Serious Issues in a New Year

William Kelly

Written in 1868

The day in which we live is serious and fraught with change of the gravest character. A sage of this world has issued his latter-day pamphlets. For nearly a century the air has been full of revolution. Men take pleasure, especially in experimental science, which has yielded not a few brilliant results, and some of them eminently practical in facilitating the interchange of men and minds. Hence a tendency to glorify success, especially in material things, and to look more than ever for progress in the future. The past is either slighted utterly or condoned patronizingly, and with pity. All things are made matters of question. The age prepares to put the most venerable authority on its trial speculatively as it will in fact before long. But it essays a more audacious fight; it already counts itself wiser than God’s word, and will soon accept a man as God Himself in His temple.

Has the Holy Spirit wrought after no special sort in the presence of Satan’s activity and new wiles? As it is according to God to work invariably for His own glory, but in ways admirably adapted to the dangers and wants of His own, so has He proved in our day. He has recalled His children far and wide to Christ’s person and work, to the Spirit and His presence, to their own forgotten privileges as Christians and the church now, as well as to the hope of His coming shortly.