Poetry: The Saviour

Albert Hull

How accurate the sacred Scripture, reveals the "Saviour-God,"
From earliest time this promise to a sinful world records,
"The Seed of the woman" who would bruise the crafty serpent’s head,
But in His mighty victory would suffer in man’s stead.

None like Thee on Thy lofty throne, where seraphs veiled their face,
None like Thee in yon manger born, stupendous stoop in grace,
That very God of very God was wrapped in swaddling bands,
Yet He created worlds on worlds, the product of His hands.

The prophets of the past foretold, that such a One would come
Who was from everlasting, yet a perfect Man become,
They searched with diligence to know, the time when this would dawn,
But this evaded every search, to them this was unknown.

The Saviour of "the virgin" born, conceived of the Holy Ghost,
This mystery did enshroud her, as she brought her firstborn forth,
His name! She called Him Jesus, yet declared the Son of God
The shepherds came to see Him, then announced the news abroad.

Blest Jesus! like the tender plant, grown up before Thy God,
In deepest poverty and want, Thy pillow was a sod,
Who like Thee would such insults bear? and not revile again,
Lovely; Thou dids’t such mantle wear, unique without a stain.

Never in human history did such a birth take place,
To that liffle town of Bethlehem our God came down in grace,
He lived among a ruined race, compassion marked His path,
Then all alone on Calvary’s tree for us endured God’s wrath.

The wrath that humankind deserved fell on "this Spotless Man"
And when He at last cried "Finished," He had fulfilled God’s plan,
Wonder of wonders as we gaze, with hearts adoring bend,
Before our Blessed Saviour-God our tongues with praises blend.

But lovelier Thou than all beside when in that darkening hour,
Thy soul dids’t face the judgment-tide, that overwhelming power,
Thou blessed man, yes, conquering God, triumphed in that hour,
And brought within the reach of man, salvation from sin’s power.

The mystery of the Godhead will ever cause our hearts to praise,
That God in three Persons, was through the Son displayed,
While all are one in essence, equal in every attribute,
‘ Twas only when He came to earth we see revealed this truth.