Poetry: "Till the Day Dawn"

Wm H. Ferguson

To all my friends and helpers who the burden helped to share
And make the load seem lighter and easier to bear;
I give again a "Thank you" for all the love and care
And would point you to the morning OVER THERE.

You did it for the Master, for the Lord for whom we'd give
The very best we treasure as long as here we live:
I know you'll find that sometime in the morning bright and fair
He will give you praise and glory OVER THERE.

You did not know the sadness and gloom that sometimes stole
Into the heart's recesses and sometimes to the soul:
When men refused the message and never seemed to care
But we'll all know more about this OVER THERE.

You did not know the gladness and joy that often filled
The heart to overflowing and made the spirit thrill:
To meet the fruit of sowing and often years of care
But we'll meet these dear souls someday OVER THERE.

You will know in the morning what your friendship meant to me
And then with open vision we both shall surely see
'Twas God who laid this burden upon your heart to bear:
And we'll ne'er regret our labors OVER THERE.

Written in the North Woods of Michigan, November 11, 1936