Poetry: Walk Before God

Walk before God, and perfect be;
Care not for human eyes,
Which but the outward see:
To heaven’s standard rise.
Be not afraid to let thy ways
Each thought, each word, each deed
Be tested by the searching rays
Which from His throne proceed.

Walk before God: be often where
No human eye can see;
And all thy heart to Him make bare:
From secret sins be free.
Thus all thine actions and thy ways
Shall His approval meet:
Thy life shall be a life of praise,
Its end a triumph sweet.

Walk before God: be not at ease
Though saints may think you right;
Be careful that Himself you please;
Be perfect in His sight.
The fear of man but brings a snare
Care not for smile or frown.
Misunderstood, still do and dare.
"That no one take thy crown."

Walk before God: obey His Word.
And yield to His demands;
Beware of calling Jesus - Lord.
And slighting His commands.
Live for that moment when, unveiled
Each secret thing shall be,
Which every eye but His has failed
Within thy breast to see.