Poetry: Step by Step

Bernie Payne, Cornerbrook, NFLD

Step by step my Lord directs me,
With His presence ever near;
His almighty arm protects me,
And I shall not ever fear.

Step by step, He goes before me,
And illumines all my way;
Pillar cloud doth hover o’er me,
Keeps me safe by night and day.

Step by step, my Lord doth guide me,
Gently by His hand doth lead;
Walks through pastures green beside me,
And my hungry soul doth feed.

Step by step, whate’er before me
Whate’er trial I may meet;
His blest whisper to assure me,
Makes the journey ever sweet.

Step by step, my Lord will take me,
‘Til I reach the "Promised Land";
Never will He ever forsake me,
Safe am I within His hand.