Poetry: Word While it is Day - John 9:4

Rachael Sweetnam, Ireland

We know not how many
We know not if any
More days now remain to serve Jesus down here.
My brother, my sister, make haste and be earnest
Poor souls in worldwide millions are lost for despair.

We know not their number
Dear Christian, don't slumber
Sinners who know nothing of Jesus who died
They know not of judgment, know not of a Saviour
For no one's told the story of Christ crucified.

"Stir the gift that is in thee,"
Bid sinners to Christ flee,
Tell them of salvation and eternity
Tell them of God's judgment and how to reach heaven
For a day is coming soon when the Saviour you'll see.

Account you'll be giving
Of how you've been living,
How you've honored Christ, and for Him stood alone
Borne reproach and rejection as did the dear Saviour.
But what a recompense when you hear His "Well Done."