Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Change of Address

Moncton, NB - Mrs. Douglas (Muriel) Howard, 929 Coverdale Rd., Riverview, NB E1B 5E6. (506) 386-7355.

Reports - USA

Phoenix, AZ - Please pray for gospel meetings scheduled to begin on March 7, D.V., in Sunnyslope, with Peter Orasuk and Jonathan Procopio.

Chico, CA - John Slabaugh and David Oliver began a gospel series on January 10.

Fresno, CA - Walter Gustafson and John Fitzpatrick (Salem, OR) began gospel meetings on January 5.

San Diego, CA - The New Year’s conference was considered to be helpful and challenging. Brethren Tom Baker, Jim Beattie, Alan Davidson (N. Ireland), Walter Gustafson, Harold Paisley, John Slabaugh, Jim Smith, G. P. Taylor, and Stanley Wells gave help. The Bible readings, led by Jim Beattie and Harold Paisley, were most instructive.

Antioch, IA - Art Ward and Fred Krauss began gospel meetings on November 15, going on until December 22. Brother Krauss left during the fourth week, and the series was completed with help from Richard Van Mill and Robert Orr. The Lord blessed in salvation.

Manchester, IA - Art Ward was with the assembly for a week of ministry meetings on the book of James from November 8 - 15.

Eudora, KS - Jerry Jennings and Don Wardell had two weeks of gospel meetings, ending on December 13.

Byfield, MA - Wallace Buckle encouraged the assembly by his visit on Lord’s day, January 3, giving them help in ministry and the gospel.

Methuen, MA - Frank Tornaquindici led the December 13 and January 10 monthly Bible readings on Psalm 22 and Psalm 40, with help from brethren from surrounding assemblies, and from Dan Shutt on January 10. There were nice thoughts expressed that exalted the Person of Christ.

Saugus, MA - The believers appreciated a brief visit from Robert McIlwaine and Jonathan Procopio on Lord’s day, January 3, and a visit from Dan Shutt, on January 10. Albert Hull was with the assembly for ministry on Assembly Principles for the week of January 11.

Alpena, MI - The assembly was encouraged with the baptism of a young woman on December 19.

Kansas City, MO - Walter Gustafson was with the believers for an all-day meeting on November 15, where the ministry was helpful and encouraging to all.

Hickory, NC - The Christians enjoyed two weekend visits in mid-December by David Oliver and A.J. Higgins, both of whom gave very practical and edifying ministry.

Barrington, NJ - Five young people, the result of personal work and the summer tent meetings, were baptized on December 27, with Wallace Buckle and Eugene Higgins present for the happy occasion.

Pennsauken, NJ - The December 13 Bible reading, on "The Breaking of Bread," was led by Jack Coleman (Hatboro, PA), with participation from a number of brethren. The January conference was a time of encouragement, marked by stirring ministry, with good numbers attending and six of the Lord’s servants present to help.

Clyde, OH - The assembly enjoyed ministry in December from Norman Mellish on the relationship between the life of a believer and the altar of the tabernacle.

Hatboro, PA - Wallace Buckle was with the assembly on December 20 for the monthly ministry meeting.

McKeesport, PA - The believers enjoyed a visit from Murray McLeod on Lord’s day, December 12, and a visit from David Oliver on the following Lord’s day. The challenging ministry of both brethren was appreciated. The ongoing gospel outreach in Apollo has been encouraging, with some blessing, and concern on the part of those attending.

San Antonio, TX - On January 3, Jack Saword was with the assembly for the gospel meeting. On December 20, Gary Sharp and Ross Vanstone were with the assembly, along with a number of believers, all on their way to Mexico to distribute Seed Sowers in Guadalajara.

La Crosse, WI - Al Christopherson planned to start gospel meetings on January 17, with three local brethren helping him.

Ontario, WI - Robert Orr and William Skates planned, D.V., to start gospel meetings on January 17.

Mt. Sterling, WI - Roy Weber and William Metcalf planned, D.V., to start gospel meetings on January 24.

Hardwick, VT - On January 11, William Lavery and Dan Shutt began a gospel series.

Reports - Canada

Vancouver, BC - Ross Vanstone (Portage) gave an interesting account of the Seed Sower activity at the monthly missionary meeting on January 2 in Carleton. A Sunday School conference on January 16 was planned to precede a week of children’s meetings in Victoria Dr., with Gary Sharp. Harold Paisley planned to begin two weeks of ministry meetings in South Main St. on January 17, using his chart on Daniel’s prophecy. David Oliver and Marvin Derksen plan, D.V., to begin gospel meetings on February 7 in Woodland Dr. and would value prayer for this effort. Please remember brother John Frith, who is now in a home in a weakened condition, and would appreciate the prayers of fellow believers.

Charlottetown, LB - Wallace Buckle and Paul Cockfield planned to begin gospel meetings at the end of January.

L’anse au Loup, LB - Bert Joyce and Andrew Bergsma planned to begin gospel meetings on January 17.

Fogo, NF - Jim Thompson (Augusta, ME) was the speaker at the children’s program at the end of December. Bryan Joyce began children’s meetings on January 11.

Gander Bay, NF - Carl Payne was with the assembly for two nights of ministry on December 17 and 18. He also visited Templeman on December 20.

McIvers, NF - Alvin Blake and Sandy Feltham began gospel meetings on January 10.

St. John’s, NF - Marvin Derksen was with the believers for the New Year’s eve meeting, at which a number of local brethren also took part with profitable ministry. Brother Derksen and Jonathan Procopio began gospel meetings in Mt. Pearl on January 10.

Nineveh, NS - Eugene Higgins expected to be with the assembly for ministry from January 17 - 24.

Burgessville, ON -Jack Nesbitt and William Aiken (Kitchener) began a gospel series on January 10.

Chatham, ON - Larry Perkins and Jim Beattie planned to begin gospel meetings at the end of January.

Clinton, ON - The believers enjoyed the visit of Frank Sona of the Guelph assembly, on Lord’s day, December 13. He also spoke at the Sunday School treat.

Kapuskasing, ON - The Christians enjoyed ministry from Murray Pratt on December 20, and appreciated his help in the gospel as well. On January 3, local brethren ministered at a mini-conference.

Lake Shore, ON - Brian Owen and Brian Crawford ended five weeks of gospel meetings in late December, with encouragement in seeing God’s blessing in salvation.

Maberly, ON - Murray McLeod expected to begin a gospel series on prophetic events on January 31.

Charlottetown, PEI - Murray McCandless and Peter Orasuk began a gospel series the week of January 10.

Taylorside, SK - Joel Portman and Roy Weber began a series of gospel meetings on the 3rd of January.

Reports - Foreign

Mexico - Paul Thiessen and David Alves began gospel meetings on January 5 in Guadalajara, where a large group of believers had distributed more than 90,000 Seed Sowers and invitations the previous week. There was good reception from the community. In Tepic, the believers met as an assembly for the first time, breaking bread on January 3, 1999. Marcus and Alison Cain have been working in this area.

Northern Ireland - Robert Surgenor began gospel meetings on December 20 in Kilkeel, and was experiencing a good interest and a full hall nightly. Christmas and New Year’s conferences were held in Cregagh St., Granshaw, Kilkeel, Buckna, Belfast, Newtownstewart, Albertbridge Rd., and Ardmore, with reports of profitable ministry and encouragement for the believers. B. Currie had ministry meetings in Plantation-Lisburn and his home assembly, Dunmurray. W. J .Nesbitt had ministry series in Ballyclare, Killykergan, and Dromore, his home assembly. In Belfast, on January 10, Tom Bentley and J. Palmer began a gospel series in Matchett St., and James Hutchinson and Albert Aiken began in Windsor. Also on January 10, Sam Maze and Robert Eadie began a gospel series in Mullafernaghan, and S. Ferguson and W. Boyd began in Lisnabreen, an outreach of the Ebenezer assembly in Bangor. The following gospel series were planned to begin later in the month: Robin McKeown in Newtownstewart on January 17; J. Martin and T. McNeill in Ballywatermoy on January 24; J. Lennox and B. Currie in Randalstown on January 31; W. J. Nesbitt in Tassagh on January 31. Albert McShane and David Gilliland in Dungannon on February 7.

Porto Alegro, Brazil - The annual Bible readings were held during the last week of the year. All the missionaries from Ireland were present, and a time of warm fellowship was enjoyed.

Kircaldy, Scotland - The New Year’s conference was well attended, with Stephen Arbuthnot, Robert Stephen, and Malcolm Horlock ministering.

Innerleven, Scotland - The New Year’s conference was encouraging and the ministry was Christ-exalting. Jim Dixon, Jim McMaster, and Peter Scammell gave help in the ministry.


Matoaca, VA - February 13 and 14, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Rd., Matoaca (5 miles west of Petersburg). Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. John Nobles, 5735 Beechnut Ave., Matoaca, VA 23803. (804) 590-2988. If planning to attend, please contact Jonathan Cooper (804) 256-0670.

Newbury, ON - Saturday, March 27, one-day conference in the Gospel Hall, 370 Walnut St., RR #3. Meetings at 2:30 and 6:30, with dinner served between sessions. Corr. David J. Cooper, 234 Cherry St. West, Box 312, Bothwell, ON, NOP 1CO. (519) 695-2349.

Watertown, MA - March 20 and 21, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 226 Mount Auburn St., Watertown. Saturday, Bible reading at 10:30 on 2 Peter 1, ministry at 2:30, and gospel at 6:30. Lord’s day, Breaking of Bread at 10:00, Sunday School at 11:45, ministry at 2:30, and gospel at 6:30. Corr. Joe Grillo, 2201 Lewis 0. Gray Dr., Saugus, MA 01906. (781) 233-8520. Hall (617) 924-7696. Accommodations will be provided. All-day parking is permitted on Mount Auburn St. on Saturday and Sunday where two-hour parking signs are posted.

Mount Sterling, WI - Bible readings on the epistle of James, March 27 and 28, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings in the North Crawford High School, north of Gays Mills. Saturday, first meeting at 10:00. For accommodations, please contact Richard M. Dudgeon, (608) 734-3639, or Rodney Aspenson, (608) 734-3825, in advance. Outlines of the readings and order of meetings will be sent on request.

Manchester, CT - April 3 and 4, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center St., Manchester. All other meetings in the Bolton Center School, 108 Notch Rd., Bolton, CT. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:00 and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00, last meeting at 2:00 for ministry and gospel. Corr. Richard Trombly, 121 Cushman Drive, Manchester, CT 06040. (860) 649-9462. For accommodations call Ted Kaulback (860) 742-0002.

Kapuskasing, ON - April 3 and 4 with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 154 Mill Street. All other meetings in the Kapuskasing Education Center, 61 Devonshire Street. Bible reading Saturday at 10:00, Psalm 73. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Gilles Plourde (705) 335-4974. For accommodations: Gerald Labelle (705) 335-3712. Gospel Hall (705) 335-5422

Nineveh, NS - April 3 and 4, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:00 in the Gospel Hall. Supper will be served at 5:00 Friday in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings to be held in the Parkview Education Centre, 1485 King St., Bridgewater, NS. Ministry meeting Saturday starts at 10:00. Corr. Robert Kaulback, 19 Medway St., Bridgewater, B4V 1J8. (902) 543-5530. School (902) 543-5536. For accommodations, contact Clark Hubley (902) 543-3268.

Toronto, ON - April 2, 3, and 4 in Birchmount Park Collegiate, 3663 Danforth Ave., Scarborough. Meetings each day at 10, 1:30, 3:30, and 7:15. Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 in Broadview Gospel Hall, 194 Broadview. Bible readings on (1) Baptism, (2) Breaking of Bread, (3) Gospel Outreach. Corr. Don Jennings, 53 Karnwood Dr., Scarborough, ON, MLL 2Z7 (416) 757-7019, and Robert Reilly, 30 Caronridge Cres., Agincourt, ON, MiW 1L2 (416) 499-0829.

Stout, IA - April 10 and 11, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings will be held in the Gospel Hall. Ministry Saturday at 10:00; Lord’s day, Bible reading at 9:00 on Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Gary DeGroote, 28073 Westbrook St., New Hartford, IA 50660, (319) 983-2713. Gospel Hall (319) 346-1153.

Home Calls

Sault Ste Marie, ON - Grace West, age 92, on October 4. Our dear sister went to be with the Lord from the Elim Home in Waubaushene. She was saved early in life, and with her husband David, who predeceased her, was in happy fellowship in the assembly, where they were a great help and blessing for many years. Her daughter and two sons, all in assembly fellowship, mourn her loss. Gary Sharp and Guido Cedolia spoke faithful words at the funeral.

Tampa, FL - John L. Westlake, on October 18, age 78. Our beloved brother passed quietly into the Lord’s presence after battling cancer for a year. Saved forty years ago in Ohio, he moved to Tampa in 1961, and had been in fellowship in the North Tampa assembly ever since. He will be greatly missed by his wife, Dorothy, his four children, eight grandchildren, and the believers in the assembly.

Perth, ON - Leiland Larmon, age 71, on November 11. Our brother was called home after a lengthy illness, during which his wife Margaret faithfully nursed him at home. He was saved in Maberly during meetings held by John Slabaugh and Murray McLeod, and continued in fellowship therc. He had a bright testimony during his long trial, and remained happy in soul, looking for the Lord Jesus. The funeral was large and the gospel was faithfully preached to a number of unsaved relatives and friends.

Alpena, MI - Cecil Dell, age 81, on November 30. Our dear brother was born in Charlevoix and saved as a teenager after hearing the gospel preached by William Ferguson. He was baptized in 1991, and was an integral part of the assembly in Alpena from its commencement later that same year. Cecil was an extremely kind, humble, and faithful man who will be greatly missed by the believers.

Garnavillo, IA - Delores Palmer, age 56, on December 5. She was saved in 1959 during meetings held in Stout, and was in fellowship in the assembly in Garnavillo after marrying Leslie Palmer. Dolores was a help to the assembly, and a willing worker who attended all the meetings with a bright smile and without complaint, even when she was enduring the effects of cancer. She was a faithful sister who will be missed by the believers, her husband, five children, and grandchildren. Roy Weber and Joel Portman took the large funeral.

Halifax, NS - Hubert Bednarik, age 52, suddenly on December 6. He and his wife Antonia came to Canada from Czechoslovkia in the 70’s, total strangers to the gospel. In 1975, they trusted Christ after attending gospel meetings in Sarnia held by Lorne McBain and David Oliver. They moved to Halifax in 1978. Hubert was a kind and sacrificing brother with a soul-winner’s heart, and he was influential in contacting many of his fellow countrymen with the gospel. He and his wife opened their home to the Lord’s people and they entertained many of the Lord’s servants. On Lord’s day morning, December 6, our dear brother remembered the Lord, and that evening he was in the presence of his Lord. He leaves his wife, Antonia, two married children, Robert and Renata, all in assembly fellowship, and three grandchildren. Remember them in prayer. Albert Hull and James McClelland preached the gospel to the large crowd that attended his funeral.

Tampa, FL - Charles Trask, age 65, on December 8. Our beloved brother went home to be with the Lord after a lingering illness. His wife, Aurora, lovingly and patiently cared for him during his long illness. Charles was in fellowship in the North Tampa assembly since its inception and took an active part in all the assembly functions. His home was always open to the Lord’s people, and he will be sadly missed. He is survived by his wife, his daughter, Sharon Garnham, and his son Charles all in assembly fellowship. His son Charles, son-in-law Robert Garnham and brother-in-law, Oronzo Dalfino, shared in the funeral service. Kindly remember the family in prayer.

London, ON - Albert Hobbs, age 94 on December 9. Born in Greenwich, England, our dear brother was born again as a young man of 17, and was received into fellowship in 1931. He was a happy brother, taking the responsibility of an elder, and his keen interest in Sunday School work caused him with two others to commence the work in Chelsea Heights. His first wife and daughter predeceased him. His wife Beatrice and daughter Eunice mourn his loss. Fred Burnside, Arnold Gratton, and Gordon Brodie shared in the funeral service.

Clinton, ON - Mabel Bachert, age 80, on December 10. Our esteemed sister was saved in 1967, along with her husband Bert and five children, when David Kember brought the gospel to the Walton farming community. The Bachert home was one of the first opened for gospel meetings, and a number of souls were reached and saved over several years. Our dear sister was faithful to the Lord, the assembly, and her family. She and her husband were in the Clinton assembly for nearly 30 years. It was her great joy to see a good number of her grandchildren saved and also in assembly fellowship. William Aiken of Kitchener and Shad Kember, Sr., of Sarnia, shared in the service at her large funeral.

Bryn Mawr, PA - Henry J. Wattersond, age 95, on December 22. Our dear brother was released from a body of weakness into the presence of the Lord whom he had come to know over 65 years ago. Born in Magherafelt, NI , he was saved in Philadelphia and went on for many years in fellowship in the Bryn Mawr assembly. He was a quiet and pleasant brother who enjoyed his salvation and the Word of God. His wife Viola predeceased him in February, 1998. He leaves a daughter and her husband and their two children. A good number of unsaved heard the gospel at the funeral, shared by J. MacPherson and William Oliver.

Sunnyslope, AZ - Pearl Ismay, age 98, on December 29. Our dear sister was saved in New Jersey, at the age of 14. After moving to Arizona she married Bill Ismay in 1929, and they were in the Phoenix assembly for many years. They were given to hospitality and enjoyed entertaining friends, family and the Lord’s servants. Pearl went to the Linn Manor Care Center last spring. She is survived by a son, a daughter, five grandchildren, and a great grandchild. The funeral was held in Phoenix where Tom Baker spoke faithful words in the gospel.

Moncton, NB - Douglas C. Howard - Our beloved and highly esteemed brother and servant of the Lord, Mr. Douglas C. Howard, was called home quite suddenly on December 29, 1999 in his 84th year. A suitable memorial with a photograph will follow Lord willing, in the next issue.