Poetry: Salvation

J.K. Livingston, Ireland

We soon shall see our Jesus
When to the air He’ll come
To take us altogether
Up to our Father’s home!

But what about our loved ones
Which we will leave behind?
Their chance is gone, their doom is sealed,
The Saviour they’ll not find.

His face will shine with radiance
Those garments white as snow,
Shall illustrate the meaning
Of the life He walked below.

O, trust Him now while still there’s time
For tomorrow may not be!
Tonight your soul could just be cast
Into eternity.

Our Saviour calls another time,
Trust Him without delay.
Don’t be the fool who always says
Some more convenient day.

Those hands, nail pierced hands,
So gentle and so meek,
Were torn right through the center
For all, the Jew, the Greek.

Then why refuse His offer,
When He invites you, "Come"?
Believe in Christ and trust today,
To bring you safely home.