March 29. Breaking of Bread 10:00, ministry 2:00, and gospel at 6:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 320 West Racquet Club Rd. Corr. Charles Spataro, 945 Buttonwillow Circle, Palm Springs, CA 92263, (619) 322-7090. Gospel Hall (619) 3258815.

Home Calls

Stout, IA - Mrs. Alberta Sluiter, age 82, on November 4. Our dear sister was saved in 1935 during meetings of Oliver Smith, and along with her husband Grant has been in the Stout assembly for many years. Given to hospitality and faithful to the assembly, both of them have been in a Care Center in recent months. She is survived by her husband, two sons, a daughter, and their families. Richard Van Mill and Robert Orr shared in the funeral service, and her grandson, Shad Sluiter, spoke at the grave.

Englehart, ON - Ada May Neal, age 83. Our dear sister was saved as a girl of 12, and for more than forty years was in assembly fellowship, first in Charlton and later in Englehart. Her last few years were spent in a nursing home. She was faithful to her large family and foster children, bringing them to hear the gospel, and was most hospitable. The funeral was shared by David Rodgers and Norman Fergusson.

Parsons Pond, NF - Hebbert Goosney, age 81, entered the presence of his Lord after a lengthy illness. He had been ready for the day since 1960, when he came to know Him. His life was marked by faithfulness to the Lord, to the assembly, and to the Lord's people. Please remember his wife and family in prayer. The funeral was attended by a good number from the community, and was shared by Carl Payne, Jim Jarvis, Bert Joyce, and Peter Mathews.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Mrs. Charlie (Elsie) Hill, age 78, on November 16, passed peacefully into the Lord's presence. Our dear sister was in happy assembly fellowship for many years, but was unable to attend meetings for the last few years when she was confined to a nursing home. Elsie was greatly loved by all who knew her. Please pray for some of her family who do not yet know her Savior.

Westbank, BC - Helen Gorman, age 85, on November 20. Our beloved sister was saved as a young teenager, and after completing training in Vancouver, returned to the settlement of Glenrosa, the community in which she had grown up, to teach in the one-room school which was also the meeting place for the believers in the assembly. Her hospitality and care for others continued throughout her life, until the Lord took her home. The impact she had on the community was recognized and honored, and there is now a large modern school in Glenrosa named "The Helen Gorman Elementary School." She served her Lord faithfully and has left a godly example. She will be greatly missed by her family circle here, many friends all over the world, and all the believers in the assembly in Westbank.

L'anse au Loup, LB - Our dear sister, Susannah Fowler, age 92, on November 27. She was saved in 1921, was a faithful sister throughout her long Christian life, and will be missed by many. The funeral was shared by Bert Joyce, Jim Jarvis, and Francis Barney.

Portage la Prairie, MB - Our esteemed brother, David Ronald, went home to be with the Lord on December 2, after a lengthy illness. Our dear brother is well known in assembly circles and was very much appreciated for his ministry and total commitment to the maintenance of the testimony in Portage. It could be said of him that 'he laid down his life for the brethren.' He is survived by his son, Dr. Allan Ronald and family, his daughter Marian, who has served the Lord in Zambia for the past 32 years, two brothers, and four sisters. The large funeral was taken by Earl Ritchie.