Poetry: A Year Untried

Submitted by Jim Currie, Japan

A year untried before me lies, what it shall bring of strange surprise
Of joy or grief, I cannot tell; Since God my Father knoweth well.
I make it no concern of mine but leave it all with love Divine

Be sickness mine, or rugged health; Come penury to me or wealth:
Though lonesome ways I pass along, or loving friends my pathway throng
Upon my Father’s Word I rest, whatever shall be will be best.

The sun may shed no light by day, no stars at night illume my way,
My soul shall still know no affright, since God, in Christ, is all my light.
Though all the earthly lamps grow dim, he walks in light who walks with Him.

O Year untried - thou hast for me, naught but what my God can see.
Nor canst thou bring me loss or gain, or health, or sickness, ease or pain,
But welcome messengers they’ll prove from Him whose Name to me is Love.