Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Change of Correspondents

Methuen, Ma - Daniel Netti, 105 Hillside Road, North Andover, MA 01845. (978) 686-2462.

Reports – USA

Brookfield, CT - Ron Hutchinson (England) visited the assembly from April 25-29 giving helpful ministry and a report of his work in the prisons. He also had an appreciated visit at the Terryville assembly.

Manchester, CT - The Easter conference was a time of encouragement for the assembly, with a good number present to hear the ministry ably presented by Jim Allen, Alex Dryburgh, Eugene Higgins, David Oliver, Larry Steers, Ken Taylor, and Stanley Wells.

Newington, CT - Jim Allen was with the Charter Oak assembly for a week of profitable teaching from April 13-20, taking up truths about the assembly. He was also present to open the passage at the area Bible reading on April 19, with good participation by brethren from area assemblies.

Garnavillo, IA - Hans Bouwman ministered and gave a report of his work on April 12 and 13.

Hampton, IA - Marvin Derksen and Peter Orasuk encouraged the believers with a visit on March 14. The assembly further enjoyed helpful ministry meetings by John Slabaugh, March 18-27, Fred Krauss, April 7, and Peter Simms, April 12-16.

Stout, IA - The conference on April 11-12 was most encouraging with profitable ministry and a large number attending. Fourteen of the Lord's servants were present to share in ministry. Hans Bouwman and Alex Dryburgh gave appreciated ministry to the assembly.

Methuen, MA - The one-day conference on April 5 was an encouragement, with a large number present. The Lord gave help in the ministry given by Eric McCullough, Alex Dryburgh, Stan Wells, and David Oliver.

Minneapolis, MN - Eric McCullough and Art Ward started gospel meetings on April 20 in a rented room in the Community Center in Crystal, a suburb of Minneapolis. A good number of unsaved attended and God blessed in salvation.

Livonia, MI - The final area Bible readings of the season were held in the Stark Road Gospel Hall on April 4. Many practical lessons were taught to the large number of Christians attending.

Saginaw, MI - Dan Shutt and Lorne Mitchell were present for the all day meeting on April 5, and on May 3, Shad Kember Jr. and John Norris were present.

Kansas City, MO - Joel Portman had three days of helpful ministry.

Livingston, NJ - A good number attended the conference in May and heard profitable and timely ministry.

Longport, NJ - The annual Report Meeting for the Gospel Hall Home was held on April 18 with a good turnout. On behalf of the Board of Trustees William Oliver outlined the financial commitments involved in the proposal of the new home to be built and reported on the progress of the sale of the present premises. David Oliver spoke in ministry.

Midland Park, NJ - The assembly appreciated the valued ministry of James Allen during the week of April 19.

Pennsauken, NJ - The monthly ministry meeting on April 5 was shared by Walter Gustafson and David Curran. Jack Coleman led the last area Bible reading for the season, held in Pennsauken on May 3, on John 16.

Hickory, NC - Larry Buote was with us for a weekend in April and gave helpful ministry on the Spirit of God. On April 26 D. Rodgers gave an update on the work of the Lord in Chile.

Akron, OH - Robert Mcllwaine was with the assembly on April 27 for a short and profitable visit following the McKeesport conference.

Clyde, OH - Jack Nesbitt started gospel meetings May 17.

Mansfield, OH - Gospel meetings started April 19 with Murray McCandless and Dale Vitale, have been encouraging with a good number attending. Several thousand Seed Sowers texts and invitations were distributed, resulting in several people coming in.

Hatboro, PA - The monthly ministry meeting on April 19 was shared by Walter Gustafson and David Oliver.

Mckeesport, PA - The Christians were both encouraged and challenged by the ministry at the conference held April 25-26. There were 11 servants of the Lord present.

Seattle, WA - Gospel meetings started May 3 in West Woodland, with Bill Lavery and Bryan Funston.

Shoultes, WA - On April 19, the assembly had the great joy of baptizing nine believers, most of them teenagers. Gaius Goff and Tom Hoy shared the meeting, and the large number that attended was a further cheer.

Ontario, WI - Robert Orr and Roy Weber started gospel meetings the last week of April, and the Lord has blessed in the salvation of souls.

Waukesha, WI - Robert Surgenor and Joel Portman had gospel meetings through the end of April.

Reports – Canada

Abbotsford, BC - The assembly appreciated a week of ministry meetings with Gordon Williams and a visit from Noel Burden after Easter. Noel Burden also visited the area assemblies.

Port Alberni, BC - The gospel meetings held by Noel Burden and Bryan Funston in the Gospel Hall during March and April were an encouragement to the assembly, with blessing in salvation.

Vancouver, BC - The Easter conference was helpful and challenging. Six of the Lord's servants gave help. Jim Flanaghan (Northern Ireland) and John Grant (Scotland) had the Bible readings on Hebrews 1 and 2. The Lord blessed in salvation at the closing meeting.

West Richmond, BC - Following the Easter conference Jim Flanaghan and John Grant had four nights of appreciated ministry on Hebrews and also visited Langley, Fleetwood, and Deep Cove assemblies. William McBride (N. Ireland) gave helpful ministry from the Messianic Psalms. The monthly missionary meeting on May 2 took the form of a united prayer meeting, in which there was a deep exercise expressed to see our missionary spirit revived in this area. The monthly ministry meeting on May 3 in South Main was taken by Stan Wells and Duncan Dunsire.

L'Anse au Loup, LB - The assemblies at English Point and L'Anse au Loup appreciated a visit from Wallace Buckle, who shared in the Bible reading and gospel meeting. The assembly in Red Bay was also encouraged. by his visit.

Portage le Prairie, MB - Please pray for tent work that Gaius Goff expects to be doing this summer, D.V. in this area as well as in two new places, with the help of other brethren. They hope to be in Bonners Ferry, ID, from June 7-21, in Portage from June 29-July 26, and in Langdon, ND, from July 30-August 23. They would greatly value prayers for these efforts.

Pigeon Hill, NB - The assembly appreciated a week of ministry meetings held recently on the book of Ezra by Leslie Wells.

Shediac, NB - From April 16-24, Leslie Wells was with the assembly, presenting an introductory review of the book of Psalms from a prophetic view, with some practical application and meditations on some of the Messianic psalms.

Green River, NB - The assembly was encouraged with the good number that attended their first conference the first weekend of May. Leslie Wells, Ivan Poirier, Gerard Roy, Vernon Markle, Larry Buote, and a local brother gave help in the ministry and Bible readings.

Corner Brook, NF - Gospel meetings with David Hunt and Allan LeBlanc continued into May, with an evident sense of the presence of God in the meetings.

Gander, NF - The annual conference, held jointly with the Sandringham assembly in early April, was very large, with encouraging ministry from the brethren who took part. The assembly also enjoyed a visit from David Hunt on Lord's Day, April 26.

St. John's, NF - A special gospel series relating to the Mount Pearl outreach began on April 26 with David Oliver and Marvin Derksen, with good attendance and interest.

Weaver's Settlement, NS - James McClelland and brother Gavel of the Clementsvale assembly started gospel meetings the middle of April, with good attendance and evidence of some concern as the meetings continue.

Mimico, ON - The Bible readings in April on 1 John were well attended. The readings were opened by Harold Paisley, Jim Allen, David Gilliland and Norman Crawford. The harmony and excellent spirit of all who took part added much to the meetings.

Toronto, ON - About 1400 attended the Easter conference. God graciously gave an excellent conference with blessing in salvation both in the children's meetings and the gospel meetings.


Augusta, ME - June 20 and 21, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, Old Belgrade Rd., Augusta. Breaking of Bread, 10:30. Corr. James Thompson, Rte.1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917. (207) 495-3590. Gospel Hall (207) 626-2786.

Kamloops, BC - June 27 and 28, with prayer and ministry meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Ed., Kamloops. Bible Reading Saturday A.M. 1 Timothy 2, the subject of prayer. Breaking of Bread, 9:30. Corr. Philip G. Atkinson, 836 Puhallo Dr., Kamloops, BC, V2B 6P7. (250) 579-9484. Gospel Hall (250) 579-8799. Pugwash Junction, NS - July 4 and 5, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible reading Saturday at 8:45, 'Our Responsibility in the Assembly and the Responsibility of the Assembly'. Bible reading Sunday, 1 Cor. 11:23-34. Breaking of Bread 10:00. Corr. Harold Elliot, R.R. #1, Wallace, NS, BOK 1YO. (902) 257-2206. For advance accommodations, phone Brent Cottrill, (902) 243-3122. Gospel Hall (902) 243-2205.

Sioux City, IA - July 19, one-day conference with prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard St., Sioux City. Breaking of Bread, 9:45, 11:30 Bible Reading on Ephesians 1. Corr. Sam Hayes, 1520 Rebecca St., Sioux City, IA 51103, (712) 255-6843. Hall (712) 277-3647.

Home Calls

Arnstein, ON - Bill Davis, age 86, on March 14. Our dear brother was saved in 1932, and went on to live a consistent life, in fellowship in the Arnstein assembly until his home call. A steady brother, he loved to preach the gospel, telling friends and neighbors of their need of his Savior. He is sadly missed by his wife and family, the assembly, and the friends and neighbors to whom he witnessed.

St. John's, NF - Winnifred Pelley, age 83, on April 12. Our sister was saved in Carbonear in 1943 during meetings by Herb Harris and Doug Howard, and was among the first to be received into fellowship when the assembly was formed. She was widowed at a young age, raising four children alone, and had the privilege of seeing all her children and many of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren saved. She moved to St. John's over 20 years ago, and bore a consistent testimony. Her funeral was taken by Ernie Dellandrea, her nephew Russell Pelley, Edward Blackwood, and Marvin Derksen.

Stout, IA - Mrs. Pearl Loomis, age 82i on April 14. Our sister was saved in 1916 through the efforts of the late Oliver Smith. She was a quiet and faithful sister and appreciated her salvation. Her husband predeceased her some years ago and a son and daughter survive her. There were many unsaved in the large gathering for her funeral, which Eric McCullough and Roy Weber shared.

Sarnia, ON - Miriam Thompson, age 78, on April 21. Our sister was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kember. At twenty, she was awakened and saved, and went on to live a godly consistent life in happy fellowship in the assembly. Her husband, George went to heaven in 1980, and she leaves three sons. At the funeral, her son Stuart gave deserving credit to his mother for her influence on the family and the neighborhood. Norman Crawford and Jack Nesbitt also shared in the funeral service.