"Man Dies Saving Loved One"

Lorne Yade, Welland, Ont

"Killer twister sucked people from their homes!"

This courageous act of one man, to save his beloved wife, took place in Florida on February 23, 1998. These people were only given a few minutes prior warning before the twisters struck with devastating fury.

This brave man knew of a place in their mobile home where his wife would be safe from the storm. But there was room for only one person. He unselfishly pushed her into this safe enclosure. She grasped his hand with all her strength. The storm struck! They were torn apart by the powerful wind.

She was saved alive through her beloved's valiant effort. The searchers later found his body among the rubble of the trailer park. Her outburst of tears was pitiful to see and hear, for the one she loved, to no avail. He was gone, never to return.

Dear Christian, does this not stir our own hearts to consider again (Heb. 12:3) and appreciate the love of our Beloved? The Lord Jesus Christ in His great love laid His life down for us, that we would be preserved from wrath to come, (Rom. 5:9) and not only is He preserving us from wrath to come, but marvel of marvels, He is preparing us a place in heaven! Unlike the brave man who gave his life for his wife, never to return again, our Lord Jesus Christ will return to take us to Himself (John 14:6). What beautiful words the Apostle Paul penned in Galatians 2:20. 'The Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me." The hymn writer wrote, "What love to thee we owe, for all Thy grace, our hearts should overflow in everlasting praise."

Dear unsaved one, if you are reading these lines, you have just read of the courageous act of one man, to save the one person he so deeply loved! Yet, the love of our Saviour goes out to all mankind! "Red or yellow, black or white, all are precious in His sight."

The Holy Bible says, "He (Christ) tasted death for every man" (Heb.2:9). How then can you turn away from such love as this? He has given warning that the storm clouds of judgment are coming! (Mark 15:29). He has provided a secure place of refuge! The writer would plead with the reader to flee to this place of safety today before it is forever too late! There is room for you now! (Luke 14:22).

Louder and sweeter sounds the loving call Come lingerer come, enter that festal hall, Room, room, still room, oh enter, enter now.