Memorial - Lloyd Ballhagen

1917 - 2000

Louis Smith


Brother Lloyd Ballhagen was born on October 4, 1917 in Hartford, Iowa and saved in 1936. After salvation he was exercised to serve his Saviour and was commended to the work of the Lord. He passed into the presence of the Lord on January 1, 2000. The funeral was held on January 4, in Tylertown, Mississippi where he had lived and labored and saw an assembly established.

At the funeral there was prayer and the reading of the obituary by Louis Smith. Two songs were sung by Raymond Gutter, a Christian from the community. Jerry Ballhagen, a grandson, read the conversion of brother Ballhagen and told what his grandfather meant to him. Jesse Howze then spoke of his relationship to brother Ballhagen and presented the gospel. Keith Young told how brother Ballhagen had spoken to him which resulted in his salvation and reception into the assembly.

Louis Smith spoke of knowing the Shepherd from Psalm 23 and the Lord’s commendation of "Well done" from Matthew 25:21. These were fitting words for the life and testimony of brother Ballhagen. The closing message by Jerry Jennings was from John 14:1-6; a prepared place and promise for the believer. Stuart Thompson spoke at the grave and read John 11, Acts 24 and I Corinthians 15 regarding the resurrection and the implications to the believer and unbeliever. "I am waiting for the dawning" was sung reminding us of the glad reunion for which we wait.

A faithful pioneer evangelist has passed on. He was an example in witnessing and distributing tracts, rarely missing an opportunity to speak to souls. Many open air meetings were held to spread the gospel. He enjoyed preaching in cottages, halls and gospel tents and many were saved through his efforts. Some of these were added to the assembly. He preached in many places in the States and Canada but mostly in the southern states. His faithful preaching of the gospel and teaching of assembly principles brought reproach and persecution. The assembly in Tylertown was established in 1956 through his efforts. It is a privilege to write about this faithful man and it was an encouragement to share with him in eleven gospel series in new areas, mostly in the gospel tent. He encouraged others to do pioneer work in the gospel. A faithful pioneer has passed on to his reward. May others respond to the call as the fields are white and ready to harvest.