June 1998
(Vol. 90 No. 6)

Issue Credits

Poetry: Our Light Affliction
(R.J. Sweetnam)

The Seven Churches of Asia - Smyrna (Part 2)
(Robert E. Surgenor)

Poetry: Heaven's Vision
(Martha S. Nicholson)

The Nazarite Vow - Part 3
(M. A. Rudge, U.K.)

Poetry: Finished
(Jim McIntosh, N.B.)

Is There Not A Cause?
(D.C. Hinton)

The Night Revelation (1 Sam. 3) - Part 4
(W.W. Fereday)

Questions & Answers
(Harold S. Paisley)

Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

"Man Dies Saving Loved One"
(Lorne Yade, Welland, Ont)