Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Change of Correspondent

Rosebank, PEI - Ralph Ramsay, RR 1, Bloomfield, PEI, COB lEO.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Ontario, WI - Kent Hendrickson, E14199 Burr Salem Road, Ontario, WI 54651-7551. (608) 489-3519.

Reports - USA

Fresno, CA - The assembly appreciated three nights of ministry and gospel in March from Harold Paisley. The Lord blessed in the salvation of one of the Sunday School boys.

Newington, CT - John Slabaugh was with the assembly for an appreciated visit on April 6.

Terryville, CT - On March 17 the assembly began holding weekly Friday night children’s meetings.

Hitesville, IA - Alex Dryburgh visited on March 4 and 6 for ministry, and Andrew Bergsma on March 8, with an interesting account of his work among the Hutterite colonies. James Smith gave helpful ministry on March 19-2 1.

Manchester, IA - Robert Orr and Stanley Wells began gospel meetings during the second week in March, and the Lord blessed in salvation. All have been encouraged as the Lord continues to work in salvation in this area.

Parkersburg, IA - The young brethren were encouraged with the excellent attendance of children and a good number of parents during a week of children’s meetings held in the early part of March.

Sioux City, IA - Jim Webb visited for ministry on April 1 and 2, speaking profitably from II Timothy.

New Lenox, IL - The assembly enjoyed two and a half weeks of instructive and encouraging ministry regarding the assembly from Robert Surgenor in March.

Methuen, MA - The believers appreciated Frank Tornaquindici’s profitable help on March 12, both in the monthly Bible Reading on I Timothy 5 and in the gospel.

Saugus, MA - The assembly very much enjoyed the visit of Tom Bentley from April 2-6. His ministry on "Men Who Had Encounters With God" was most practical, profitable, and interesting. On April 9 and 10, Craig Saword visited, giving help in the gospel and an account of the work in El Salvador.

Watertown, MA - At the conference in April, Walter Gustafson, Craig Saword, John Slabaugh, Ken Taylor, and Frank Tornaquindici gave help. Ken Taylor gave a report of the work in Dominica, and Craig Saword reported on El Salvador.

Battle Creek, MI - The assembly was encouraged with four baptized, and the reception of a Korean couple whose parents had been received some weeks earlier. Please pray for gospel meetings that Norman Crawford and Gary Sharp are planning to begin on May 28, D.V.

Detroit, MI - Norman Crawford was with the Stark Road assembly for the March bi-monthly Bible Readings, and for the Lord’s day. The believers appreciate the consistent help that he has been to the assembly over the years.

Jackson, MI - Norman Crawford and David Oliver began gospel meetings the first weekend in April.

Saginaw, MI - Robert Surgenor gave searching ministry on The House of God during the last week of March. William Lavery joined him for the monthly ministry meeting on April 2. Jim Smith and John Slabaugh planned to begin gospel meetings on April 16.

Albuquerque, NM - Jim Webb planned to start gospel meetings on April 15.

Clyde, OH -The assembly was encouraged when Bill Seale, Jr. was with them for a Lord’s Day in March.

Mansfield, OH - The February monthly Bible reading was led by A. J. Higgins. Larry Steers was also present and continued for a week of ministry. The assembly was also cheered with a baptism in March.

Akron, OH - David Oliver was with the assembly on March 11 to lead the area Bible reading, and helpful teaching was given to the good number present. John Slabaugh was with the assembly for a short gospel series and the Lord blessed in salvation. Short visits from Larry Steers, Robert Surgenor, Steve Kember, and William Lavery were also appreciated.

McKeesport, PA - Gospel meetings with Bill Seale, Jr., and John Dennison closed during the first week of April. The Lord blessed in salvation during the series, and the believers were cheered.

Hardwick, VT - Eugene Higgins had a brief gospel series with the assembly during the last two weeks of March.

Waukesha, WI - John Stubbs visited with timely and profitable ministry in March, using a chart on the gates of Jerusalem. The meetings were appreciated by all. Gary Sharp began children’s meetings in early April.

Reports - Canada

Vancouver, BC - Gospel meetings with Bill Bingham and Jim Jarvis continued into April in Victoria Drive, with God richly blessing in salvation. Beginning on March 20, Jim Currie had a week of ministry on I Corinthians in Fleetwood before returning to Japan. Bill Bingham, Jim Jarvis, and John Abernethy took the monthly ministry meeting on April 2 in Deep Cove.

Charlottetown, LB - The conference at the end of March was encouraging, and the believers appreciated those who made the long journey by snowmobile. Bert Joyce was with the assembly for two weeks prior to the conference, ministering on "From Egypt to Canaan."

English Point, LB - The March conference brought joy to the believers because of the good attendance and the timely ministry. Alex Dryburgh was with the assembly for ministry from March 28-3 1. He also visited L’Anse au Loup for a week of ministry.

Green River, NB - Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells had three and a half weeks of gospel meetings in the hall. The Lord blessed in salvation just before the meetings began, and the assembly was encouraged during the meetings by some who attended several times.

Shediac, NB - The assembly held their last winter ministry meeting on March 26, when Gerard Roy and two local brethren ministered.

Corner Brook, NF - The believers appreciated ministry from Alex Dryburgh on March 8, and a report on the work in Zambia from Paul Poidevin on March 22.

Flowers Cove, NF - During March, the assembly profited from a week of ministry on II Timothy from Marvin Derksen, as well as from visits from Alex Dryburgh and Paul Poidevin. Brother Poidevin also visited McIvers.

Fogo, NF - Peter Mathews held a week of profitable ministry meetings on The Tabernacle, beginning on March 29.

Parsons Pond, NF - Alex Dryburgh visited on March 9-12, and Paul Poidevin on March 23-24. On Lord’s day March 26, Paul Poidevin, Herb West, and Wallace Buckle shared in the ministry meeting.

Rocky Harbour, NF - Wallace Buckle and Paul Poidevin started a gospel series on March 26, with good attendance shown at the outset.

Sandringham, NF - Wallace Buckle visited on March 30, giving appreciated help in the weekly Bible reading.

St. John’s NF - Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay began gospel meetings in Mt. Pearl, with good attendance.

Templeman, NF - Bryan Joyce visited for two ministry meetings on March 15 and 21. The visits were very encouraging and profitable for the assembly.

Blues Mills, NS - Albert Hull visited on March 19 for the last ministry meeting of the season. Peter Orasuk and Peter Ramsay had recently completed fruitful gospel meetings. The believers also enjoyed Alan LeBlanc’s visit on March 26. During March, Bruce Nicholson (Baddeck) and Barry MacDonald (Blues Mills) saw some blessing in gospel meetings held in Little Narrows.

Clementsvale, NS - James McClelland and Murray Pratt continued to see blessing in more than nine weeks of gospel meetings, with a sustained interest throughout. The assembly has been encouraged.

Sydney Mines, NS - Albert Hull held a week of ministry meetings starting on March 27, building up those recently saved during the gospel meetings that Jonathan Procopio and David Swan held during the winter.

Truro, NS - Peter Ramsay and Albert Hull concluded a gospel series in March, after five weeks. Interest was excellent and many heard the gospel for the first time. God blessed in salvation to the encouragement of the assembly.

Weymouth, NS - Nathan Mullen, age 25, who has inoperable brain cancer, was saved after being admitted to the hospital this winter, and his witness to others since has been inspiring. Please pray that he will have an abundant entrance into the everlasting kingdom. Pray also for his parents, in the assembly in Weymouth.

Clinton, ON - Gary Sharp had a week of well-attended children’s meetings beginning March 20, with special encouragement in a number of parents attending with their children. Tuesday evening children’s meetings are planned as a follow up, D.V. Earlier, the assembly appreciated visits from Jack Nesbitt on February 27 and Arnold Gratton on March 12, with ministry and help in the gospel.

Clyde, ON - The assembly enjoyed many children taking part in the annual Sunday School treat on February 19, when Tim Walker spoke to the children. He remained for two weeks of ministry on the tabernacle. Steve Kember was an encouragement on March 22 with his visit and report on the work in Lethbridge, AB.

London, ON - On April 2, Jack Nesbitt was present to speak at the happy occasion of the baptism of a young brother. Earlier in the year, the assembly appreciated visits from Leslie Wells and Larry Buote in February, and William Lavery in March.

Mimico, ON - Jonathan Procopio and Bryan Funston began a gospel series on March 26.

Sudbury, ON - Brian Crawford was with the assembly for the Sunday school treat and the monthly ministry meeting in February and remained for the Lord’s day. Ed Miller ministered at the March monthly meeting.

Huntsville, ON - Don Nicholson had a week of children’s gospel meetings in January, Brian Owen had a week in February, and Lorne Langfeld had a week in March. God blessed His word to the children. Brian Owen and Peter Simms planned to begin a gospel series in April.

Glen Ewen, SK - The gospel was faithfully preached for three weeks ending in mid-March, with Bruce Rodgers and Norman Mellish. Bruce ennox and Brian Currie ended their gospel effort on April 2. The word was faithfully preached and it will not return void.

Reports - Foreign

Northern Ireland - Murray McCandless and Peter Orasuk continued in Coleraine into April, having seen the good hand of the Lord in salvation, with excellent attendance nightly. In Fintona, W.J. Nesbitt and Tom Wright ended twelve weeks of gospel meetings on April 7. God was pleased to grant a time of great blessing in salvation, to the encouragement and rejoicing of the believers. This was the first series in their new Gospel Hall. In Portadown, Jack Lennox and Brian Currie ended their gospel effort on April 2. The word was faithfully preached and it will not return void. After seeing blessing in the gospel series they had in Moira, Sam Ferguson and Walter Boyd started gospel meetings in Cregagh St., Belfast at the beginning of April. This is an area where there has been much political unrest.

Republic of Ireland - In April Alan Davidson and Stephen McKinley started in the gospel near Monaghan.


Mimico, ON - Bible readings May 5, 6, and 7, with first reading on Friday at 7:30. The subject is "The Upper Room Ministry" of John 13 to 17. Saturday and Sunday, 10:00, 2:00, and 7:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 414 Royal York Rd S., Etobicoke, ON. Corr. William Spencer, 1535 Lakeshore Rd. E., Apt. 1507, Mississauga, ON, L5E 3E2. (905) 271-5759.

New Lenox, IL - May 13 and 14. The announcement was in the previous month, but in view of our brother Pike’s home call, those needing accommodations should contact Brent Studnicka, 11048 Denny Aye, Mokena, IL 60558. )708) 479-0958.

Calgary, AB - May 20, 21, and 22, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the West Hillhurst Gospel Hall, 2326 Seventh Ave. NW, Calgary. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. Garry W. Seale, 3111 Conrad Cres. NW, Calgary, AB, T2L 1B7. (403) 282-1383. FAX (403) 282-2437.

Hickory, NC - May 27 and 28, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. This will be the assembly’s 50th anniversary. Saturday meetings at 10:00, 2:30 and 7:00. Breaking of Bread at 9:45. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 253 17th Ave. N. E. Visitors may contact Arnold McDonald, 3054 Clearwater Lane, Iron Station, NC, 28080, (704) 263-8649; Fred Dancy, Jr., (828) 758-2202; or Bob MacLeod, (704) 483-3521.

Grants Pass, OR - May 27 and 28, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible readings are at 8:30 am., on John 14. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 1611 SW "G" St. Corr. Don Gratias, 141 Timberlane, Grants Pass, OR 97526. (541) 479-4521. Gospel Hall (541) 476-3956.

Bancroft, ON - June 3, with ministry at 2:00 and gospel at 7:00. All meetings in the Lakeview Gospel Hall, Maxwell Settlement Rd. Corr. Mark Freymond, R.R. #1, Bancroft, ON, KOL 1C0. (613) 332-4317.

Saugus, MA - Bible reading conference June 3 and 4, with prayer meeting on Friday at 8:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St., Saugus. Subject will be Creation: Genesis 1-4. First meeting on Saturday at 10:00. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. Joseph Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA, 01906, (781) 233-5780. For accommodations please contact Tony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940, (781) 334-6363. Gospel Hall (781) 233-5570.

Sydney Mines, NS - June 3 and 4, with prayer meeting Saturday at 2:00, ministry at 3:00, and gospel at 7:00. Bible reading Lord’s day at 8:30 (1 Cor. 11) Breaking of Bread at 10:00, ministry at 2:30, open air at 6:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 125 Yorke St. (close to the Memorial High School). Corr. Norman A. MacQueen (902) 736-9690. For accommodations please contact Wayne MacQueen (902) 544-0294.

Eden Grove, ON - One-day conference, June 4, with prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Ministry at 2:00. All meetings in the Eden Grove Gospel Hall, one mile west of Bruce County Rd. #3. Corr. John W. Boddy Sr., R.R. #4, Walkerton, ON, NOG 2V0. (519) 366-2302.

Portage la Prairie, MB - June 16, 17, and 18, with prayer meeting on Thursday, June 15 at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 102 First St. NW. All other meetings to be held in the Win. Glesbe Centre, 11 2nd St. NE, starting at 10:30 each day. I Peter 1 and 2 are the passages for consideration for the Bible readings. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. General inquiries to David Vanstone, Box 1231, Portage la Prairie, MB, R1N 3J9, (204) 857-8435, For accommodations, Dennis Walker, (204) 857-7794, Gospel Hall (204) 857-7728.

Glen Ewen, SK - June 23, 24, and 25 with prayer meeting on Thursday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, located 8 + miles south of Glen Ewen. Bible reading Friday at 10:30, Hebrews 1 and 2. Breaking of Bread at 10:30. Corr. Allan T. MacFarlane, Box 172, Glen Ewen, SK, SOC 1C0. (306) 925-4401. Gospel Hall (306) 925-4805.

Halifax, NS - Bible reading conference June 24 and 25, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. The topic will be the Colossian epistle. The first reading starts at 9:00 Saturday; afternoon readings both Saturday and Sunday at 1:30. Breaking of Bread 10:00. All meetings in the Bedford Junior High School, 132 Rocky Lake Road, Bedford, NS. (902) 832-8952. Please give advance notice of those attending to Danny Harvy, (902) 461-8225,, so that arrangements can be made. Corr. Arthur Harnish, R.R. #1, Hubbards, Lun. Co., NS, BOJ 1TO, (902) 857-9265. Fax (902) 857-1441.

Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton, and Charlton, ON - July 1 and 2, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30, preceded by supper at 5:30 in the Englehart High School, where all meetings will be held. Meetings both days at 10:00, 2:00, and 7:30. Corr. Philip Potter, Earlton, ON, POJ lEO, (705) 563-2942; or Harvey Pratt, RR #1, Charlton, ON, POJ 1B0, (705) 544-7758.

Pugwash Junction, NS - July 1 and 2, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible readings each morning at 8:45, Breaking of Bread 10:00. Corr. Harold Elliot, R.R. #1, Wallace, NS, BOK 1YO, (902) 257-2206. For advance accommodations, phone Brent Cottrill, (902) 243-3122. Gospel Hall (902) 243-2205.

Kamloops, BC - July 1 and 2, with a prayer and ministry meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Westsyde Gospel Hall, 849 Wawn Road, Kamloops. Breaking of Bread, 9:30. Bible reading on Acts 2:41,42. Corr. Phil G. Atkinson, 836 Puhallo Drive, Kamloops, BC. V2B 6P7, (250) 579-9484. Gospel Hall (250) 579-8799.

Home Calls

Chapman Valley, ON - Sam Patterson, age 75, on February 11. Our dear brother was saved 50 years ago and was in the Arnstein, South River assembly. For the last 14 years he was in fellowship in the Chapman Valley assembly. Predeceased by his wife five years ago, Sam faithfully attended all the meetings. He gave thanks at the Breaking of Bread the Lord’s day before his home call. Ernie Dellandrea took the funeral service.

Vancouver, BC - James McConnell, age 89, on March 5. He was born in Vancouver and saved at 19 through the preaching of Thomas Black and Herb Harris. James was received into assembly fellowship at Fairview Gospel Hall where he served in the Sunday school and later as an elder and correspondent. Although unable to be in attendance in recent times his presence is missed. He leaves one daughter and her family.

Arlington, WA - Peter Kroeze, age 93, on March 6. He was saved during gospel meetings held by David Scott in 1921, led to the Lord by his brother Gerritt while milking the cows. He was in assembly fellowship for more than 75 years. Peter was an exercised, caring brother with a love for the Lord’s people. Until just a few weeks before his home call he hardly missed a meeting. Over 300 attended the funeral. The funeral service was shared by Don Kazen, Peter’s two sons-in-law Phil Kazen and Al Flett, and a grandson, Tony Flett. Please pray for some of the younger family members not yet saved.

Vancouver, BC - Aaron Nathe, age 21, on January 11, after an illness with cancer. Aaron was saved at the age of 10 and was baptized and in fellowship at Carleton where he participated in all the assembly meetings and preaching of the gospel. During the nine months that Aaron was ill he was a shining testimony to saved and unsaved. Many young people who came in contact with him were impressed with the vital need to place spiritual things first in their lives. He faced his future with unwavering courage and strength, which he found in his Lord and Saviour. His last diary entry said, "My times are in thy hand." Over 700 attended the funeral. Lorne Nathe, Lucas Griffin, Gaius Goff, and Stewart Wilson shared in the service.

New Lenox, IL - Robert Pike, age 73, on March 26. The expression "O man greatly beloved" (Daniel 10:19) suits our brother. He was saved at fourteen and spent his life for God. He has left behind him a wife of like mind and a family who deeply loved and respected him. His years in the assembly at New Lenox proved him to be a true shepherd. Younger Christians looked to him as a spiritual guide and were not disappointed. His love to Christ and for God’s Word, souls, young believers, and the assembly will not be forgotten. People from the district and believers from near and far came to the funeral service. Art Ward gave a tender, personal appreciation of Mr. Pike. Norman Crawford spoke about his salvation, separation, service and the seal of blessing on his labors for God. Joel Portman took the grave service. "Until the day break."