Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Reports – USA

Phoenix, AZ - Walter Gustafson was with the assembly in Sunnyslope and Phoenix assemblies on March 18 and 19 for ministry.

Palm Springs, CA - The believers enjoyed the one-day conference on March 29 with three ministering brethren present. Gaius Goff continued with nightly gospel meetings during the week following.

Terryville, CT - Eugene Higgins began a gospel series on April 5. One professed.

Garnavillo, IA - At the end of March, Marvin Derksen and Peter) Orasuk concluded four weeks of gospel meetings in which the Lord blessed with salvation.

Hitesville, IA - Robert Orr and Jonathan Procopio finished seven weeks of gospel meetings on March 27. The meetings were well attended throughout, and the Lord was pleased to save some.

New Lenox, IL - The assembly enjoyed the visit of David Gilliland for two nights of ministry on March 25 and 26. Also, a young man in the county jail was reached and saved, and his wife is in contact with the believers, who would appreciate prayer for her.

Methuen, MA - The one-day conference on the first weekend of April was a happy time of fellowship and helpful ministry, with Alex Dryburgh, Eric McCullough, Stanley Wells, and David Oliver sharing in the meeting. On March 29, Murray McCandless was with the assembly for the gospel meeting.

Saugus, MA - The assembly enjoyed visits from Jim Smith and Eric McCullough during the last week of March, and from David Oliver on the first weekend in April. Jim Allen had three nights of very helpful, practical, and strengthening ministry on 'The Assembly" from April 7-9.

Watertown, MA - The tenth annual conference at the end of March was a time of refreshment for the assembly, with eleven of the Lord's servants taking part. Jim Smith, Eric McCullough, and Alex Dryburgh remained in the area for ministry after the conference.

Saginaw, MI - The assembly enjoyed the visits of David Richards and Louis Smith in March, with ministry and a report of the work in Russia. Lorne Mitchell and Dan Shutt gave encouraging ministry at the April 5 all-day meeting.

Minneapolis, MN - Eric McCullough and Art Ward planned to begin gospel meetings on April 19, D.V.

Kansas City, MO - Jim Webb was with the assembly for a week of profitable ministry meetings from February 13-19.

Long Branch, NJ - The conference on March 8 was a cheer to the small assembly, with ministry from six brethren from area assemblies, and support in attendance from fellow believers.

Akron, OH - Jim Smith visited from March 23-25, with instructive and practical teaching on "Preparation for the Assembly Meetings."

Cleveland, OH - In early March a number of parents were present for the Sunday School treat. On March 14, the hall was filled for the area Bible reading on Revelation 1, led by Norman Crawford, John Slabaugh, and Jim Smith. Brother Smith continued with the assembly on the following Lord's Day.

Mansfield, OH - Four young believers obeyed the Lord in baptism on March 29, an occasion of much joy. Murray McCandless and Dale Vitale planned to begin gospel meetings on April 19, D.V.

Hatboro, PA - The assembly enjoyed a week of children's meetings from March 9-13, with the help of local brethren and some from area assemblies. The good attendance was especially encouraging.

McKeesport, PA - The Christians enjoyed a week of ministry on the tabernacle with Jim Smith, beginning on March 15, and a visit from Philip Harding at the end of March.

San Antonio, TX - The believers appreciated a visit from Walter Gustafson on Lord's day, March 22. Those unsaved who were present showed some interest in the gospel.

Arlington, WA - The gospel meetings with Gaius Goff and Peter Simms ended in March; the meetings were well attended each night, and the Lord blessed in salvation. Andrew Bergsma visited both Arlington and Shoultes on March 29 and April 1, with a report of his work among the Hutterite people, and ministry on 'The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of God's People."

Janesville, WI - On March 29, Jim Frazier and Art Ward started gospel meetings.

Waukesha, WI - The believers appreciated practical and helpful teaching from David Gilliland during his visit in March. Joel Portman and Robert Surgenor planned to start gospel meetings on April 12, D.V.

Wautoma, WI - Art Ward had two weeks of gospel meetings early in March in a rented building. The Mennonite family with whom he stayed showed much interest in assembly principles.

Reports – Canada

Edmonton, AB - Noel Burden made an appreciated visit in March, for a Lord's day and two nights of ministry. He also had four nights of ministry with the assembly in Calgary in March.

Port Alberni, BC - Noel Burden and Bryan Funston began gospel meetings on March 22. God had blessed in the salvation of another teenage girl just prior to the meetings starting, which brought much joy.

Westbank, BC - Bryan Funston had a week of children's meetings in March and on the concluding night the hall was filled for the baptism of two teenage girls. On March 18 and 19 Noel Burden had two nights of ministry.

English Point, LB - Eight weeks of gospel meetings with Murray McCandless and David Hunt closed at the annual conference on March 21. It was most encouraging to realize the presence of God in salvation during the meetings, which were well supported by the surrounding assemblies as well. One sister obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Shediac, NB - The final winter ministry meeting was held at the end of March, and was shared by Leslie Wells and two local brethren.

Tracadie, NB - Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells had two weeks of Bible Readings in March, on 1 Timothy. It was a profitable season, marked by evident interest and appreciation by the believers.

Corner Brook, NF - The assembly hoped to begin gospel meetings on April 19, D.V., with David Hunt and Allan LeBlanc.

Gander Bay, NF - Gospel meetings began on March 29, with Carl Payne and Fred Bartlett, who planned to continue, D.V., until the Gander conference on April 12.

St. John's, NF - The assembly rejoiced in the salvation of a young woman, further evidence of the Lord's blessing in the gospel meetings held previously.

Halifax, NS - James McClelland and Bryan Joyce finished six weeks of gospel meetings at the end of March. There was excellent support by the Christians, and a good number of unsaved attended with interest, yet there was no evident blessing in salvation.

River Hebert, NS - Ken Taylor was with the assembly for several nights of appreciated ministry during the week of March 12.

Burgessville, ON - On March 25 the gospel series with Bill Seale, helped by Jim Bergsma, Bert Snippe, and two local brethren, closed after more than 10 weeks. There was great blessing in salvation, and real encouragement, with baptisms on February 28 and April 19.

Eden Grove, ON - A brief series of gospel meetings in February with Ken Moore and Ed Miller was encouraging, with blessing in salvation.

Lakeshore, ON - Norman Crawford and David Oliver were with the assembly on March 21 for ministry on 'The Christian's Mind," with believers from a good number of area assemblies represented.

London, ON - David Gilliland was with the assembly for a week of ministry meetings beginning on March 15.

Niagara Falls, ON - Bill Metcalf and Eugene Badgley completed four weeks of gospel meetings on March 1, with blessing in salvation and encouragement to the assembly in the baptism of a young believer.

Sarnia, ON - Gospel meetings with David Oliver and Eugene Higgins closed on March 25, with encouragement to the assembly in salvation during the series.

Sudbury, ON - The March children's meetings with Brian Owen were well attended. Brother Owen was also with the assembly for the monthly ministry meeting, with profitable ministry.

Windsor, ON - The believers appreciated the visit of Eugene Higgins and David Oliver for ministry on March 7.

Crapaud, PEI - The seven weeks of gospel meetings with Carl Payne and David Swan concluded in March, with much blessing in the salvation of a good number, including three members of one family and some who had been long prayed for.

Montreal, PQ - Gerard Roy and Ivan Poirier held two and a half weeks of gospel meetings in connection with the assembly at Centre-Sud. A mini-conference was held on April 4, with Bible reading and ministry.

St. Donat, PQ - Larry Buote and Leslie Wells had cottage meetings during the winter, with interest on the part of those attending, all contacts of the Christians in Ste. Flavie. The texts distributed in the village and surrounding areas had a much better reception than on previous times, and the believers were encouraged.

Glen Ewen, SK - Larry Steers and Stephen Vance finished four weeks of gospel meetings and one week of ministry meetings in early April. The assembly was encouraged by the attendance and is still looking to the Lord for blessing.


Gander Bay, NF - May 16 and 17, with prayer meeting on Friday 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall in Main Point. Saturday, ministry at 10:30, Bible Reading at 1:30, Ministry at 3:30, and gospel at 7:30. Lord's day, Breaking of Bread at 10:30 and ministry at 2:30. For accommodations contact Ernest Harris at (709) 676-2514, or Alvin Blake at (709) 676-2885. Grants Pass, OR - May 23 and 24, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible reading Saturday at 8:30, on Romans 6, and Sunday at 8:30 on Romans 8. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 1611 SW G St. Corr. Donald G. Gratias, 141 Timber Lane, Grants Pass, OR 97526. (541) 479-4521. Gospel Hall (541) 476-3956.

Bancroft, ON - One-day conference, Saturday, June 6, with ministry at 2:00 and gospel at 7:00. All meetings in the Lakeview Gospel Hall, Maxwell Settlement Rd. Corr. Mark Freymond, RR #1, Bancroft, ON, KOL 1CO. (613) 332-4317.

Hubbard's Point, NS - Saturday, June 6, annual one-day conference starting at 1:00. All meetings in the Amirault's Hill School. Corr. Terry Moulaison, RR 1, Ste. Anne du Ruisseau, Yarmouth Co., NS, BOW 2XO. (902) 648-3087.

Eden Grove, ON - One-day conference, June 7, with prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Eden Grove Gospel Hall. Corr. John Boddy, RR #4, Walkerton, ON, NOG 2VO. (519) 366-2302.

Portage la Prairie, MB - June 12 to 14, with prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, where the meetings on Friday will also be held. Friday, Bible readings at 10:30 and 1:15 on 'The coming of the Lord.' Meetings on Saturday and Lord's day will be held at the Yellowquill School. Saturday, first meeting at 10:30; Lord's Day, Breaking of Bread at 10:00. For Bible reading outlines, contact David Vanstone, (204) 857-8435, For accommodations contact Dennis Walker, (204) 857-7794,

Garnavillo, IA - June 13 and 14, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 506 South Washington Street. All other meetings in the Garnavillo High School gymnasium. Saturday, ministry at 10:00 and 2:00, gospel at 7:00. Bible reading Lord's Day at 9:00 on Exodus 12: 1-28, Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Donald Kregel, 604 S. Washington St., PO Box 488, Garnavillo, IA 52049. (319) 964-2588. School (319) 964-2321.

Augusta, ME - June 20 and 21, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, Old Belgrade Rd., Augusta. Breaking of Bread, 10:30. Corr. James Thompson, Rte.1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917. (207) 495-3590. Gospel Hall (207) 626-2786.

Glen Ewen, SK - June 19, 20, and 21 with prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall located 8 miles south of Glen Ewen. Bible reading on Romans 6. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Allan T. MacFarlane, Box 172, Glen Ewen, SK, SOC 1CO. (306) 925-4401. Gospel Hall (306) 925-4805.

Halifax, NS - June 27 and 28, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible Reading conference taking up an overview of the Psalms. The first reading starts at 9:00 Saturday; afternoon readings both Saturday and Sunday at 1:30. Breaking of Bread 10:00. All meetings will be held in the Charles P. Allen High School, Rocky Lake Rd., Bedford, NS. (902) 8328964. Please give advance notice of those attending to Danny Harvey, (902) 461-8225,, so that arrangements can be made. Corr. Arthur Harnish, RR #1, Hubbards, Lun. Co., NS, BOJ 1TO. (902) 857-9265. Fax (902) 857-1441.

Englehart, Earlton, Kirkland Lake, and Charlton, ON - June 27 and 28, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30, preceded by supper at 5:30. All meetings will be held in the Englehart High School. Meetings both days at 10:00, 2:00, and 7:30. Corr. Norman Fergusson, Earlton, ON, POJ lEO, (705) 563-2509; or Harvey Pratt, RR #1, Charlton, ON, POJ IBO, (705) 544-7758.

West Union, IA - July 4, annual all-day meeting at the Garbee Hall, Upper Iowa University, Fayette, IA. The meetings are from 10:00 to 4:00, with lunch and supper being served. Corr. Robert H. Johnson, 509 Mill St., P.O. Box 185, Clermont, IA 52135. (319) 423-7183. Garbee Hall (319) 425-5494.

Pugwash Junction, NS - July 4 and 5, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible readings each morning at 8:45, Breaking of Bread 10:00. Corr. Harold Elliot, R.R. #1, Wallace, NS, BOK 1YO. (902) 257-2206. For accommodations, phone Brent Cottrill, (902) 243-3122. Gospel Hall 1902) 2432205.

Home Calls

Newington, CT - Mary R. Greer, age 95, on February 19. Our beloved sister was saved in 1919, and later with her husband William was gathered with the assembly in Bridgeport. After her husband's death in 1970, she moved to the Hartford area to be near her daughters, Rhoda Tornaquindici and Joyce Brescia, and was with the Charter Oak assembly until her homecall. A quiet, godly, consistent woman, Mrs. Greer was unable to get out to the meetings in her last years, but continually expressed her desire to be able to gather with the believers again, especially at the new hall in Newington. She leaves her two daughters, two sons, twelve grandchildren, and twenty-two great grandchildren, many saved. Her funeral was shared by Harold Paisley and two grandsons.

Port Bickerton, NS - George Hiltz, age 85, on March 15. Saved in gospel meetings in 1955, he sought assembly fellowship shortly thereafter, and remained in happy fellowship over the years, until failing health required nursing home care. He leaves his wife, also in assembly fellowship, and two daughters and a son. The funeral service was shared by David Swan, Vaughan Boutilier, and James McClelland.

Vancouver, BC - Grace McLaughlin, age 86, passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord on March 17. She was saved in 1928 during gospel meetings in the Fairview assembly with Herb Harris and Mr. Black. Later, with her husband Carl she was received into fellowship in the South Main assembly, where she faithfully attended meetings until poor health prevented her. Her husband Carl, ion Donald and his family, and her sister, Ruth Campbell, survive her.

Portage La Prairie, MB - Alexina Tetlock, age 93, on March 26. Mrs. Tetlock emigrated from Scotland as a teenager, and was saved at age 30 through the preaching of Mr. C.H. Willoughby. She was in fellowship in the assemblies at Mervin, SK, and Brandon, MB, before moving to Portage in 1982. For the past 13 years she was in a nursing home, where she maintained a bright testimony. She is survived by her daughter, Ethel Esson, two unsaved sons, a number of grandchildren, great grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild in Scotland. The gospel was clearly presented at the funeral, by Bill Chiponski and Malcolm Stanley.

Arlington, WA - Elizabeth Steen, age 87, on March 28. Our dear sister was saved as a teenager in 1931, during a gospel series with Albert Joyce and Herb Harris when more than 30 people were saved. In assembly fellowship for more than 65 years, Elizabeth was a very faithful sister, marked by love and kind hospitality. She and her husband cared for many foster children, neighborhood children, and the elderly. All were warmly welcomed in their home, and they never tired of telling what the Lord Jesus had done for them. She leaves her daughter and son-in-law, two grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. The funeral service was shared by two of her nephews, Bob and Tom Hoy, and Don Kazen.

Change of Address and Prayer Request

Charles Geddes - 14 Doran Drive, Buckie Moray, Scotland, U.K. AB561DF.

Scotland - Brother Charles Geddes writes "We are now home from Aruba where we have served the Lord for ten years. The urologist there found via tests that I have stones in both kidneys and a 'growth" of some sort in the left one - probably a cyst caused by friction against the tissues by the gravel over a period of time. We are back in Scotland looking to the Lord for His help so that we can return as soon as possible to the work so close to our heart. (Their present address is listed above).