Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


An excellent booklet by brother Ernest L. Moore of Chile entitled The Church - Doctrinal and Practical Studies is available now.

These booklets can be obtained from brother Charles Broadhead at the address below.

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Change of Correspondent

Valens, ON - Valens Gospel Hall, R.R. # 6, Cambridge, ON. Corr. Ted Lapsley, R.R. 2, Puslinch, ON, NOB 2JO. Telephone (519) 621-9727

Change of Address

Correct mailing address: Jonathan Procopio, 11 Creighton Drive, Sussex Corners, NB, E4E 3C8.

Change in Meeting Time

Bolton, ON - Breaking of Bread now at 10:00 instead of 10:30.

Reports – USA

Phoenix, AR - Norman Mellish had gospel meetings through the month of January in the Sunnyslope hall. The believers were greatly encouraged with the attendance and the presentation of Christ throughout the series, and are still looking to the Lord to bless the good response to the many invitations. The support from winter visitors and the Phoenix assembly was very much appreciated.

Culver City, CA - The assembly enjoyed the visit of Harold Paisley on January 28 and February 7 and 8.

Fresno, CA - Harold Paisley visited for two nights of ministry during the first week in February, bringing joy and help to the believers.

Long Beach, CA - On February 4, Walter Gustafson was with the assembly for ministry.

Palm Springs, CA - The assembly enjoyed visits from John Abernethy and Walter Gustafson during the first week in February.

San Diego, CA - John Abernethy was with the assembly for ministry from January 25-28, and Walter Gustafson visited from January 29February 1.

Brookfield, CT - The January 25 Bible reading on Acts 2, led by Frank Tornaquindici, was helpful, with good participation from local brethren. The first monthly ministry meeting was held on the following Saturday evening, January 3 1, and it is planned that these meetings will continue on the last Saturday of each month, D.V., with area elders being encouraged to minister. Pray for children's meetings beginning February 20.

Newington, CT - David Oliver was with the assembly for the baptism of three young people on February 1. He remained with the assembly for two nights of practical and helpful ministry also visiting Manchester.

DeLand, FL - The assembly appreciated visits from Dale Vitale, James Smith and Louis Smith, and are looking forward to a week of ministry with brother Smith in February, D.V.

Tampa, FL - The conference in February was well attended, and the ministry was practical and encouraging. John Abernethy, Alan Davidson, David Oliver, and James Smith were present to give help, and brother Smith remained for two weeks ministry meetings on the Tabernacle.

Garnavillo, IA - Dale Vitale was with the assembly for the Sunday School treat on January 31. The assembly plans to have children's meetings during the last week in February, with Marvin Derksen, prior to the gospel meetings scheduled to begin on March 1, D.V., with brother Derksen and Peter Orasuk.

Hitesville, IA - Jonathan Procopio and Robert Orr began a gospel series on February 8.

Manchester, IA - Eric McCullough and William Skates began a gospel series on January 18, with blessing seen in salvation and assurance.

West Union, IA - The gospel meetings that Allan Christopherson and John Slabaugh began at the end of December closed on February 8, with much encouragement for the assembly. The Lord richly blessed in the salvation of a good number, most of whom had not attended gospel meetings before.

Methuen, MA - The January 11 Bible reading on I John 2 was led by Frank Tornaquindici, with help from Ken Taylor, who was also responsible for the gospel meeting. The February 8 Bible reading was led by William Oliver, with good participation from the brethren attending.

Saugus, MA - The assembly was cheered and encouraged by the baptism and reception of a young sister and a young Brazilian couple who were recently saved. Gene Higgins was with the assembly for the baptism, on January 13, and gave helpful, appreciated ministry.

Worcester, MA - The baptism of a sister and a young brother on February 8 brought joy to the believers, who were encouraged by the attendance of a good number from other assemblies, as well as the families of those being baptized.

Ferndale, MI - The assembly enjoyed David Oliver's visit for ministry on January 26 and 27.

Jackson, MI - Bill Seale and Allan Christopherson planned to begin gospel meetings on February 20, D.V.

Livonia, MI - Please note the date change for the bimonthly Bible reading, from March to April 4th. The subjects are as follows: 3:00, 'How to Study the Bible,' and 6:30, 'Gospel Preaching and Evangelization.' David Oliver and Jim Smith were with the assembly for the January Bible readings. David Oliver also had three nights of excellent, searching ministry on the epistles to Timothy in late January. Norman Crawford was with the assembly for a baptism on the first weekend in February. He and Dale Vitale planned to begin gospel meetings on February 22, D.V.

Saginaw, MI - A young sister was received into assembly fellowship in December, giving the Christians cause for thankfulness. Visits from David Rodgers and William Metcalf in December, and from Brian Owen in January have also been an encouragement. Larry Perkins and Stuart Thompson gave helpful ministry at the all-day meeting on February 1.

Sault Ste. Marie, MI - During the months of November, December, and January, the assembly enjoyed visits from John Norris, Eugene Badgley, and Brian Owen.

Willmar, MN - The assembly enjoyed blessing in January during the gospel series with Joel Portman and Jerry Jennings.

Pennsauken and Barrington, NJ - The January conference was one of the largest, with searching and encouraging ministry from a good number of the Lord's servants. The large number of young people attending was a particular cheer to the believers convening the conference.

Akron, OH - Norman Crawford opened the area Bible Reading on Hebrews 1, on February 7, and remained for the Lord's Day. David Oliver was with the assembly for two nights of ministry on January 19 and 20, after having been in Clyde for ministry the previous week. Dan Shutt also visited with helpful ministry during January.

Cleveland, OH - The assembly appreciated a short visit for ministry from Bill Metcalf on January 18.

Clyde, OH - In January, David Oliver visited for ministry, which was much appreciated.

Mansfield, OH - A good interest marked the area Bible reading on Romans 12 in January, with Robert Surgenor opening the chapter and able help also given by Dan Shutt and David Vallance. Brother Surgenor continued for two weeks of profitable ministry on 'Church Truth' from 1 Corinthians.

Forest Grove, OR - Roy Weber and Jim Webb completed three weeks of gospel meetings on February 1. The gospel was clearly and faithfully proclaimed, with good interest, and the Lord blessed in salvation.

Hardwick, VT - Eugene Higgins had three weeks of gospel meetings in January, with blessing seen in the salvation of some of the Christians' children, to the encouragement of the assembly.

Arlington, WA - Gaius Goff and Peter Simms began a series of gospel meetings in early February.

Seattle, WA - A large number attended the January conference, with help given in ministry by Hans Bouwman, Jim Currie, Bryan Funston, Walter Gustafson, William Lavery, Harold Paisley, Tommy Thompson, and Cap Van der Wetering. The Bible readings, led by Jim Currie and Harold Paisley, were particularly helpful.

Tacoma, WA - Walter Gustafson and John Fitzpatrick (Salem, OR) expected to begin a gospel series during February, D.V.

Blue River, WI - Robert Surgenor began a gospel series on February 8.

Mt. Sterling, WI - Jim Beattie and Dale Vitale began a gospel series early in January, with many children of the believers and several neighbors attending.

Reports – Canada

Abbotsford, BC - The believers enjoyed a week of ministry on Philippians from Dave Richards at the end of January.

Kamloops, BC - The assembly appreciated the visit of Bryan Funston for three nights and a weekend in January.

Vancouver, BC - Robert McIlwaine and Albert Hull began gospel meetings in Victoria Drive on February 1, and spoke at the monthly ministry meeting on February 1 in West Richmond and at the monthly missionary meeting February 7 in Woodland Drive. Harold Paisley was in West Richmond and Woodland Drive for ministry during January. The believers in Woodland Drive were cheered and encouraged in January when two young believers were received into fellowship.

Westbank, BC - In January, Dave Richards had eight nights of encouraging ministry on Ephesians.

Charlotteton, LB - Please pray for two weeks of gospel meetings beginning on March 1, D.V., prior to the annual conference.

English Point, LB - Murray McCandless and David Hunt held gospel meetings during late January and February, with local brethren helping during the first few nights of the meetings.

Corner Brook, NF - The Christians were encouraged by the baptism of a young sister on February 8.

Fogo, NF - Bryan Joyce and Jonathan Procopio finished three weeks of gospel meetings on January 30.

Gander, NF - A one-day ministry meeting was held on January 31, with the themes 'The Lord's Coming' and 'Soul Winning.' The ministry, which was both profitable and encouraging, was shared by Marvin Derksen, Jim Jarvis, Bryan Joyce, Don Nicholson, Jonathan Procopio, and Jon Robertson.

New Harbour, NF - Marvin Derksen and Jon Robertson began a gospel series on January 25, with a young sister obeying the Lord in baptism on the first night of the series, to the encouragement of the assembly.

Sandringham, NF - Don Nicholson and Jim Jarvis began gospel meetings on January 1 1, with a good number of unsaved attending nightly.

St. John's, NF - Bert Joyce and Ken Taylor began gospel meetings on February 1, following a few nights of ministry.

Halifax, NS - Bryan Joyce and James McClelland began gospel meetings on February 11.

Brampton, ON - Please pray for gospel meetings scheduled to begin on March 22 with Jim Jarvis and Bert Joyce, D.V.

London, ON - Dan Shutt and Bill Seale, Jr., spoke at the Sunday School treat, and Jim Smith had two nights of appreciated ministry in January. The Christians were encouraged by a young man's reception into the assembly.

Mimico, ON - John Dennison was with the assembly on January 31 for the Sunday School treat, and remained for a week of children's meetings February 1-6. The meetings were excellent, with a very large number of children attending nightly.

St. Thomas, ON - Bill Metcalf was with the assembly for the Saturday night ministry meeting in January. These monthly meetings are planned for the second Saturday of each month for December through March, D.V. The week of children's meetings that local brethren held in November was followed up by a week of meetings at the end of January with Gary Sharp.

Chatham, ON -Jack Nesbitt and Bill Aiken began gospel meetings in early January, with believers' children the focus, and the Lord blessed in salvation. Weekly children's meetings average more than one hundred children nightly. Many of the children have been attending for three years. The assembly also enjoyed a visit from George Patterson.

Crapaud, PEI - David Swan and Carl Payne began a gospel series on January 18, with good numbers attending nightly.

Glen Ewen, SK - The believers appreciated the ministry of Robert Boyle, on 1 and 2 Peter, from January 18-21, and that of Andrew Bergsma on January 25.

Reports – Foreign

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - David Alves and John Dennison plan, D.V., to begin gospel meetings on March 1. In Tepic, where Marcus and Alison Cain live, a hall is being built, since there are a number who were saved during gospel meetings over the past year. Seven have been baptized there, with several more waiting for baptism, and the believers have been meeting together regularly, looking forward to the formation of an assembly. The construction of the hall began on January 19, with help from local brethren and visitors from Michigan and Iowa. Please continue to pray for this work.

Kilpike, N. Ireland - God blessed in salvation at the gospel meetings in this town near Banbridge, held by Alan Davidson and Eric McCullough. The meetings were in a hall used for Sunday School for years, and because of the interest the Banbridge brethren have decided to continue with Sunday night gospel meetings.

Surgut, Russia - Three brethren have been added to the assembly over the past year, and a baptism of three sisters is planned, D.V., during the planned visit of Jesse Fitch and Eric Fowler (March - May). Our brethren are also planning meetings in three different villages, beginning in Yorcova. Louis Smith and another brother are planning to go to the Urals, and to visit Evedale, a prison that they have visited in the past. Please continue to pray for the gospel and assembly work in Russia.


Mount Sterling, WI - Bible Readings March 28 and 29, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings at the North Crawford High School, 3 miles north of Gays Mills, WI. The subject will be the parables in Matthew 13, 24, and 25. Saturday, first meeting at 10:00; Lord's Day, Breaking of Bread at 9:30, afternoon meeting at 1:30. Corr. Richard M. Dudgeon, Box 219, Eastman, WI 54626. (608) 734-3639. School phone (608) 735-4311.

Watertown, MA - March 28 and 29, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 226 Mount Auburn St., Watertown. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00, Sunday School at 11:45, ministry at 2:45, and gospel at 6:30. Corr. Paul Vizzini, 14 Deacon Lane, Sudbury, MA 01776. (508) 443-6462. Hall (617) 924-7696. Accommodations will be provided. All-day parking is permitted on Mount Auburn St. on Saturday and Sunday even though 2 hour parking signs are posted.

Newbury, ON - One-day conference, Saturday April 4, in the Gospel Hall, junction of Highway 2 and Longwoods Road with meetings at 2:30, and 6:30. Corr. David J. Cooper, 234 Cherry Street West, Box 312, Bothwell, ON NOP 1CO. (519) 695-2349.

Methuen, MA - Sixth annual one-day conference, April 5, in the Gospel Hall, 51 Merrimack St. (Exit 46 off 1-495.) Breaking of Bread 10:00, ministry 2:30, and gospel 6:30. Corr. Anthony Netti, 62 Merrimack St., Methuen, MA 01844. (508) 682-1812. Gospel Hall (508) 794-8679.

Clarksville, IA - One-day conference, April 5, in the Antioch Gosnel Hall, three miles east of Clarksville. Breaking of Bread at 11:00, preceded by ministry meeting at 10:00; ministry at 2:00 and gospel at 7:30. Corr. Harry Schmidt, 103 West Rowley St., Greene, IA 50636. (515) 8235691. Gospel Hall (319) 278-4083.

Culver City, CA - 78th annual conference April 11 and 12, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 11138 Venice Blvd. Saturday, Bible reading 10:00-12:00, John 13. Breaking of Bread, 10:30. Corr. Neil Rodger, 4209 Clayton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027-1501. (213) 663-5905. Gospel Hall (310) 559-1588.

Stout, IA - April 11 and 12, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Ministry Saturday at 10:00; Lord's Day Bible Reading at 9:00 on Psalm 23, and Breaking of Bread at 10:30. All meetings will be held in the Gospel Hall. Corr. Richard Stickfort (319) 346-1857, also Gary DeGroote, 28073 West Brook St., New Hartford, IA 50660. (319) 983-2713. Gospel Hall (319) 346-1153.

Nineveh, NS - April 11 and 12, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:00 in the Gospel Hall. Supper will be served at 5:00 Friday in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings to be held in the Parkview Education Centre, 1485 King St., Bridgewater, NS. Ministry meeting Saturday starts at 10:00. Corr. Robert Kaulback, 19 Medway St., Bridgewater, B4V lj8. (902) 5435530. School (902) 543-5536. For accommodations, contact Clark Hubley (902) 543-3268.

Kapuskasing, ON - April 1 1 and 12, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 154 Mill Street. All other meetings in the Kapuskasing Educational Center, 16 Devonshire Street. Bible reading Saturday 10:00 on 1 Peter 1:3-16. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Gerald Labelle (705) 335-3712. Hall (705) 335-5422.

Toronto, ON - April 10, 11, and 12 in Birchmount Park Collegiate, 3663 Danforth Ave., Scarborough, with prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 in Broadview Gospel Hall, 194 Broadview. Meetings each day at 10:00, 1:30, 3:30, and 7:15. Bible readings on (1) Assembly Prayer, (2) Elders, and (3) Young Believers. Corr. Don Jennings, 53 Karnwood Dr., Scarborough, ON, MlL 2Z7 (416) 757-7019, and Robert Reilly, 30 Caronridge Cres., Agincourt, ON, MlW lL2. (416) 499-0829. Please note change in location for both prayer meeting and conference site.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls, IA - April 18 and 19, 88th annual conference, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:00 in the Cedar Falls Hall, 13th and Walnut Street, all other meetings in the Masonic Temple, Park Ave. and Mulberry St., Waterloo. Sat. evening testimony meeting 6:15, gospel at 7:00. Lord's Day, Bible reading at 9:00, Psalm 88. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. The week before the conference there will be Bible readings on Ruth; Monday and Tuesday, April 13 and 14, at 7:00 in Waterloo Gospel Hall, 726 Western Ave., and Wednesday and Thursday, April 15 and 16, at 7:00 in Cedar Falls Gospel Hall, 13th and Walnut. Corr. Richard Orr, 614 Bland Blvd. S.W., Independence, IA 50644, (319) 334-3931; or Erwin D. Stickfort, 223 North Francis St., Cedar Falls, IA 50613, (319) 266-6271.

Mimico, ON - Bible readings April 24, 25, and 26, with first reading on Friday at 7:30. (Note: this is two weeks after Easter.) Subject: 1 John. Saturday and Sunday, 10:00, 2:00, and 7:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 414 Royal York Rd S., Etobicoke, ON. Corr. William Spencer, 1535 Lakeshore Rd. E., Apt. 1507, Mississauga, ON, L5E 3E2. (905) 271-5759.

McKeesport, PA - April 25 and 26, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, Prescott and Broadway. All other meetings in the Francis McClure junior High School. Meetings begin at 10:00 on Saturday and Lord's Day. The homes of the Christians will be open for visitors. Contact William Seale, (412) 863-2949, for accommodations or local motel phone numbers (for those wishing to make their own arrangements.)

PEI - 48th annual conference, May 16 and 17, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Crapaud Gospel Hall. All other meetings in the Bluefield High School in Hampshire. Saturday, ministry at 10:00 and 2:30, gospel at 7:00. Bible reading Lord's Day at 8:30 on Psalm 69; Breaking of Bread 10:00. Corr. Donald G. Ramsay, RR4, Cornwall, PE, COA 1HO, (902) 566-2119, or Glen McKenna, 15 Andrews Dr., RR6, Kensington, PE, COB IMO. (902) 836-3073. For accommodations contact Neal Thompson (902) 892-7216. There will be no meeting on Monday.

Home Calls

Valens, ON - John Knox Holtzhauer, age 83, on January 3. Our esteemed brother was saved in 1932 at the last Toronto Conference held in Massey Hall. Shortly thereafter he was received into fellowship at the Valens assembly, where he continued for more than 65 years. At the funeral, Murray Regis spoke of four spheres of our brother's faithful service: to his God, to his family, to the community (with many gospel tents on his property), and to the assembly as an elder and correspondent. Eugene Badgley also preached the gospel at the large funeral, which was an indication of the esteem in which our dear brother was held. Remember in prayer his wife and five daughters (two of whom serve the Lord in Zambia) and their families.

Phoenix, AZ - Vera Krebs, age 95, on January 3. Our sister went peacefully to be with the Lord from the Linn Manor Care Center in Marion, Iowa. She was saved in 1934 in Phoenix, and was received into the assembly, where she remained until going to Linn Manor in 1981. Her funeral and burial were in Phoenix.

Longport, NJ - Esther Vaughan, age 87, on January 6. Our dear sister was saved in the early 30's in the Bryn Mawr area and was associated with the assembly for more than 60 years, prior to going to the Longport Home two years ago. A quiet sister known to many missionaries because of the outstanding packages of lovely clothes she sent to different fields, she maintained a rooming house for forty years and had the privilege of seeing a neighbor woman saved. She is survived by three brothers and several nieces and nephews in need of salvation. Many heard the gospel at the graveside service conducted by William Oliver.

Bryn Mawr, PA - Frederick T. Dautle, age 89, on January 14. A brother greatly beloved who will be sorely missed, Fred was saved in 1927 in meetings conducted by Samuel McEwen in Bryn Mawr. He had the joy of bringing a work mate to hear the gospel and George Baldwin, who later became a gospel preacher, was reached and saved. Fred had been homebound for a number of years due to his wife's illness, but after she went to Longport in 1997, he was very active in the assembly in which he had been in fellowship for more than 70 years. In the last six months of his life he shared in the gospel meeting several times, and attended the Pennsauken conference, as well as a ministry meeting on the following Monday night in Bryn Mawr. Two days later, the Lord saw fit to quietly and suddenly call Fred to Himself. He leaves his wife, a brother Jack in the Bryn Mawr assembly, and an unsaved son and his family for whom much prayer has gone up over the years. The funeral was shared by William and David Oliver.

Willmar, MN - Katie Johnson, age 86, on January 14., Our dear sister was saved in 1952, shortly after her husband's sudden death. When brethren DeBuhr and Dobson pitched a tent in Willmar in 1953 she showed her support and interest in the meetings, and was among the believers who formed the assembly there in 1957. Katie manifested a love to the Lord and the assembly throughout her life. She is survived by a son, three daughters, and their families. The large funeral service was taken by Robert Orr.

London, ON - John Doner, age 85, on January 21. Although Jack grew up in a family with intense convictions and spiritual purpose, he was not saved until he was 30. Entering the door of the RCAF recruiting office to volunteer, he was struck by the thought, 'Join the Air Force, be killed in action, land in hell.' He was saved that night, and never lost his appreciation for the Savior's love. His wife died just 23 days before him, and he is survived by a daughter Joanne, son Stephen, daughter-in-law Margaret, and seven grandchildren. Gordon Brodie and David Derksen shared in his funeral.

Bryn Mawr, PA - Mrs. Margaret Keen Giancaterino, age 78, was taken up to glory on January 29 after a lingering illness. Margaret was saved in 1931 in Philadelphia during a gospel series conducted by the Nottage brothers. Salvation was a reality to Margaret and she spoke without reservation to many people over the years, always looking for printed material to pass on to others. The large number of saved and unsaved at the funeral gave evidence to her faithful testimony. She leaves a daughter, a son and his wife, two young grandchildren, and a sister, Matilda Strom. The gospel was clearly presented in the service shared by William Oliver, Eugene Higgins, and Harold Stewart.