January 2000
(Vol. 92 No. 1)

Issue Credits

Poetry: A Year Untried

Timely Words for 2000
(Harold S. Paisley)

Poetry:The Way That Thou Hast Planned
(Maria Ramsay, Newington, CT)

Our Future Adornment
(Robert E. Surgenor)

Poetry: Step by Step
(Bernie Payne, Cornerbrook, NFLD)

The Blind Man - Mark 8:22-26
(Alex Dryburgh)

An Outline of Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians (Part 12)
(M.A. Rudge)

Poetry: Living on the Edge
(Elspeth Duurloo, Christchurch, N. Zealand)

Questions & Answers
(Harold S. Paisley)

Reports, Conferences, Home Calls