Poetry:The Way That Thou Hast Planned

Maria Ramsay, Newington, CT

"Is this the way that Thou hast planned?"
Hear Joseph from the prison thus inquire
Was God able? Would all his dreams transpire?
Was this God’s hand? How would He work it now,
That those in fields and firmaments would bow?
Yet faith, patience and purity so serene
In Joseph, as he waits, is clearly seen
Until upon the highest throne at last,
He shows himself to his own and sees past
The circumstances to God’s perfect way,
"Though you intended evil," hear him say,
"God turned for good." Thus Joseph apprehends
The plan God’s infinite wisdom intends.

"Is this the way that Thou hast planned?"
Hear Moses wonder, leaning on his crook.
Does God not see him, won’t He take a look?
Is this the reason he turned down a throne,
To save one Hebrew servant, then alone,
Into the wilderness to flee and stay
For forty years, a shepherd all the day?
Yet in those years, not wasted, God allowed
Moses to learn to use his staff and vowed
That one day he God’s chosen ones would lead
Into the land. Thus Moses learned to plead
For people prone to sin. His call, our guide,
To consecrate ourselves, on the Lord’s side.

"Is this the way that Thou hast planned?
Hear Job, confused, beseech the throne of God.
Health and wealth gone, his loved ones ‘neath the sod?
Should he the life of righteousness forsake?
Would it be better for him ne’er to wake?
No, and despite what so-called friends may say,
Job commits to God’s hand his bitter way.
His vow, that though God slay, yet will he trust,
Rings clear throughout the heaven and Satan must
In face of such reliance go away.
The victory is God’s - Job sees God’s way.
All blessings are eternally restored.
Job comes forth, as gold from fire, for reward.

"Is this the way that Thou hast planned?
Our Savior never asked though He foreknew
The bitter suffering that He must go through.
The angels wonder, can this be the Plan,
By which eternal God will redeem Man?
And can a righteous God stand by and see
The creature nail Creator to the Tree?
God’s perfect plan the Son did always know,
And so, He would into the garden go,
"Not my own will, but Thine," we hear Him say
And then they take Him and He makes His way
Up Calvary’s hill for my sins to atone,
He suffers, bleeds and dies for sin - alone.

"Is this the way that Thou hast planned?
And do I dare ask this solemn question?
Can I from such examples learn the lesson?
Lord, grant that equally, in sun or storm,
My heart might open be to Thee and warm.
Lord, throughout all my paths help me to stay
Reliant on Thy Will, seeking Thy Way,
Not with sighing, martyred resignation,
But rather with joyful realization,
That if I could my days with wishes fill
And never suffer what I think is ill,
The pattern of my life would never be
As perfect as what Thou hast planned for me.