Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Reports - USA

Harrison, AR - Art Ward and Clifford Lock planned to begin gospel meetings on February 20.

San Diego, CA - Joel Portman and Jim Beattie ended gospel meetings at the end of January.

Newington, CT - Bert Joyce and Marvin Derksen concluded four weeks of gospel meetings on February 4, having seen the Lord bless in the salvation of some of the Christians’ children, which is a real encouragement to the assembly.

Terryville, CT - Eugene Higgins was with the assembly for a week of ministry beginning on February 6. The Lord had previously blessed in the salvation of a young couple as the result of brother Higgins’ earlier gospel meetings. A few visitors have also been attending the weekly assembly gospel meetings, which has been encouraging.

Cedar Falls, IA - Paul Poidevin visited on January 19 and 20 for ministry, giving a report of his work.

Hampton, IA - In January, the assembly appreciated visits from Jerry Jennings for ministry, and Jesse Fitch (Russia), Jack Nesbitt (St. Lucia), and Paul Poidevin (Zambia), with ministry and missionary reports. Marion, IA — Jack Nesbitt was with the assembly on January 19 for a report of the Lord’s work in St. Lucia.

Saugus, MA - The believers greatly enjoyed a weekend of practical, helpful, ministry on The Believer’s Mind with A. J. Higgins on February 4-6. Marvin Derksen also visited, giving help in ministry on Lord’s Day morning, February 6. The assembly also was encouraged by Peter Ramsay’s visit on January 13 for a night of ministry.

Detroit, MI - The Ferndale assembly is exercised about gospel meetings in the spring, D.V., and prayer is requested for God’s blessing.

Jackson, MI - During January, the assembly enjoyed ministry by Alex Dryburgh, on the Holy Spirit. Also, Frank Sona spoke to a large number of children and parents at the annual treat and stayed for the Lord’s Day to minister and preach the gospel. Please pray for gospel meetings planned to begin on March 5, D.V., with David Oliver and Norman Crawford.

Pelkie, MI - Louis Smith and Stuart Thompson spent a long weekend with the believers during January. This was an encouragement to the little assembly, which seldom has visitors during the winter months.

Saginaw, MI - A visit from Dan Shutt on January 2 was a help to the assembly. The believers were also encouraged with ministry from John Slabaugh and Jim Smith at the all-day meeting on February 6. Brother Smith continued in ministry through February 13, using his chart on The Levitical Offerings.

Akron, OH - Gene Higgins’ visit in late January was greatly appreciated, when he spoke at the Sunday School treat and a baptism. He also visited Cleveland for ministry.

Clyde, OH - A. J. Higgins was with the assembly on January 22 for the first area Bible reading, on child raising. Helpful and timely ministry was also given on Lord’s Day.

Mansfield, OH - The assembly was encouraged in January when two believers were received into the fellowship.

Bryn Mawr, PA - In January the assembly appreciated a series of ten ministry meetings with Jim Smith, from his chart on The Levitical Offerings. They also enjoyed a visit from Gene Higgins for help in ministry and the gospel.

McKeesport, PA - The assembly was encouraged by a visit from John Slabaugh and David Oliver on the first Lord’s Day of the New Year. The ministry of both brethren was practical and appreciated.

San Antonio, TX - The believers enjoyed the visit of Clifford Lock of Alberta on January 9 and 16.

Seattle, WA - The conference at the end of January was helpful, with nine brethren ministering the Word and giving help in the Bible readings.

Black Earth, WI - The believers appreciated visits from John Slabaugh and Allan Christopherson. The all-day meeting on January 16 included helpful ministry from Clark Bermester, Greg Clift, Walter Gustafson, Arthur Ward and Don Wardell. The assembly was encouraged by a twoweek gospel series in January with Clark Bermester and Don Wardell. Several unsaved relatives of the believers attended, some of whom had not heard the gospel in many years, and prayer continues in their behalf.

Mt. Sterling, WI - Walter Gustafson and Gary Sharp began gospel meetings in January.

Reports - Canada


Vancouver, BC - In January, David Richards had one week of appreciated ministry meetings on Romans 6-8 in Carlton. Eric Parmenter visited Victoria Drive, Langley, and North Vancouver assemblies in January and gave appreciated ministry. The February monthly ministry meeting in West Richmond was taken by Stewart Wilson and Robin Morton.

Westbank, BC - William Bingham and John Abernethy started gospel meetings on January 30, with a young sister obeying the Lord in baptism on the first night of the series.

Buchans, NF - George Whey and Charles Hiscock began gospel meetings on January 30.

Flowers Cove, NF - Allan LeBlanc and Eric Fowler closed four weeks of gospel meetings on February 6.

Sandringham, NF - Eric McCullough and Bryan Funston began gospel meetings on January 23. On February 12, they had a day of Bible readings on Philippians 3 and 4.

Clementsvale, NS - James McClelland and Murray Pratt began gospel meetings during mid-January, with good numbers attending and an encouraging interest.

Arnstein, ON - The believers enjoyed two weeks of ministry with Peter Simms in November, and a visit by Don Nicholson for the monthly ministry meeting on the third Saturday of December. On January 15, Brian Crawford was with them for the children’s treat and for ministry.

Clinton, ON - Larry Steers was with the assembly on January 2, giving appreciated ministry and help in the gospel. Robert Surgenor visited on Lord’s Day, January 30, and remained for several nights of helpful ministry on The Priesthood of All Believers.

Clyde, ON - Lorne Langfeld visited on Jan. 16 and Don Nicholson encouraged the believers on Jan. 30-3 1 with practical ministry on prayer.

London, ON - John Dennison spoke at the Highbury and Chelsea Heights Sunday School treats in January. He had a profitable meeting with the teachers on the following Sunday afternoon on Instruction and Management. The believers also enjoyed a visit from Robert Surgenor for ministry on January 25-28.

Niagara Falls, ON - The assembly enjoyed the visits of Fred Krauss and Larry Steers for ministry in January. Also a young sister saved last April was received into fellowship.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Frank Sona started gospel meetings in February.

Toronto, ON - Larry Steers and Stephen Vance plan to begin gospel meetings in the Fairbank Gospel Hall on March 5, D.V. Prayer is requested for these meetings.

Glen Ewen, SK - Stanley Wells was with the assembly for well-attended and appreciated ministry on 1 and 2 Tim. from Jan. 16-26. Paul Poidevin visited on Jan. 29-30, with ministry and a report of the work in Zambia.

Reports - Foreign

Northern Ireland - W. J. Nesbitt and Tom Wright started gospel meetings on January 9 at Fintona. The Christians’ children are of particular concern, and quite a number from the district are attending. In Portadown, Jack Lennox and Brian Currie began gospel meetings on February 6. During February, Sam Ferguson and Walter Boyd held meetings in Moira. In Roughan, Sam McBride had four weeks of ministry meetings in January using the prophetic chart. A number of people from the district attended so the gospel was also preached nightly. The meetings were very well attended.


Palm Springs, CA - One-day conference, March 26. Breaking of Bread 10:00, ministry 2:00, and gospel at 6:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 320 West Racquet Club Rd. Corr. Charles Spataro, 945 Buttonwillow Circle, Palm Springs, CA 92262, (619) 322-7090. Gospel Hall (619) 325-8815. Please pray for gospel meetings to start the following week, D. V., with John Fitzpatrick.

Clarksville, IA - One-day conference, April 2, in the Antioch Gospel Hall, three miles east of Clarksville. Breaking of Bread at 11:00, preceded by a ministry meeting at 10:00; ministry at 2:00 and gospel at 7:30. Contact Harry Schmidt, 103 West Rowley St., Greene, IA 50636, (515) 823-5691. Gospel Hall (319) 278-4083.

Stout, IA - April 8 and 9, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Ministry Saturday at 10:00; Lord’s Day, Bible Reading at 9:00 on John 20 and 2 Corinthians 5:1-9. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall. Gary DeGroote, 28073 Westbrook St., New Hartford, IA 50660, (319) 983-2713. Gospel Hall (319) 346-1153.

Waterloo/Cedar Falls, IA - April 15 and 16, the 89th annual conference, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:00 in the Cedar Falls Gospel Hall, 13th and Walnut Street. All other meetings in the Masonic Temple, Park Ave. and Mulberry St., Waterloo. Lord’s Day, Bible reading at 9:00, Gen. 22:1-14. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. The week before the conference there will be Bible readings on 1 Peter 1-4; Monday and Tuesday at 7:00 in Waterloo Gospel Hall, and Wednesday and Thursday at Cedar Falls Gospel Hall, also at 7:00. Corr. Richard Orr, 614 Bland Blvd. SW., Independence, IA 50644, (319) 334-3931, or Erwin D. Stickfort, 223 North Francis St., Cedar Falls, IA 50613, (319) 266-6271.

Newbury, ON - One-day conference, Saturday April 15, in the Gospel Hall, 370 Walnut Drive, RR #3 (junction of Highway 2 and Longwoods Rd.) with meetings at 2:30, and 6:30. Corr. David J. Cooper, 234 Cherry Street West, Box 312, Bothwell, ON NOP 1CO. (519) 695-2349.

Methuen, MA - One-day conference, Sunday April 16. Breaking of bread, 10:00, ministry 2:30; gospel at 6:30. Corr. Daniel Netti, 105 Hillside Road, N. Andover, MA 01845, (978) 686-2462. Hall (978) 794-8679.

Manchester, CT - April 22 and 23, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center St., Manchester. All other meetings will be held in the Bolton Center School, 108 Notch Rd., Bolton, CT. Saturday meetings at 10:30, 2:00 and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00, last meeting at 2:00 for ministry and gospel. Corr. Richard Trombly 121 Cushman Drive, Manchester, CT 06040, (860) 649-9462. For accommodations call Ted Kaulback (860) 742-0002.

Nineveh, NS - April 22 and 23, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:00 in the Gospel Hall. Supper will be served at 5:00 Friday in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings to be held in the Parkview Education Centre, 1485 King St., Bridgewater, NS. Ministry meeting Saturday starts at 10:00. Corr. Robert Kaulback, 9 Medway St, Bridgewatert NS B4V 1J8, (902) 543-5530. School (902) 543-5536. For accommodations, contact Clark Hubley, (902) 543-3268.

Fredericton, NB - April 29 and 30, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings will be in the Gospel Hall, 109 McAdam Ave. Bible reading on Saturday at 10:00, Topics: Abide in the Vine, John 15:1-8,16-17; Be led of the Spirit, Galatians 5:18; Bear fruit for God, Galatians 5:22-25. Lord’s Day, Breaking of Bread at 9:30. Corr. Robert M. Griffin, R.R. #4, Fredericton, NB, E3B 4X5. (506) 472-5512. Gospel Hall (506) 472-1125. E-mail:

McKeesport, PA - April 29 and 30, with prayer meeting Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, Prescott and Broadway. All other meetings in the Francis McClure Junior High School. Meetings begin at 10:00 on Saturday and Lord’s Day. The homes of the Christians will be open for visitors. Contact Rob Oliver, (412) 664-1004, for accommodations or for local motel phone numbers for those desiring to make their own accommodations.

Livingston, NJ - May 6 and 7, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 405 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave., Livingston. Saturday, meetings at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00, ministry at 2:30, and gospel at 5. Corr. Allan Valvano, 31 Townsend Dr., Florham Park, NJ 07932-2318, (973) 377-7839. For accommodations, contact David Valvano, 10 Salem Dr. E., Whippany, NJ 07981, (973) 884-2484. Gospel Hall (973) 535-1485.

Sarnia, ON - May 13 and 14 with prayer meeting Friday at 7:30. All meetings will be held in the Gospel Hall, 1791 London Line. Saturday, ministry at 10:00 and 2:30, gospel at 2:00. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. Shad Kember (519) 337-7476. Hall phone (519) 541-1894.

PEI - 50th annual conference, May 20 and 21 in the Bluefield High School in Hampshire, beginning with prayer and ministry on Saturday, May 20, at 9:30. (There is no prayer meeting on Friday night.) Ministry at 2:30 and gospel at 7:00. Bible reading Lord’s Day at 8:30 on Psalm 22; Breaking of Bread 10:00. Corr. Glen McKenna, 15 Andrews Drive, Kensington, RR6, COB 1MO. (902) 836-3073 or Brian McDonald, 25 Macrea Drive, Cornwall, COA 1HO. (902) 566-3831. For accommodations contact Neal Thompson (902) 892-7216.

Home Calls

Terryville, CT - James Possidento, age 77, on November 27. Jim was saved in Waterbury, CT, early in life and was gathered with the assembly in Terryville. Physical infirmities prevented him from attending meetings for the past few years. He leaves his devoted wife Sadie who faithfully cared for him during his illness, and three children. Matt Brescia and Frank Tornaquindici shared the funeral services.

Arnstein, ON - Frank Courvoisier, age 89, on December 25. He was saved in 1932 under the preaching of the late Mr. Widdifield and received into fellowship in the Arnstein assembly. Frank served as an elder for many years and was marked by his faithfulness in attendance. About ten years ago he suffered-the complete loss of his hearing and since that time could not be as much help as he had previously been. The past two years were spent at Elim Home where he and his wife Tena received much needed care. He had five children, two sons and three daughters all saved. He also had 17 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren for whom prayer is valued. His wife Tena still resides at the Elim Home. Ernie Dellandrea spoke the gospel faithfully at the funeral.

Laurium, MI - Mrs. Ella Bo, age 93, on December 25. Our dear sister was saved in 1941 and received into fellowship at the Lake Linden assembly. She was an encouragement to the young believers, very gracious and supportive in gospel efforts, and given to hospitality. Ella resided with her daughter and son-in-law, Mary Ellen and Arnold Eggeling. She leaves her daughter, several grandchildren and great grandchildren, a sister, and two brothers. Sam McClung and Kenneth Sohlden shared in the funeral services.

Vancouver, BC - Christine Hammersmark, age 45, was suddenly called home on January 2. Our sister was saved at age 12, and received into the assembly at North Vancouver later. Since her marriage she continued faithfully with the believers at Fairview for more than 21 years. She was of "a meek and quiet spirit" and given to hospitality, and will be greatly missed. She leaves her husband Donald, six children, her mother, three brothers, and one sister.

Longport, NJ - Edna Gordon, age 88, passed into the presence of her Lord on January 20. She was saved in 1926 in meetings held by the late Mr. W. Beveridge, and was received into fellowship in the Long Island assembly later that year. Throughout her life she maintained a deep exercise for the spread of the Gospel and was marked by a joyous, humble spirit. Her funeral in Yonkers was taken by Eugene Higgins.

Long Branch, NJ - Mrs, Jean Pizzulli, age 85, on January 27. Our beloved sister was the widow of the late, esteemed servant of the Lord, Frank Pizzulli, who predeceased her in 1960. Jean was born in Keyser, WV and was saved in Waterbury, CT. After marriage in 1934 she moved to Long Branch, where she and her husband were active in gospel work among the Italian assemblies. After his homecall, she continued to support and encourage the small assembly in Long Branch. She was held in high esteem by all. The local newspaper noted in her history that she cared for those whom no one else would care for. A large company gathered at the funeral parlor to hear an account of her life and faithfulness. The gospel was faithfully presented. She leaves behind six children, some of whom are not saved, and a large number of grandchildren.

Jackson, MI - Miss Wilma Anderson, on January 29. Our beloved sister was saved in 1936 as a girl in meetings in North Adams by Lorne McBain and Robert Crawford. She was in fellowship in the North Adams assembly before moving to Jackson in the early forties. She was much loved by her fellow believers and was very faithful in her assembly life and testimony. In recent years, she lived at Rest Haven Home in Grand Rapids, where she experienced loving care. Norman Crawford preached the gospel at her funeral service from Isaiah 53:5, the verse through which Wilma was saved.

Jackson, MI - Mrs. Beatrice Buck, on February 5. Our sister emigrated to the US from England as a child. Under the preaching of Lorne McBain in 1937, Mrs. Buck was deeply convicted and saved. She was later received into the Jackson assembly. She had the joy of seeing her husband saved in 1946, and he preceded her to heaven. She leaves a son Robert and a daughter Dixie Lee, both saved, seven grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren.