Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Change of Address

James G. Hutchinson - 11A Tudor Abbey, Old Movilla Road, Newtownard, Co. Down, No. Ireland BT23 8Y5.


Albert Hull Correct phone number is (902) 893-2294.

Reports - USA

Phoenix, AZ - The Thanksgiving conference was well attended, and the believers enjoyed the ministry and a time of fellowship. Six of the Lord’s servants were present to give help: brethren Lavery, Abernethy, Gustafson, Doherty, Slabaugh, and G. P. Taylor. John Slabaugh had two nights of ministry in Phoenix and a night in Sunnyslope during the week of December 7.

San Diego, CA - Harold Paisley visited the assembly for ministry in November, Walter Gustafson visited in early December for two nights, and John Slabaugh was with them for Lord’s Day, December 6.

Newington, CT - The one-day conference on November 22 was a day of encouragement and fellowship, with ministry shared by Bill Seale, Harold Paisley, David Oliver, and Jim Dickson. Bryan Joyce and Bill Seale closed three weeks of gospel meetings on the following Monday night, with some still concerned but not yet saved.

Garnavillo, IA - The assembly had an all-day meeting on Lord’s Day, November 22, with ministry from William Skates, Robert Orr, John Slabaugh, Tom Baker, and Al Christopherson. Tom Baker had several Spanish meetings in Postville, following up the work he had done earlier in the fall.

Hampton, IA - The believers appreciated a week of ministry in November with Jim Beattie.

Stout, IA - The meeting on Thanksgiving Day was a time of blessing, with a good number attending. The ministry was practical and timely, with nine brethren giving help. Time was also set aside for comments on the beginning of the assembly 75 years earlier.

Waterloo, IA - The assembly enjoyed an all-day meeting on December 6 to commemorate the 100th anniversary. Ten of the Lord’s servants were present to give help. Roy Weber and Jim Webb continued gospel meetings into December.

Baldwin City, KS - Jerry Jennings and Don Wardell began two weeks of gospel meetings in a rented building in Eudora on November 29, in connection with the Coal Creek assembly.

Cambridge, MA - James McClelland was with the assembly for helpful ministry on December 7. He also visited Byfield for appreciated help on December 6 and 9.

Methuen, MA - The assembly appreciated the visit of Harold Paisley and Dale Vitale for help in the gospel on December 6. They also were helped by the ministry of James Dickson on November 12 and 19.

Saugus, MA - The conference on the first weekend in December was large and profitable, with ten visiting brethren sharing in a good variety of ministry and help in the gospel. In mid-November, James Dickson visited for ministry, and on December 8, James McClelland.

Watertown, MA - On November 14, James Dickson had a Bible reading on John 17, beginning his visits in the area. The subject was well presented, and there was good participation.

Hinckley, MN - The believers were cheered when three young people obeyed the Lord in baptism on December 6.

Midland Park, NJ - Gospel meetings with Eugene Higgins and David Oliver closed on December 6. The Lord graciously blessed in the salvation of some who had been the object of prayer throughout those meetings, and the assembly was greatly encouraged.

Albuquerque, NM - The assembly was encouraged by the visit of Bill Lavery for a week of ministry in November.

Clyde, OH - During November, the believers enjoyed a visit from Jack Gould, and were cheered by the baptism of a brother.

Mansfield, OH - Norman Crawford was with the assembly in early November for three nights of excellent ministry on assembly truth.

Bryn Mawr, PA - The Thanksgiving conference was smaller than in other years, but helpful and profitable, with ministry shared by Bryan Joyce, Eugene Higgins, David Oliver, Jim Smith, and A.J. Higgins.

McKeesport, PA - Children’s meetings finished on November 21, with 45 children attending. The Sunday School Treat on the following day was also well attended, and the theme was The Character of God.

Arlington, WA - During November, John Slabaugh, Jim Currie, and Ian Irvine visited. Their profitable ministry was edifying and encouraging.

Reports - Canada

Squamish, BC - John Abernethy and Bryan Funston had three nights of Bible readings on I Timothy and were with the assembly for Lord’s Day, November 8.

Port Alberni, BC - Two teenage girls were baptized on November 22.

Vancouver, BC - The assembly in Deep Cove was cheered by the baptism of two teenage girls on November 29. Harold Paisley planned, D.V., to begin two weeks of ministry meetings on Daniel on January 10 in South Main.

Red Bay, LB - The believers enjoyed Wallace Buckle’s visit for a Lord’s Day in November.

Corner Brook, NF - Gaius Goff and Bert Joyce had one week of gospel meetings from November 22 - 29, with a good interest among the younger children of Christian parents.

Flowers Cove, NF - The assembly rejoiced in seeing the Lord work in salvation and restoration during the gospel series with Wallace Buckle and Alex Dryburgh during November.

Gander, NF - The assembly enjoyed the gospel series with Norman Crawford and Jonathan Procopio, which closed on December 3 with some blessing in salvation. The believers were encouraged, and appreciated the helpful teaching on Assembly Truth by brother Crawford on November 21.

Gander Bay, NF - The believers appreciated two nights of ministry from Gaius Goff during November. Brother Goff also visited Buchans, Fogo, and Templeman.

Sandringham, NF - The believers enjoyed the visit of Ken Taylor for ministry during November. He also visited Templeman for two nights.

St. John’s, NF - Gaius Goff spent four nights with the assembly during November, giving much-appreciated ministry. Ken Taylor shared one night of ministry. Brother Goff also had three nights of gospel meetings in the Mount Pearl Hall. The reception of a young sister on November 29 was an encouragement to the assembly.

Halifax, NS - On the first weekend of December, a large number of believers gathered for a weekend of ministry on Creation, with Norman Crawford presenting clear truths that were a help to all who attended.

Blues Mills, NS - The believers enjoyed practical and profitable ministry during the conference in November, where help was given by nine brethren. Following the conference, Albert Hull stayed for a week of ministry on the Tabernacle.

Clinton, ON - The assembly was encouraged by the visit of Jim Smith on Lord’s Day, November 22, with a children’s meeting, ministry meeting, and gospel meeting. A large number attended, including Sunday School children and unsaved adults, and they witnessed the baptism of three young men. The believers also appreciated David Kember’s visit for ministry in November.

Kapuskasing, ON - The believers have enjoyed visits over the past few months from several visiting ministering brethren. Ed Doherty had two weeks on "From Egypt to Canaan" in September, Arnold Gratton was with them in October, and David Booth was a help at the beginning of November, with a missionary report and ministry on Christ-likeness.

Niagara Falls, ON - The believers enjoyed a week of ministry on the local church with Jim Beattie at the beginning of December.

Nipissing Junction, ON - The assembly appreciated visits from Eugene Badgley, ministering on "From Egypt to Canaan," and Murray Poidevin, reporting on Zambia, back in October. Murray Pratt was with them for a week of children’s meetings following the monthly ministry meeting in November.

Sarnia, ON - Gospel meetings with Jim Smith and William Aiken closed on November 25, with a time of rich blessing, right up to the closing night. The believers are thankful for God’s answer to many prayers.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - In late November, Timothy Walker ended three weeks of gospel meetings using a chart on Future Events. The meetings, held in a secondary school, were well attended and marked by blessing in salvation. The assembly also enjoyed a mid-week visit from Gary Sharpe at the end of November.

Sudbury, ON - In November, the assembly appreciated visits from Gary Sharp and Al Cook, who was there for the monthly ministry meeting.

Charlottetown, PEI - Alex Dryburgh was with the assembly for a Lord’s Day in November, and ministered throughout the following week here, as well as in Crapaud and Freetown. Please pray for a series of gospel meetings planned to start on January 10 with Peter Orasuk and Murray McCandless.

Rosebank, PEI - David Hunt and Bill Bingham continued gospel meetings into December, with encouraging interest in the clear, faithful preaching.

Glen Ewen, SK - The assembly appreciated ministry by Peter Simms on November 22 and again on December 4.

Reports - Foreign

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - Tom Wright and Roberto Ploia were encouraged with some blessing during gospel meetings in Candelaria in November and December. Gregg Buchanan and Lindsay Carswell began preaching in a country district near Redentora, with some blessing seen. Jose Matos and a local brother are working in Passo de Torres.

The Netherlands - Lou Swaan and William Felix finished gospel meetings in Hoogeveen on November 25. The meetings were well supported by the believers in Dedemsvaart and Schoonord, but there was little response to the 7,000 invitations that were distributed in the area.

Northern Ireland - Robert McIlwaine gave encouraging ministry to a full hall in Ballymena on December 5. Robert Surgenor ministered in Newtownstewart and Strabane, with encouraging numbers. Gilbert Stewart and Sam Patterson concluded gospel meetings in a vacant store in Enniskillen on November 29. On December 6, 5. Jennings and N. Coulter finished a gospel series in Ardstraw, and J. Hutchinson and A. Aiken concluded in Ballymacashon. The following series of gospel meetings continued into December: Robert McIlwaine and Jim Allen in Buckna; Robert Surgenor and David Gilliland in Kells, with blessing seen; B. Glendinning and B. Millar in Birches; T. McNeill and M. Campbell in Killylea; J. Lennox and B. Currie in Bailyhay; J. Martin and J. Rodgers in Drumnahare, with some blessing; D. Usher and C. Brown in Straidarren; Sam Ferguson and W. Boyd in Newmills; and John Thompson and Jim Kells in Monaghan.

Home Calls

Clinton, ON - Isabel Rowcliffe, age 81, on November 8. Our dear sister went home after years of health problems, her last two spent in a nursing home. She and her late husband Philip, were saved in 1952 after hearing the gospel preached by Albert W. Joyce, and recognizing it as that for which they had long been searching. Our sister knit many children’s items and sent them faithfully off to needy families over the years. Her funeral was taken by George Patterson.

Hitesville, IA - Mrs. Anna Brinkman, age 94, on November 19. Our beloved sister was saved in 1928 under the preaching of Oliver Smith, and faithfully went on in the assembly for nearly seventy years. For the past two years she resided in a care center, following the death of her husband, August, in 1996. She is survived by two daughters and their families. Robert Orr and Leonard De Buhr shared in the funeral service.

Moncton, NB - John Angus Linden, age 90, on November 15. John’s three sisters were saved within a two-week period in 1938 and this began a year of soul trouble for him. In 1939, through the preaching of J. J. Rouse in Moncton, John came to know peace through faith in Christ. He enjoyed his salvation and was most pleasant with all he met. A large number of neighbors and acquaintances attended the funeral and heard a simple, clear message in the gospel. Predeceased by his wife Gladys, he leaves two children and their families, two sisters, and two brothers. The funeral service was shared by his son David and his brother-in-law William Oliver.

Saugus, MA - Austin A. Gurney, age 71, on November 22. Our dear brother was called home suddenly, suffering a heart attack while driving his wife and cousin to an area Bible reading. (The Lord graciously preserved them from serious harm.) Austin was saved at the age of 21, and was received into ellowship in the Cliftondale assembly. In 1974, he and his wife were rec eived into the East Boston (now Saugus) assembly, where he continued faithfully until his home call. A beloved elder, Austin was cheerful, kindly, and always considerate, with a special interest in the young. The spiritual welfare of his grandchildren was a particular concern to him and always a matter of his public prayer. He will be greatly missed by the assembly and all his friends and family. He leaves his wife Evelyn, three daughters and their families, two brothers, a sister, and an aged father who still faithfully attends all the assembly meetings. A large number attended the funeral service, which was shared by his nephew Bill Nason, Jim Frazier from Wisconsin, Frank Tornaquindici, and James Dickson.