Poetry: If Jesus Had Not Come

Martha Carmichael, Midland Park, NJ

If Jesus had not come,
How empty life would be;
No peace, no joy, no hope in time
Nor for eternity.

The guilt of all our sin
Could never be forgiven;
To live, to die, apart from God,
To have no hopes of heaven.

But Christ the Saviour came.
Angels announced His birth;
"Glory to God, the Christ is born,
Peace and good will on earth."

The Father sent His Son,
As promised long ago,
And willingly the Saviour came
Because He loved us so.

From Bethlehem we trace
The sinless path He trod;
Onward to Calvary’s cross He went,
Jesus, the Lamb of God.

‘Twas there that He became
The sacrifice for sin;
Bore all the wrath our sins deserved,
Died our lost souls to win.

Christ died! yet now He lives
At God’s right hand in heaven,
And trusting in His finished work,
We know our sins forgiven.

"Glory to God on high,"
Our praise to Him we bring,
To Christ, the Word, the Lamb, the Lord,
Redeemer, Saviour, King!