Poetry: A Prayer

Rachel J. Sweetnam, Ireland

Lord, guide my life, I pray,
And may I live it all for Thee;
May all else take the second place,
May all for Jesus be.

Lord, make my pathway clear, I pray;
May what I choose to be
Be perfectly in Thine Own will,
And glory bring to Thee.

Give courage, Lord, for I am weak,
To reach a sinking soul;
To tell the world of Jesus' love,
The Gospel to extol.

May I live as a Christian should,
To magnify Thy Name;
My faith make strong, and may my life
The love of Christ proclaim.

Lord, keep me ever looking up,
To hear the trumpet sound;
To meet my Saviour in the air
May I awake be found!

Oh, may my life be fashioned such,
That, when the day will come
A faithful servant I'll be found,
And hear those words, "Well Done"!