Serious Issues in a New Year


In these days, much so-called Christian scholarship and preaching sneers with fancied intellectual superiority at the idea of salvation through the blood. Much that goes under the name of Christianity among our Protestant denominations is a new version of the Cain religion that wants to worship God with bouquets of flowers and fruits but refuses the sacrificial Lamb of propitiation and atonement. There is a humanistic elegance about it, but it has no confession that the members of Adam’s fallen race are hell-deserving sinners needing redemption and regeneration. God rejects it. What is more, it leaves sinful people fundamentally unchanged. Cain would not lower himself to shed the blood of a poor little lamb-it was so "cruel"- yet he would in anger shed the blood of his own brother! If you want to know what religion without the Lamb does, look around at the pitiful wreck of morals and decency in Christendom today!

Let there be no apology in our preaching of the Lamb. Instead of secretly wondering whether we are preaching something outmoded or no longer relevant, let the desperate breakdown today be a new call to uplift the Lamb more than ever as the vital center of the only Gospel that truly saves people!