1 Kings 22:7-14


True prophets are solitary people; eagles do not fly in flocks. It is not easy to be a Lone Dissenter. When the messenger was sent for Micaiah he must have said, in effect "The clergy have agreed and you had better make it unanimous. It is quite an honor to speak before two kings and four hundred prophets. What is it going to gain you to be an odd number? This is the mood of the hour and you had better get with it" The same subtle pressure today would persuade preachers to get in step with the times and ride the wave of the future. What we need are more preachers out of step with the times, more odd prophets like Micaiah. We are told that we must adjust. Adjust to what? What is there in this world setup to adjust to? God's man needs to adjust only to God's Word and God's will. It is not the business of the prophet to harmonize with the times. "...what concord hath Christ with Belial?" (2 Cor. 6:15).