November 2000
(Vol. 92 No. 11)

Issue Credits

Behold My Feet
(Harold S. Paisley)

First Expressions in First John (part 3)
(Robert E. Surgenor)

Poetry: Walk Before God

She Loved Much – Luke 7:47
(Douglas Yade, Kirkland Lake, ON)

Jesus is the Son of God
(Andrew Adams, Orillia, ON)

Links between Joshua and Acts (part 2)
(A. McShane, Lurgan)

An Outline of 1 Corinthians (Part 20)
(M. A. Rudge)

Poetry: Wonder of Wonders
(Elspeth Duurloo, New Zealand)

Questions & Answers
(Harold S. Paisley)

Reports, Conferences, Home Calls