Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Change of Address

Fredericton, NB - Sharon Follett, Hogar Evangelico, Apartado 38, Puerto Cabello, Edo. Carabobo, Venezuela, 2024A. Sharon is a nurse recently commended by the Fredericton assembly to the work of the Lord.

Change of Correspondent

Westhank, BC - Glen A Griffin, 3343 Elliott Road, Westbank, BC V4T 1P2. Phone (250) 768-3343. Email:

Reports – USA

Phoenix, AZ - The Sunnyslope assembly was greatly encouraged by four weeks of gospel meetings with Peter Orasuk and Jonathan Procopio, which ended on March 27. Some came as a result of the invitations and Seed Sowers that were distributed, and the Lord blessed in the salvation of a young boy. The believers also appreciated support from the winter visitors and the Phoenix assembly during the series.

Culver City, CA - The Easter conference was a time of spiritual encouragement and benefit, with helpful ministry from G. P. Taylor, A.J. Thropay, Harry Rodriguez, Stanley Wells, D. Young, and John Fitzpatrick.

Palm Springs, CA - The assembly was encouraged by the salvation of a man who has been coming to gospel meetings for more than 20 years. They enjoyed a visit from Adam Thropay in March.

Manchester, CT - The Easter conference was a time of enjoyment for the believers, with help given in ministry by Walter Gustafson, Eugene Higgins, Bert Joyce, Eric McCullough, William Oliver and Frank Tornaquindici .

DeLand, FL - During March, the believers greatly appreciated visits from Arnold Gratton and William Metcalf.

Garnavillo, IA - David Alves visited in March, with a report meeting on March 25, and a Spanish gospel meeting in Postville on the following evening.

Hampton, IA - The believers appreciated a report on the work in Zambia by Jim Hanna on March 7, and visits for ministry by Eric McCullough on March 7, Robert McIlwaine on March 22 and 23, and Fred Krauss, from April 4-6.

Manchester, IA - Allan Christopherson and John Slabaugh continued into April in the gospel, with the Lord blessing in salvation.

Stout, IA - Robert McIlwaine and Albert Hull closed six weeks of gospel meetings on March 21. God was pleased to bless in salvation and assurance, and the attendance was excellent throughout the series.

Byfield, MA - The believers enjoyed the visit of Bill Lavery for ministry on March 24.

Methuen, MA - David Alves was with the assembly on March 22, for appreciated ministry and a report on some of the work in Mexico.

Saugus, MA - Bill Lavery was with the assembly for three nights of ministry during the week of March 22. Eugene Higgins was with them for the Sunday School treat on March 27, when a large crowd heard the gospel presented to the children. Jonathan Procopio was with them for ministry and the gospel meeting on Lord’s Day, March 28.

Watertown, MA - The conference in March was one of the largest. Profitable, encouraging, and challenging ministry was faithfully presented by brethren Bingham, Gustafson, Lavery, McCandless, McCullough, Smith, and Tornaquindici, with David Alves giving an account of the work in Mexico.

Saginaw, MI - The believers were encouraged during the last week of March with a visit by Jim Allen for two nights and the Lord’s Day. On March 29, David Alves gave a challenging report of the work in Mexico.

St. Paul, MN - William Skates and Robert Orr planned to start gospel meetings in a community building on April 4.

Rolla, MO - Joel Portman and Mark VanDerHart began gospel meetings on March 21, with some showing interest as a result of the Seed Sower distribution.

Hickory, NC - Murray McCandless and Art Ward planned to begin gospel meetings on April 14.

Long Branch, NJ - The conference in March was smaller than usual, with help given by Walter Gustafson, William Oliver, Mike Rauseo, and Frank Tornaquindici.

Pennsauken, NJ - The afternoon ministry meeting on March 7 was devoted to a history of the Lord’s planting of the assemblies in the Philadelphia area, with various brethren from the assemblies contributing.

Akron, OH - Gary Sharp and Dale Vitale concluded four weeks of well-attended gospel meetings, when first-time visitors attended and individuals were helped.

Cleveland, OH — Sandy Higgins lead the area Bible reading on marriage, giving excellent teaching.

Mansfield, OH - Robert Surgenor was with the assembly for a week of helpful ministry on the book of Nehemiah.

Forest Grove, OR - Roy Weber and John Fitzpatrick planned to begin gospel meetings on April 25.

Bryn Mawr, PA - Eugene Higgins and David Oliver had two and a half weeks of gospel meetings in a rented hall in Broomall, ending on March 30. Contacts were made, and blessing was seen in salvation. The assembly plans, D.V., to change the date of its annual conference from Thanksgiving weekend to the first weekend in November, November 5-7. Further details will be provided later.

McKeesport, PA - William Skates and Jim Smith finished three weeks of gospel meetings on March 14. There was a fair interest and a good number of visitors in from the community. Walter Gustafson visited the assembly for ministry on March 23.

Blue River, WI - The assembly appreciated the visit of Tom Bentley in March, with a week of ministry on the Levitical offerings. He also had one night of ministry each at La Crosse, Black Earth, and Ontario.

Mt.Sterling, WI - The March Bible Reading conference on the epistle of James was well attended, with help given by Jim Beattie, Tom Bentley, Sam Eadie, William Skates, Art Ward, and Stanley Wells. The assembly enjoyed a night of ministry with Tom Bentley in the week preceding the conference as well.

Reports - Canada

Grande Prairie, AB - On April 4, the believers met for the first time as an assembly to break bread, with a day of special meetings following.

Kamloops, BC - Noel Burden and Phil Atkinson held a brief series of gospel meetings in March. The assembly enjoyed a brief visit from John Abernethy in March.

Squamish, BC - Jack Gould and Bryan Funston planned to begin gospel meetings on April 11.

Vancouver, BC - The Easter conference was a time of refreshment and spiritual help. John Riddle, Dave West, Gaius Goff, Jack Gould, and John Abernethy gave help in ministry and the Bible readings on the Hebrew epistle. The Bible readings were continued in West Richmond for the week following the conference.

Westbank, BC - Four weeks of gospel meetings with Gaius Goff and Noel Burden closed on March 21, with some blessing seen in salvation, to the encouragement of the assembly.

Charlottetown, LB — The March conference was a great encouragement, with ministry given by David Hunt, Bert Joyce, and Peter Mathews. A good number was out each night to hear the gospel preached as well.

Pigeon Hill, NB - Gerard Roy and Ivan Poirier began gospel meetings on April 4. At the ministry meeting on March 14 Leslie Wells and two local brethren took part.

Fogo, NF - Bryan Joyce and Irving Payne began gospel meetings on March 28.

Gander Bay, NF - Carl Payne and David Swan began a gospel series on March 21.

Parsons Pond, NF - Wallace Buckle and Larry Steers ended a gospel series on April 2, with the blessing of the Lord having been seen in salvation .

Nineveh, NS - The Easter conference was large and very encouraging for the assembly, with nine of the Lord’s servants present to give help in ministry and the gospel.

Barrie, ON - The monthly ministry meetings at Parkside Drive were an encouragement to the small assembly, with help given by Arnold Adams, Ken Nicholson, Ken Moore, Murray Pratt, Andy Fletcher, and Norman Lorimer. The surrounding assemblies were also a help in their support of the meetings. Ernie Dellandrea, Larry Steers, and Timothy Walker also paid appreciated visits. Weekly children’s meetings began, with some new children attending.

Clyde, ON - The assembly enjoyed a visit from Fred Krauss for ministry in early spring. They also were visited for ministry by Ken Moore, during the last week of February, Timothy Walker on March 7, and Don Nicholson for three days at the end of March.

London, ON - Jim Currie was with the assembly from March 28-3 1, giving appreciated ministry on Jonah, as well as an interesting report of the work of the Lord in Japan, Egypt, and North Korea.

Newbury, ON - The assembly enjoyed a very happy time of fellowship around the Word of God at the March conference. Seven of the Lord's servants gave profitable ministry, and a large number from surrounding assemblies attended.

Oshawa, ON - Four weeks of gospel meetings with Bryan Funston and Jim Jarvis closed on March 28, with the assembly greatly encouraged by the effort and the blessing of the Lord in salvation.

Longueuil, PQ - The March 27 ministry meeting was well attended, with ministry from Larry Buote, Ivan Poirier, Gerard Roy, and Leslie Wells. The time was profitable and encouraging to the assembly. A gospel meeting, shared by brethren Roy and Poirier, followed.

Glen Ewen, SK - The assembly appreciated meetings by Jim Webb from March 3-10 and by Bill Seale, March 28-30.

Picton, ON - The believers appreciated the practical ministry given by Albert Hull, April 5 to 12, speaking on God’s Schoolroom.

Reports - Foreign

Brazil - Tom Wright ended meetings in Itati in March, with some blessing seen in salvation. He hoped to have a short series in Santa Cruz during April.

Grenada, West Indies — Two gospel series began on April 4, with Brian Crawford and Brian Owen working in connection with the assembly at La Digue, and Stephen Burns and Andre Drouin working with the assembly in Crochu. A Seed Sower distribution with Richard Trotman of Trinidad was also planned for the St. Marks area, where there is no assembly.

Trinidad, West Indies - The assembly at Bethesda Gospel Hall, Port of Spain, held six nights of gospel meetings from March 14-19, with John Wright and C. Caines speaking.


Hickory, NC - May 29 and 30, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Meetings Saturday at 10:00, 2:30, and 7:00. Breaking of Bread at 9:45. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 253 17th Ave. NE. Corr: J. Arnold McDonald, 3054 Clearwater Lane, Iron Station, NC 28080, (704) 263-8649 or Fred Dancey, Jr. (828) 758-2202.

Grants Pass, OR - May 29 and 30, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 1611 SW "G" St. Bible reading Saturday, I Cor. 15:1-28; Sunday, I Cor. 15:35-58. Breaking of Bread, 10:00. Corr. Don Gratias, 141 Timberlane, Grants Pass, OR 97526, (541) 479-4521. Gospel Hall (541) 476-3956.

Eden Grove, ON - June 6, one-day conference, with prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00; ministry at 2:00. All meetings in the Eden Grove Gospel Hall (one mile west of Bruce County Rd. #3). Corr. John W. Boddy Sr., R.R. #4, Walkerton, ON, NOG 2V0, (519) 366-2302.

Portage la Prairie, MB - June 10-13, three-day conference, with prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall. Meetings on Friday will also be in the Gospel Hall, 102 First Street NW, but all meetings Saturday and Sunday will be held at the William Glesbe Centre, 11 2nd Street NE. Bible readings Saturday at 10:30 and 1:30 on John 13 and 14. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. General inquiries: David Vanstone, Box 1231, Portage la Prairie, MB, RiN 3J9, (204) 857-8435, Email Accommodations: Dennis Walker (204) 857-7794, email Gospel Hall (204) 857-7728.

Garnavillo, IA - June 12 and 13 with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 506 South Washington Street. Gospel meeting on Sunday at 7:30 will also be in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings will be in the high school gymnasium. Saturday ministry at 10:00 and 2:00, and gospel at 6:45. Bible reading Lord’s Day at 9:00 on Leviticus 1, Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Donald Kregel, 604 5. Washington St., P.O. Box 488, Garnavillo, IA 52049, (319) 964-2588. School (319) 964-2321.

Augusta, ME - June 19 and 20, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, Old Belgrade Rd., Augusta. Breaking of Bread, 10:30. Corr. James Thompson, Rte.1, Box 2971, Belgrade, ME 04917. (207) 495-3590. Gospel Hall (207) 626-2786.

Glen Ewen, SK - June 18, 19, and 20, with prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, located 8 + miles south of Glen Ewen. Bible reading Friday 10:30, "The Coming of the Lord." Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Allan T. MacFarlane, Box 172, Glen Ewen, SK, SOC iCO, (306) 925-4401. Gospel Hall (306) 925-4805.

Halifax, NS - June 26 and 27, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible Reading conference on "The Person of Christ." First reading, 9:00 Saturday; afternoon readings both Saturday and Sunday at 1:30. Breaking of Bread 10:00. All meetings in the Bedford Junior High School, 132 Rocky Lake Road, Bedford, NS, (902) 832-8964. Please give advance notice of those attending to Danny Harvy, (902) 461-8225, email, so that arrangements can be made. Corr. Arthur Harnish, R.R. #1, Hubbards, Lun. Co., NS, BOJ 1TO, (902) 857-9265. Fax (902) 857-1441.

Kamloops, BC - June 26 and 27, with a prayer and ministry meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Road, Kamloops. Breaking of Bread, 9:30. Corr. Phil G. Atkinson, 836 Puhallo Drive, Kamloops, BC. V2B 6P7, (250) 579-9484. Gospel Hall (250) 579-8799.

Pugwash Junction, NS - July 3 and 4, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible readings each morning at 8:45 (subjects in the next issue). Breaking of Bread 10:00. Corr. Harold Elliot, R.R. #1, Wallace, NS, BOK lY0, (902) 257-2206. For advance accommodations, phone Brent Cottrill, (902) 243-3122. Gospel Hall (902) 243-2205.

Home Calls

Beetown, WI - Raymond L. Raisbeck, age 71, on February 21. Raymond was saved here in 1965 following meetings by Louis Brandt and Henry Walls. He was a very gentle and faithful brother, highly respected by believers as well as the unsaved, and noted for his consistency and faithfulness to the assembly. He is survived by his wife Julia, in assembly fellowship, and five children and their families, for whom prayer is requested. Roy Weber and Al Christopherson spoke to the large crowd at his funeral.

Dubuque, IA - Eugene Burkart, age 85, on March 3. Our dear brother was saved in 1941 and in the Garnavillo assembly for more than fifty years. He endured with patience his health problems of many years. His wife Helen, who was faithful in taking care of him, and a daughter and her family survive him. Leonard DeBuhr, Robert Orr, and Donald Kregel shared in the funeral service.

Dumont, IA - Lorain Kramer, age 86, on March 7. Our beloved sister was saved in meetings of Sam Hamilton at Aredale in 1940, continued there for a number of years, and was in the Hitesville assembly for the past several years. Her husband Siegfried, a son, a daughter, and their families survive her. Floyd Christopherson and Robert Orr shared the funeral services.

Evansdale, IA - Dorothy Boege, age 78, on March 9. Our dear sister was saved in 1938 during gospel meetings held by Lorne McBain in Garnavillo. Dorothy was in the Western Avenue, Waterloo assembly for the past few years, where she faithfully sought to spread the gospel with tracts. Her husband predeceased her in 1983, and two sisters survive her. Ronald Wessels spoke faithful words in the gospel at the funeral services.

Marion, IA - Dick Van Mill, age 96, on March 10. Our dear brother was saved in 1925 during gospel meetings held by Oliver Smith in Stout. He was in the Stout assembly until he entered the Lynn Manor Care Center in 1986, and then was in the Marion assembly. He manifested faithfulness to the Lord, the assembly, and his family. His wife predeceased him in 1988, and his son and two daughters with their families survive him. His son Richard gave a short tribute to his father in Stout, and Roy Weber and Robert Orr shared the funeral service.

Forest Grove, OR - Ruby Kate "Kitty" Goff, age 88, March 10. Our beloved sister was saved in 1933 through Hector Alves’ preaching. After her salvation she "chose the people of God" rather than to follow a successful administrative nursing career, working close to home and assisting her parents for many years. Kitty was a faithful sister, always given to hospitality and any work of the assembly. Her parents and her brothers, Harry, Ralph, and Frank, predeceased her. She is survived by one sister, Fanny Goff, who is a missionary in Venezuela, two sisters-inlaw, and nieces and nephews. Her nephew, Gaius Goff, preached the Word faithfully at his aunt’s funeral. Please remember the unsaved family members in prayer. She will be greatly missed.

Ontario, WI - Creda Lisney, age 86, on March 14. Our dear sister was saved in 1952 during meetings held by Alex Studnicka and Chauncey Yost in La Farge, and with her husband, who predeceased her in 1995, was among those that first formed the assembly in Ontario in 1954. Creda was a faithful sister given to hospitality. She is survived by two sons, two daughters, and their families. The funeral was taken by Robert Orr.

St. Thomas, ON - James Wright, on March 16, in his 86th year. Brother Wright was born in Scotland and as a boy of 11 came to Canada, where he heard the gospel through personal contacts and was saved while reading John 3:16. In fellowship in the St. Thomas assembly for many years, he taught Sunday School and saw some of his students saved. He leaves his wife, Marjorie, and two sons and daughters. The funeral was shared by Fred Krauss and Hubert Geelen, James’ son-in-law.

Goose Bay, LB - Damien Hancock, March 19, age 22. Our beloved young brother was saved in 1992, and went home to be with the Lord in a plane crash. Married less than a year, he leaves his wife, Wavey, his parents, a brother, and his in-laws. Please pray for Wavey and all of the family members during this time of great sorrow. The large funeral was taken by Bert Joyce, Jonathan Procopio, and Alex Dryburgh.

Perth, ON - Lillian V. Purdy, on March 25, in her 93rd year. Our sister passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord from the Elim Homes. Saved as a teen, she was in fellowship in Toronto, then Venezuela, and later in Maberly and Waubaushene. Lillian was held in high esteem by the many whose lives she had touched, and was known as Aunt Lill. Predeceased by both her first husband, James McLeod, and her second, Stanley Purdy, she leaves her son, Murray McLeod, and daughter, Marion (Mrs. James) Saword, and their families. Her funeral was shared by Arnold Adams, Timothy Kember, and Murray McLeod.

Garnavillo, IA - Freda Adams, age 95, on April 4, from the Linn Manor Care Center. Saved in 1941 during tent meetings, Freda was received into the Garnavillo assembly in 1942 and was faithful to the assembly. She and Maymie Minger, who mourns her loss, shared a home for 45 years, caring for Freda’s mother and an invalid sister; the two of them also faithfully undertook the cleaning of the hall for twenty years. She is survived by her nieces and nephews. Joel Portman spoke at the funeral service.

Longport, NJ - Mrs Euphemia Long, age 97, on April 7. Our dear sister Phemie was born in 1901 at Port Glasgow, Scotland and saved as a girl of 15 through John 3:16, and received into fellowship in 1916. She immigrated in 1923 and fellowshiped for many years in Bryn Mawr. After marrying her husband Win. Long, in 1943, she moved to the West Philadelphia meeting until his death in 1949. In 1970, trained as a LPN, she relocated to Longport to voluntarily give her time for the care of older Christians. She worked long and steady until 1982 and continued on as a resident in the Home in Longport. She was a sister of good discernment and a Godly interest in His ways and His people. She will be missed. Gene Higgins and Wm. Oliver shared the funeral service.

Book Review

What the Bible Teaches - Revelation by Jim Allen

Being the last book in the Bible, it is obvious that great importance must be attached to the final words of God to man. The word Revelation means "unveiling." It is primarily the unveiling of the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, and not of future events. This glorious person of whom Moses wrote in Genesis, is the subject of John in Revelation. He is the Alpha and Omega of all Scripture.

All the prophetic Scripture comes together in fulfillment in this last book. Our brother has carefully and clearly outlined the glories of the person of Christ in grace, government and glory. He also has traced the future events concerning the coming man of sin and the person of the false prophet, and the great tribulation all to take place following the sudden removal of the church. These solemn matters are a source of searching of heart today as we see the shadows of things to come in evidence. How good to know that the prior rapture of the Church from the wrath to come is near. The reader of this exposition of the Revelation will profit by obtaining a greater knowledge of God’s program for the future but better, a greater appreciation of the coming glories of the Lamb, for He is Lord of lords, and King of kings (Rev. 17:14).

We are happy to commend this book in the series What the Bible Teaches to all the readers of Words in Season.

- Harold S. Paisley