Tribute to Paul Elliot

Leonard DeBuhr

Brother Paul Elliott and I had much in common throughout life In our growing up years we lived across the street from one another and went to the same school. We both had birth dates in April and salvation dates in December. We both took God at His Word in the same chapter of John; were both always in the same assembly; both commended to the Lord's work from the Hitesville Assembly; we had many series of meetings in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our fellowship throughout the years has been precious. The best thing that can be said of any man is that "He is faithful.' The sum of Paul's life was "He was faithful." Faithful to his convictions from God's Word, faithful to his family, faithful to God's people, faithful in proclaiming the true gospel to those out of Christ and he fulfilled the words of our Lord Jesus Christ when He said "Be thou faithful unto death."

In visitation of late he usually said "'Tis better on before." Now he knows the reality of it, even to be with Christ which is far better.