Memorial: Tribute to John Norris

Harold S. Paisley

John Norris was a faithful man in every department of his life and one who feared God above many in his service for the Lord. In this he had the constant sympathy and godly grace of his wife, Margaret, for 55 years of married life in the Lord. Our prayerful sympathy extends to our sister, her two sons, two daughters and their spouses who are all believers in their father’s Savior and their mother’s God.

I have known our brother for well over fifty years and was present at the Lord’s Supper the morning they were received into the assembly in Ballymena. Our brother’s early ministry in gospel tents around the countryside were times of blessing in salvation. Few Englishmen have received better acceptance in Ireland than did our brother. He was compassionate and caring to all. His study of the Scriptures was evident in his ministry and his understanding and appreciation of assembly gathering exemplary.

In the Canadian Prairies he labored constantly for many years. With brother Robert Boyle, he saw much fruit in places seldom visited by others. His homecall on May 10, 1999 was in the same spirit as the apostle; "I have finished my course, I have kept the faith" (2 Timothy 4:7). We look forward to the glad reunion in a "very little while."