A Prayer – Honoring God

W. H. Ferguson

(Submitted by Andrew McPhee)

I heard recently of a lady in St. Louis, who years ago felt led of the Lord to open a home for old ladies and later for children who were homeless. A Christian in one of our assemblies was for a long time identified with this home in its early years and tells of some of the truly marvellous answers to the prayers of the godly sister who opened the home and those identified with her, for everything was carried on through faith in God. One day there was no money on hand whatever to supply the milk necessary for the evening meal. The home was situated across the street from the railroad yards and that day, unexpectedly, a stock train was detained in the yards. Towards late afternoon, a man knocked at the door, saying "Could you use some nice fresh milk? You see, we are detained here tonight and the cows have to be milked and you can have all you want." Needless to say, the few Christians who were so exercised about the needs of the home were delighted with such an answer to prayer. The table was supplied that night with plenty of good, sweet milk provided by the hand of an ever faithful God. Many were the evidences in these early days of that Home that God was the hearer and answerer of prayer.

What about your private prayer life? What about the assembly prayer meeting and your attendance thereat? What about the prayer meeting before the gospel meeting at night? Some cannot attend these meetings as they would like but there are many who have strength and time and ability to be there and yet neglect this precious privilege. I trust this will exercise the hearts of each of us.

Many are the results of prayer. We have in this holy attitude, God’s favor and reward and in our hearts the peace and security promised thereby. May we be able to close our lives somewhat after the fashion of the great apostle to the Gentiles with a spiritual breathing and a true Amen.


* * * * *

From silken self, O Captain free
Thy soldier, who would follow thee:
From subtle love of softening things,
From easy choices, weakenings,
From all that dims thy Calvary,

O Lamb of God, deliver me.

* * * * *