Poetry: Serving The Lord (Romans 12:11)


Saviour, low before Thee bowing,
Seal me for Thyself alone;
Needed grace on me bestowing,
Make, 0 make my heart Thy throne.

Let not earthly smiles allure me,
Bid each restless thought be still;
With perplexities before me,
Keep me subject to Thy will.

Let me know the joy of living
To thy glory day by day;
Let me know the grace of giving,
As I journey on the way.

In the vineyard serving ever,
Listening to each heaven-sent claim.
With a fixed, supreme endeavour,
E'er to glorify Thy name.

Lord, conform my soul's desires,
Boldly facing shame or loss,
Till I join the heavenly choirs,
Glorying only in the Cross.