Poetry: Living on the Edge

Elspeth Duurloo, Christchurch, N. Zealand

Are we living "on the edge"
Of the borders of the world
Or safe within the hedge
Living closely with the Lord?

Do we spend our hours
On the net, and with TV?
Or devote our will and powers
To the One Who set us free?

Have we one foot in the world
And one in Caanan’s land
Letting us be spoiled
And forget "in Christ" we stand?

The walls get broken down
Like Jerusalem of old.
We fear the worldling’s frown
And for Christ we can’t be bold.

The garden "once enclosed"
And fragrant for our God
Is now laid waste, exposed
Where the enemy has trod.

Rise up! And let us build.
Spend time with God alone.
With His word be filled,
Make His will your own!

You can’t live on the edge
And be of use to Him.
The world will drive a wedge
And fill your life with sin.

God has made a wall
Between the world and us
He must be All in All,
All else will cause us loss.

Don’t live on the edge,
Live within God’s boundary.
Keep within His hedge,
You’ll safe and fruitful be!