Poetry: Revival

Albert Hull

Revival was the watchword of saints in bygone days,
When hearts were glowing brightly, they gathered oft to pray.
While the world was gripped in darkness, and sinners marched to Hell,
These holy saints cried to their God, to anoint their lips to tell,
To tell the wondrous story of God’s redeeming grace,
And sound the silver trumpet to a guilty ruined race.

In those days of great revival, sinners often cried for fear,
Lest Judgment fall upon them, they felt God’s wrath so near.
But in their deep conviction, the lifeline of the Blood,
Was offered freely to them, right from the Word of God;
And many trusted Jesus, who for them did bleed and die,
Instead of weeping, wailing, their songs burst forth in joy.

Lord send again revival a breath from heaven above.
Let all the saints before Thee, bow with heart and soul to God.
And with sincere confession, lay hold on grace divine,
To wrestle to the midnight hour for all of humankind.
Then we will see revival, again come to our land,
The Holy Ghost revival among His faithful band.