Poetry: The Other Side

Esther Turkington, Venezuela

Now it was dark, and Jesus was not come to them -
The sea arose with the great wind that blew.
They toiled and rowed while Jesus was alone on land,
The "other side" to reach, His will to do.

They were afraid, when on the sea came walking
The form of One they did not recognize.
It was their Lord, His voice rang in the darkness
"’Tis I, be not afraid" - what glad surprise.

And is it dark, dear friend in your small boat today?
You struggle on against adversity,
'Til Jesus comes with tender words of comfort.
Perhaps today the heavenly shore we'll see.

What joy 'twill be at last in His glad presence,
To see and know whose voice we heard on earth!
The marks of sin we'll see upon His blessed form,
Whose sacrifice doth give our suffering worth.