Reports, Conferences, Home Calls

Change of Address

Oswald MacLeod - Kingston Residence Apt. 341; 904 Second St. N.E. Hickory, NC 28601.

James N. and Margaret T. Smith, 670 Northridge Drive, #101, Lewiston, NY 14092. E-mail

Malcolm and Rhoda Radcliffe, 13 Longhill Avenue, Ayr, Scotland KA7 4DY.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Ontario, WI - Kent Hendrickson, E14199 Burr Salem Road, Ontario, WI 54651-7551. (608) 489-3519.

Reports - USA

Palm Springs, CA - The assembly appreciated the visit of John Abernethy at the beginning of May.

Manchester, CT - The Easter conference was very helpful, challenging, and an encouragement to the assembly. David Oliver, Jim Smith, John Slabaugh, Walter Gustafson, and William McBride gave help in ministry and the gospel.

Terryville, CT - On Friday, April 28, the assembly finished eight weeks of weekly Friday night children’s meetings. A good number of children attended, and the assembly was encouraged by the interest shown in this effort.

Dunkerton, IA - The believers would value your prayers for tent meetings planned for the Littleton area in July, D.V.

Cedar Falls, IA - On April 6, Harold Paisley visited with appreciated ministry, and brother J. Gould spent the following Lord’s day. He stayed to help in the Bible readings on 1 Peter during the following week, along with Eric McCullough, William Lavery, Joel Portman, Timothy Walker, Roy Weber, and Allan Christopherson. Earlier in the year the assembly enjoyed visits from Jack Nesbitt, Paul Poidevin, Alex Dryburgh, Andrew Bergsma, Jim Smith, and Joel Portman.

Manchester, IA - The gospel effort with Robert Orr and Stan Wells during March and April, with help from Allan Christopherson during the final two weeks, was richly blessed of God in the salvation of many. This has been a real encouragement to the assembly.

Waterloo, IA - The conference in conjunction with the Cedar Falls assembly in April was well attended and considered one of the best, with fourteen of the Lord’s servants present to give help. Timothy Walker remained for two nights of ministry following the conference.

Methuen, MA - The conference on April 16 was well attended and was a time of blessing and fellowship. Ministry by Ken Taylor, Bill Oliver and Frank Tornaquindici was timely and very profitable. The gospel was faithfully preached by Bill Brescia and Ken Taylor.

Saugus, MA - Please pray for tent meetings planned for July, D.V., with Eugene Higgins and David Oliver, in the same location in Reading where the Lord has blessed in the past.

Livonia, MI - David Gilliland was with the assembly for an extended weekend of ministry meetings on the gospel of Mark in April which were greatly enjoyed and appreciated by the saints in this area.

Saginaw, MI - On May 7, the assembly started its fourth week of gospel meetings with Jim Smith and John Slabaugh with good interest. Both brethren gave searching ministry at the monthly ministry meeting.

Omaha, NB - The believers were encouraged with blessing in salvation during a series of gospel meetings with Eric Fowler and Jim Frazier in March and April and two others recently saved were baptized. Helpful and appreciated ministry was also received in visits from Andrew Bergsma, Jim Webb, and Robert Surgenor.

Mansfield, OH - The assembly appreciated three nights of ministry with Joel Portman and a visit from Gary Sharp in April.

Reports - Canada

Edmonton, AR - The believers in Connor’s Hill Gospel Hall appreciated a week of meetings in March with Walter Gustafson.

Fort McMurray, AR - Fred Krauss and Walter Gustafson had two weeks of gospel meetings in March.

Vancouver, BC - S. Jennings had ministry meetings in a number of the area assemblies during April, sharing the week before Easter in ministry with Samuel and William McBride in West Richmond. The speakers at the Easter conference were Tommy Thompson, David Jones, Eric Fowler, S. Jennings, William McBride, and Samuel McBride. Brother Fowler gave an interesting report of the work in Russia and Siberia. On April 29, Langley had a conference, with David Jones, S. Jennings, and Gaius Goff giving help. On April 30, the Deep Cove assembly began a week of ministry meetings, followed by a gospel series with David Jones and Gaius Goff, in conjunction with the assembly’s fortieth anniversary.

Flowers Cove, NF - The believers appreciated a week of ministry meetings with Alex Dryburgh in April, on The Coming of the Lord. He also visited McIvers and Cornerbrook for ministry.

Rocky Harbor, NF - Five weeks of gospel meetings with Wallace Buckle and Paul Poidevin ended in April with blessing in salvation. A good number of unsaved attended from the start with evident interest. Bryan Joyce helped during the last week due to Paul Poidevin having to leave.

St. John’s, NF - The Lord blessed in salvation during the meetings in Mt. Pearl with Peter Ramsay and Marvin Derksen, which closed on April 15. There was good attendance throughout.

Main Point, NF - The assembly was encouraged by a week of ministry on the tabernacle, with Peter Mathews, from April 9-14. They enjoyed help in the gospel from Bryan Joyce and Charles Hiscock on April 23.

Templeman, NF - The assembly enjoyed the visit and ministry on the tabernacle, from Peter Mathews on April 16 through 18. He also visited Wareham April 19 and 20.

Blues Mills, NS - The assembly appreciated a visit from Hans Bouwman on April 24 and Noel Burden on May 1. In April Fred Bartlett, with the help of local brethren, held gospel meetings in the Lincolnville community hall. Many from the local area came and showed good interest.

Nineveh, NS - The conference was well attended, with thirteen of the Lord’s servants present, two for the first time, Tom Bentley and Hans Bouwman. The ministry was profitable. Gospel meetings that began in April with Leslie Wells and Frank Sona continued into May.

River Hebert, NS - Noel Burden gave appreciated ministry on April 6 and had a children’s meeting the next night. He was also with the assembly for Lord’s day, April 9.

Clinton, ON -David Gilliland gave interesting and challenging ministry on April 14 which was appreciated by the assembly. The weekly children’s meetings are encouraging. Bert Snippe and David Kember gave help in April. On Lord’s day April 30 a young sister was baptized giving joy to the believers. A good number heard the gospel presented by Brian Crawford and Glen Pratt.

Huntsville, ON - Peter Simms and Brian Owen closed three weeks of gospel meetings on May 5, with blessing in salvation among the children attending.

Kapuskasing, ON - Albert Hull visited for ministry on April 20, prior to the conference. The ministry at the conference gave evidence of God’s help, and the believers were edified and encouraged. Larry Buote ministered on the gifts of the Spirit from April 24-27. Earlier in the year, the assembly appreciated visits from Brian Owen, Howard Pratt reporting on Russia, Paul Poidevin reporting on Zambia, and Lorne Langfeld. Please pray for a tent series planned to begin the first week of July, D.V., with Murray Pratt and Eugene Badgley.

Langstaff, ON - Bryan Funston was with the assembly for ministry on April 19.

Lake Shore, ON - Gospel tent series to begin July 30 with David Oliver and Frank Sona, first week will be children’s meetings. On Monday August 7 at 2:00 PM there will be a reunion in the Gospel Hall for all those who have attended former tent series or were saved as a result. After the ministry meeting supper will be served at 5:30. Gospel meeting in the tent at 8:00 PM.

London, ON - The assembly appreciated ministry from Albert Hull on April 11 and David Gilliland on April 17 through 19. William Metcalf visited on the Lord’s day May 7.

Mimico, ON - Three weeks of gospel meetings ended on April 16 with Bryan Funston and Jonathan Procopio. Good numbers attended and the Lord blessed in salvation and in the encouragement of the assembly.

Newbury, ON - The Lord gave help in the ministry and a happy time was had at the April conference. There was excellent attendance and six of the Lord’s servants were present.

Oil Springs, ON - Please pray for tent meetings with William Metcalf and Bert Snippe planned to begin on July 30, D.V.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - The Lord blessed in salvation during three weeks of gospel meetings held in March by Frank Sona. He also had a week of ministry with further blessing in some being restored to the Lord.

Sudbury, ON - There was good interest in the weeks of gospel meetings beginning March 26 by Don Nicholson, helped by David Booth for a week and then by local brethren. The believers are thankful for the time of blessing. Larry Buote had one night of appreciated ministry in April.

Toronto, ON - The Lord gave an outstanding conference over the Easter weekend, and more than 1,000 believers rejoiced together. The Bible readings on "Devotion to Christ" were excellent, and the ministry during the three days was also very devotional. In the gospel, there was blessing both in salvation and assurance.

Wallaceburg, ON - Please pray for tent meetings with William Metcalf and Bert Snippe, planned to begin on June 25, D.V.


Burwell, NE - June 25, one-day conference with prayer meeting on Saturday at 7:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 420 Grand Ave., Burwell. Breaking of Bread at 9:30, Bible Reading at 11:00 Luke 24, Ministry at 2:15, and gospel meeting at 7:00. Corr. Laddie Hulinsky, R.R. 1, Box 127, Burwell, NE 68823. (308) 346-4194.

Pugwash Junction, NS - July 1 and 2, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. Bible readings each morning at 8:45; subject for Saturday, "Mediator, High Priest, Advocate;" Lord’s day, Hebrews 1:1-3. Breaking of Bread 10:00. Corr. Harold Elliot, R.R. #1, Wallace, NS, BOK lYO. (902) 257-2206. For accommodations, phone Brent Cottrill, (902) 243-3122. Gospel Hall (902) 243-2205.

Home Calls

Black Earth, WI - Ed Studnicka, age 92, on February 2. He was saved at the age of 38 after a Blue River conference. Faithfulness and consistency marked his exercised life before God and men. He and his wife Grace maintained happy fellowship in the Blue River assembly, and in later years in the assembly at Black Earth. During his lingering years of illness, his daughter Diana gave him tireless care. At his funeral in Blue River, a large crowd listened to the gospel on the very lot where Ed had first heard it as a young man. All his children and many others in the family profess faith in Christ. Al Christopherson, Art Ward, and Jim Frazier shared in the funeral services.

Tassagh, Co. Armagh, NI - Herbert Joseph Withers, age 89, on February 16. Saved in 1928, he was baptized shortly thereafter and brought into the Armagh assembly. About 14 years later he and his wife moved to a smaller assembly at Tassagh, Co. Armagh, where he remained until his home call. Predeceased by his wife more than 12 years ago, his later life alone was more difficult, as his health failed, but he attended assembly meetings faithfully until a few months before his home call. He is survived by nephews and nieces, some still not saved, for whom prayer is requested. T.W. Wright and S. McBride spoke at his funeral, which was large, an indication of the high esteem in which he was held. He will be greatly missed by his relatives, the assembly, and the community.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Mrs. Ernie (Micklen) Sarlo. On April 4 our beloved sister passed peacefully into the Lord’s presence. She trusted Christ as her Savior at the tender age of ten. Our sister was in happy fellowship in the assembly here. She has lived a godly consistent life and was greatly loved by all who knew her. Her husband and family as well as all the believers will sadly miss her.

East Aurora, NY - Raymond Boies, age 76, on April 24. The assembly lost a valued brother and overseer by the call to glory of our brother Raymond. After a painful illness our brother passed into the presence of the Lord. He received God’s salvation in 1937 during a gospel series with Lorne McBain and William Warke. His testimony before the world and among God’s people was attested to by the large crowd gathered to pay their respects at his funeral. Ed Dougherty and James Smith shared in the funeral service. Remember in prayer his wife Mary, daughter Donna, and her family, all in assembly fellowship.