Memorial - John Frith

Uel Ussher, Venezuela

When we received the news of the home call of our beloved brother and fellow—laborer John Frith we felt that sadness that is so natural when one we have known and appreciated is taken away. In this case, one who contributed so much to the work of the Lord here in Venezuela. On the other hand we were enabled to give thanks to our God that his suffering was over and the words of 2 Peter 1:11 came to mind. "For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

When we arrived here in 1968 our beloved brother with his wife and family were in Canada so we did not meet him until he returned some time after that. Our first impression of our dear brother was his happy and friendly disposition. When ministering the truth of God to the saints or preaching the Gospel it was so evident that he himself appreciated the truth he was presenting and that he enjoyed the salvation that he proclaimed to sinners. God used our brother John in a special way in Venezuela and many were brought into the family of God through his faithful labors in the Gospel. He did much hard work in earlier years, taking the responsibility of the building of quite a number of Gospel Halls.

We did not share with him too often in special efforts as we were living and laboring in different areas of Venezuela, but we enjoyed happy fellowship together at the many conference gatherings and it was always a joy to share with him. The Lord’s people in this country really appreciated our brother and although he was unable to be here for a number of years due to ill health, he was not forgotten by the Venezuelans. Many a time at conference gatherings and in local prayer meetings the name of Don Juan was mentioned with feeling before the throne of grace. We pray that the Lord will raise up others with the same convictions as to the assembly position and with something of his love for souls to carry on the work in this needy land.

Our sincere Christian sympathy goes to his dear wife Elizabeth who so faithfully stood with him, not only in the days of illness, but who was one with him in all he sought to do for the Lord. We would also extend our sympathy to each member of the family and to that wider family circle and trust that all will know the comfort of God at this time.