Poetry: Tenderness

Albert Hull

In dealing with the saint who has been taken in a fault
Evaluate them wisely by looking at your heart!
Stumble they may and fall and low may be
But keep in mind, the blood has made them free.

Be careful not to use sharp words their hearts to crush
Recovery's tender bud into the dust
Or quickly rend apart that slender thread
Of hope, in mending for the days ahead.

A kindly touch, a succoring need to meet.
To bring the broken wanderer to his feet.
A sweetening word of comfort that will cheer.
That drives away the awful sense of fear.

This work is great, that upon us God bestows
That shepherd's heart to bring back to the fold
The sheep that often feels the cold and slight
For most remember faults and not the life.

Surely the Saviour is a pattern to us all
The bruised reed will once again stand tall.
The dim and flickering light again will shine
For He has bought each one through grace Divine.

The love that grew so cold ignites once more
From Him whose love is deeper than the ocean floor
And higher than the heights that seraph's fly
Such love the wayward heart can ne'er deny.

One look from this beloved Shepherd, Friend
Is worth a million worlds that on Him depend.
It melts, it moves, it warms the hardest heart
And to the recovered soul a heaven imparts.