Poetry: My Saviour

Albert Hull

Sweet thoughts of Him would be my great desire,
To fill this heart of mine, my spirit to inspire,
To feast on Him whose love no tongue can tell,
Lord, on this theme my soul would joyful dwell.

His love is timeless, endless, boundless free,
This truth will fill the soul for all eternity,
It first drew me to the loving Saviour's breast,
Where I obtained sweet peace, eternal rest.

This "Purest love" that dwelt in God's dear Son,
It moved His holy heart in Heaven to come,
To this poor world of night and sin and shame,
To die upon the Cross to save from endless pain.

The heart is stirred, the soul is moved to praise,
The Saviour-God, whose love can never fade,
And when in those bright realms of endless joy,
This tongue will ever sing, this song employ.