Poetry: 'Twill Not Be Long


'Twill not be long till shadows that hang o'er us,
Which darken out the sun and drape the sky,
Will for us change, and there shall open before us
The gateway to the life of endless joy.

'Twill not be long till burdens that oppress us,
Life's strain and stress, its ceaseless toil and care,
The many things which more or less distress us
Shall be forgotten in heaven's realm so fair.

'Twill not be long till frailties which affect us,
Those things of mortal life we all must share,
Those limits which fallen man connect us
Will pass and we immortal frames shall wear.

'Twill not be long perhaps, till Christ from glory
Shall call us from these scenes of din and strife;
Then shall begin the wondrous, endless story
Of the eternal, peerless, deathless life.