Secrets of Refreshing

Harold S. Paisley

All believers should have a God-given desire for times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. The great secrets of refreshing for each child of God or for a company gathered to His precious name should be sought after.

The first is the value placed upon the precious Word of God. There is no new revelation. Whatever truth God is pleased to use has its foundation in the sacred Scriptures. The means of revival in Old Testament times such as the days of Josiah (2 Chron. 36) and Nehemiah (Neh. 8), was what they found written in the Book. That which hath been is what is now. The Lord Jesus said "I have given them Thy Word" (John 17:14). The blessing of God will rest upon an open Bible, read, practiced and delighted in. "Every Word of God is pure." Today, dearth in the heart of many Christians can be traced to the sad neglect of the grand old book. The old style family reading is neglected, personal study irksome, and soon barrenness prevails. None can retain spiritual refreshment if the Word is not the delight of the soul day and night. Personal fellowship in conversing together with others concerning Himself and His interests is a dying exercise. How good to revive the desire to speak often one to another of the great and precious promises of God in Christ. Like rain upon a parched ground such times of personal Bible readings with a fellow saint will bring "times of refreshing." One could say of another "the saints are refreshed by thee" (Philemon 7).

How important when gathered to Himself around the emblems of His body and blood that His Word brings joy and refreshment. The hymn book, which is always a source of joy but not inspired, seems to have taken priority over the Bible. Before the bread is broken, a reading of devotion, turning our eye to the person and work of Christ, is always in keeping. We note with a sense of sadness the decline of the use of the Word on such occasions. Indeed, many gatherings end without the Word being opened; even in large conferences time is gone. Soon only the hymn book will be required! In all the gatherings, His Word should be honored, read reverently, expounded clearly and searched diligently. The Word must be our guide in all matters pertaining to our lives and God's assembly.

The second source of refreshing in these closing days is that all power for blessing is found in the risen Lord alone. In Him all fullness dwells. No servant or child of God has power in himself. Many can talk and preach but only the presence of the risen Lord by His gracious Spirit can produce "times of refreshing." In us there is nothing apart from God. How we should come with our empty vessel to the source of fullness, seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit for the impartation of blessing to the Lord's people!

Nothing can take the place of the Holy Scriptures and the presence of the blessed Lord in the assembly life and personal lives of those who own Him as Lord.

Still on Thy Holy Word
We'd live and feed and grow!
Go on the know the Lord
And practice what we know.