Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Change of Address

Gary and Bonnie Sharp, 149 Bayview Ave., RR1 - Site 4, Box 408, Port McNicoll, ON LOK 1RO. (705) 534-4465. FAX (705) 534-9958.

Change of Correspondent

Manchester, CT - Richard Trombly, 121 Cushman Dr., Manchester, CT 06040-2313. (860) 649-9462.

Reports - USA

Phoenix, AZ - Norman Mellish began a gospel series on January 11 in the Sunnyslope assembly.

Culver City, CA - The assembly has enjoyed visits over the past several months from John McCann, Jr., Stuart Thompson, Ian Irvine, and Jim Currie.

San Diego, CA - The conference on the first weekend in January was larger than usual, with twelve brethren giving help in the ministry and gospel. The weekend was a time of spiritual profit, and many found the Bible readings on 1 Cor. 11 particularly helpful. There were also a large number of unsaved out at the final gospel meeting.

Newington, CT - Gospel meetings with Eugene Higgins closed on December 21, with the believers refreshed by the clear power of the gospel and very much encouraged by the Lord's blessing in salvation.

Deland, FL - The conference over the first weekend in January was a happy time of cheer and encouragement to the assembly and visitors, with ministry shared by Norman Crawford and Murray McCandless.

Tampa, FL - The Christians enjoyed visits from Neal Thomson, Larry Buote, and Jim Smith. A large crowd was present for the December 28 afternoon meeting, with Murray McCandless and Robert Mcllwaine sharing the ministry, and Jonathan Procopio speaking in the gospel. Dike, IA - Allan Christopherson and Roy Weber had gospel meetings beginning on December 11, with the Lord blessing in salvation.

Garnavillo, IA - Please pray for children's meetings scheduled for the last week in February, D.V., with Marvin Derksen, and for the gospel meetings he and Peter Orasuk plan to begin on March 1, D.V.

Manchester, IA - Eric McCullough and William Skates intended, D.V., to begin gospel meetings on January 18.

West Union, IA - John Slabaugh and Allan Christopherson began gospel meetings on December 28.

Saugus, MA - The Christians were encouraged by a brief visit from Dale Vitale on December 30, and one from Jonathan Procopio on January 4, when a young brother was received into the fellowship of the assembly.

Jackson, MI - Please pray for gospel meetings planned to begin on February 22, D.V., with Bill Seale and Allan Christopherson.

Livonia, MI - Please pray for gospel meetings planned to begin on February 22, D.V., with Dale Vitale and Norman Crawford.

Hinckley, MN - The assembly appreciated having Joel Portman here for two weeks of helpful ministry on 1 John.

Willmar, MN - The assembly enjoyed the ministry of Joel Portman, Don Wardell, and Robert Orr at the December all-day meeting. Brother Orr also remained for a few nights of ministry following

Long Branch, NJ - Bill Seale was with the assembly for a week of gospel meetings during early December.

Albuquerque, NM - The assembly enjoyed two weeks of ministry meetings in November with William Lavery, as well as brief visits from Walter Gustafson, Fred Krauss, and Jim Currie, in November and December.

Forest Grove, OR - Jim Webb and Roy Weber planned to begin a gospel series on January 1 1.

Akron, OH - The assembly appreciated visits by Dan Shutt and Steve Kember during December, with brother Kember giving a report of the gospel outreach in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Clyde, OH - The area Bible reading on December 14 was led by Norman Crawford, with help from Dan Shutt and John Slabaugh. John Slabaugh remained for three nights of ministry. In November two believers were baptized, and the assembly has also been encouraged with the reception of another couple.

Mansfield, OH - The assembly expected to have Robert Surgenor with them for the area Bible Reading on January 10.

McKeesport, PA - The assembly appreciated visits from several of the Lord's servants during December and January, with devotional and challenging ministry; Larry Buote on December 10, Steve Kember on December 17, David Oliver on December 28, and Eugene Higgins on January 4.

San Antonio, TX - On December 21, Ross Vanstone and a group of Christians from Iowa visited the assembly on their way to distribute Seed Sowers in Mexico. They also hoped to distribute some in the San Antonio area on their return.

Matoaca, VA - The assembly enjoyed the visit of Jonathan Procopio and David Oliver on December 21, when they held an afternoon meeting.

Seattle, WA - Robert Surgenor had a week of ministry meetings on 'Consecration and Responsibilities of O.T. and N.T. Priests" from December 28 - January 4.

Brodhead, WI - Robert Orr was with the assembly for the all-day meeting on January 4, and for a few nights of ministry following.

Waukesha, WI - The assembly planned to hold children's meetings from January 19 - 30, D.V., with local brethren responsible. It would be the first children's effort in the town.

Reports – Canada

Port Alberni, BC - On December 12, Robert Surgenor ended two weeks of ministry meetings, using his 'Egypt to Canaan' chart. The attendance was excellent throughout, and the Christians expressed their appreciation for the practical ministry.

Vancouver, BC - The monthly ministry meeting on December 21 in Fleetwood was shared by Jim Currie and Robert Surgenor. Brother Surgenor visited a number of assemblies in the area during December. The monthly ministry meeting on January 4 in Fairview was shared by Earl Ritchie, David Smith, and Ross Smythe.

West Richmond, BC - Two young sisters were baptized on December 21, with the hall well filled for the occasion. The monthly missionary meeting on January 3 was shared by David Smith, with an update of the work in Mexico, and Ashley Milne, with a summary of assembly work in Spain.

English Point, LB - Pray for gospel meetings scheduled to begin on January 18, D.V., with David Hunt and Murray McCandless.

Green River, NB - Larry Buote and Leslie Wells and two local brethren spoke profitably at the monthly ministry meeting on January 3.

Shediac, NB - Two local brethren held three weeks of gospel meetings in December. The monthly winter ministry meeting was practical and edifying, shared by Leslie Wells and local brethren.

Fogo, NF - Jonathan Procopio and Bryan Joyce were scheduled to begin gospel meetings on January 11, D.V.

Seal Cove, NF - Carl Payne paid an appreciated visit on December 17 and 18, before going to Wareham on December 19 and Templeman for the next two nights.

Sandringham, NF - Jim Jarvis and Don Nicholson expected, D.V., to begin a gospel series on January 11.

Chatham, ON - Jack Nesbitt and William Aiken expected, D.V., to start gospel meetings on January 11.

Clinton, ON - John Dennison was with the assembly for the Sunday School treat on December 12, with an encouraging number of children and some parents present. The Christians also enjoyed Lindsay Carswell's visit on December 14, for ministry and an interesting account of the work in Brazil.

Lindsay, ON - Don Nicholson was with the assembly for the annual Sunday School treat, which was encouraging because of the large number in attendance.

Nipissing Junction, ON - The assembly enjoyed a visit from David Rodgers at the monthly ministry meeting in November, and for five nights following, when he ministered profitably from the epistle of James. Children's meetings with Ed Miller were well attended.

Sudbury, ON - The believers enjoyed their annual all-day meeting on January 4, with ministry given by Brian Crawford, Byrne Foreshew, and local brethren. Brian Owen's visit in ministry on December 7 was enjoyed by the assembly; later in the month, Alvin Cook gave helpful ministry at the monthly ministry meeting, and remained with the assembly for the Lord's day.

Wallaceburg, ON - Jim Beattie and Tim Walker visited the assembly for ministry and the baptism of a young sister, when a good number of unsaved attended. Bill Metcalfe was with the assembly for the monthly ministry meeting on December 26, and Gerard Roy visited on December 28. The assembly has begun holding children's meetings on Monday nights, and the attendance at the regular Sunday School has increased.

Reports – Foreign

Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil - A young man was saved during the second week of December in the gospel meetings that Tom Wright was having.


Long Branch, NJ - March 8, one-day conference in the Gospel Hall, 653 Art St. off Grand Avenue (uptown). Breaking of Bread 10:00, Sunday School 11:30, ministry 2:00, and gospel 4:45. Corr. Paul Grace, 50 N. 5th Ave., Long Branch, NJ 07740. (732) 229-0377. Gospel Hall (732) 229-5805.

Culver City, CA - 78th annual conference April I 1 and 12, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 11 138 Venice Blvd. Saturday, Bible reading 10:00-12:00, John 13. Breaking of Bread, 10:30. Corr. Neil Rodger, 4209 Clayton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027-1501. (213) 663-5905. Gospel Hall (310) 559-1588.

Manchester, CT - April 11 and 12, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center St., Manchester. All other meetings in the Bolton Center School, 108 Notch Rd., Bolton, CT. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:00, and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00; last meeting at 2:00 for ministry and gospel. Corr. Richard Trombly, 121 Cushman Dr., Manchester, CT 06040-2313. (860) 649-9462. For accommodations, please contact Ted Kaulback, (860) 742-0002.

Home Calls

Manchester, IA - Arlene Gentz, age 70, on July 31. Our esteemed sister was saved at the age of 18. She and her husband, Harlan, who predeceased her by 14 years, had the joy of seeing their six children all gathered in. A lengthy illness caused her much suffering, but her love for the assembly and the gospel were clearly displayed until the very end. Robert Orr and Allan Christopherson shared the large funeral.

Ballymena, N.I. - Mrs. Tom Moore, age 95, on October 29. She was saved at 15 in meetings held by John Hutchinson and Joseph Stewart. In 1924 she went to Venezuela to serve the Lord with her late husband, Bertie Douglas, who died in 1935 while they were home on furlough. She remained in Bangor with her two children and later married Tom Moore, who shared her great interest in the spread of the gospel, and together they served the Lord in this province. A spiritual woman with concern and compassion for the unsaved, she was a true 'mother in Israel' and a help wherever she was. Following the home call of her second husband she was cared for by her daughter and son-in-law in the Ballycastle area, where she was in fellowship.

L'anse au Loup, LB - Mrs. Susannah Fowler, age 88, on November 27. Saved as a girl of 12, she learned the truth of gathering to the Lord's name after the gospel boat MGM reached the Labrador coast 41 years ago. Known as Aunt Sus by all, she loved the assembly and being among the Lord's people, and always had a warm greeting and encouraging word. She had a heart for gospel outreach, spending hours writing letters and sending tracts throughout the world, and she gathered neighborhood children in her home weekly to teach them Bible stories and choruses as long as she was able. Even on her dying bed she told the nurses, 'There's no friend like Jesus." She will be greatly missed. She was predeceased by her husband Preston, and leaves three daughters, 35 grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren, and one great great grandchild. The large funeral was shared by Bert Joyce, Jim Jarvis, and Francis Barney.

Sandringham, NF - John MacDonald, age 74, on November 29. Our dear brother was saved in 1981, when he was scheduled for open-heart surgery. Telling the doctor he had unfinished business to take care of first, he left the hospital, sought out Bryan Funston, and after talking with him and reading the scriptures, he trusted Christ. He returned for his surgery, and lived for 16 years to prove the reality of his salvation. He was baptized and received into the assembly that same year, and although a quiet brother, he was always willing to help, and was instrumental in the building of the new hall. He leaves his wife Daisy, three daughters, four sons, their spouses, and many grandchildren. Marvin Derksen, Bert Joyce, and Sandy Feltham shared in the large funeral.

Longport, NJ - Maggie May (Rogers) Draper, age 96, on December 5. Born in England, she married John Draper in 1923 and they came to the US in 1926. Her father-in-law's last words to them as they boarded the ship were, 'Remember, you're not saved.' Recalling his admonition, after arriving she located the Gospel Hall in Camden, NJ, and both she and her husband soon trusted Christ. For many years they were in fellowship in Camden (later Pennsauken) before moving to the Longport area in 1960. Well into her 90s she would still attempt to pass out gospel tracts on the Ocean City boardwalk. She was predeceased by her only son, Robert, in 1976, and her husband, in 1983, and is survived by five grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren, many of whom also know her Savior. Eugene Higgins conducted the funeral service at the Longport Home, where she lived for the last eleven months.

Garnavillo, IA - Harvey Wirkler, age 73, on December 8. Saved in 1938 in meetings held by Lorne McBain, he was received into the Garnavillo assembly later that same year. He entered the hospital to have open-heart surgery on November 12 and developed numerous complications from which he did not recover. Please pray for his bereaved wife, two sons, two daughters, and unsaved in-laws and grandchildren. Robert Orr, Allan Christopherson, and Joel Portman spoke at the well-attended funeral.

Manchester, CT - William Staddon, age 73, on December 19. Saved in 1950 during gospel meetings by William McBride of Chile, our beloved brother was in happy fellowship in the assembly for 47 years. While of a quiet disposition, he was a faithful shepherd, and led a consistent, God honoring life. As a respected elder, he demonstrated a love and concern for the Lord's people. He served as the correspondent for the past three years, and will be greatly missed in the assembly. Please pray for his sorrowing wife, Ruth, five daughters and their husbands, ten grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Black Earth, WI - Mrs. Mina Morgan, age 92, on December 25. Our esteemed sister was saved in 1937 and was in the Blue River assembly until 1980, when she moved to Madison to be near her daughter, Leila Olson. She faithfully attended all the meetings there in the Black Earth assembly as long as she was able, and was characterized by a cheerful and helpful spirit, always encouraging the believers, and giving positive affirmation. She is survived by a sister, two daughters, one son, twelve grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren, many of whom are not saved and for whom prayer is requested. Eric McCullough took the well attended funeral.

London, ON - Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Doner, age 86, on December 28. Our sister was born in Saskatchewan, but was saved as a teenager after the family moved to Ontario. She was a faithful wife and mother, and manifested a deep peace and devotion to the Lord Jesus and a happy disposition in the home and the assembly. She is survived by her husband Jack, daughter Joanne, son Stephen, and seven grandchildren. The funeral was shared by David Rodgers, Gordon Brodie, and Hugh Garnham.

Niagara Falls, ON - Mrs. George (Mary) Wilson, age 83, on December 31. Our dear sister was in the Niagara Falls assembly for 48 years, and was faithful to the Lord whom she loved. The funeral was well attended, with the gospel clearly proclaimed.