She Loved Much – Luke 7:47

Douglas Yade, Kirkland Lake, ON

She likely hesitated at the door as the sounds of supper spilled out over the dusty street. Imagine just how her heart trembled as she slipped into the room. She carefully held the precious alabaster box of ointment. The mood changed as the man at the table became aware of her presence. Through the fog of contempt, she stepped forward to where He reclined at the table. Her heart, full of love, was bursting with the awareness of His worth and power. Her eyes avoided the cold stare of Simon and filled with warm tears of genuine appreciation. Her hair fell softly and veiled His feet like a towel. She began to wipe away the dust and anoint Him.


We marvel at the immense privilege she had to wash and kiss those lovely feet. John the Baptist would have been astounded. He had publicly proclaimed that he was not even worthy to untie the shoes of his Lord’s sandals. John had proclaimed His fullness of Godhead, His Majesty. She proved His forgiving grace, His Mercy. As the scowls around her thickened, she took those precious feet in her hands and refreshed the One who had washed her from her sin.

These were the feet of Glory because Solomon wrote, "My Beloved. . .his legs. . .set upon bases of fine gold. . altogether lovely" (Song. 5:15).

These were the feet of Mercy. Luke wrote, "A certain Samaritan, as He journeyed, came where he was. . .and had compassion" (Luke 10:33).

These were the feet of Victory. The Psalmist wrote, "Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him...I will honor him" (Psalm 91:13).

These were the feet of Calvary. The Savior Himself would say after His resurrection, "Behold my hands and my feet" (Luke 24:39).

Her hands, astounding as it is, held those feet, the feet that Eve thought about centuries earlier. "It (the seed of the woman) shall bruise thy (the devil’s) head" with His heel (Genesis 3:15).


While Simon watched with scorn, she kissed Him again and again. "She loved much." He was the focus of her heart. He filled her thoughts. He forgave her sin. But Simon saw her, not Him. She saw Him, not Simon. She had come to this table to meet just Him. She saw several things with love’s discerning eye.

She saw the Grace that brought Him into Simon’s spiritually bankrupt house and especially into her life. Days before, He had been unknown, unloved and even unwelcome. Now He would not remain unsung or unkissed. Where sin abounded, grace overflowed and the perfume of appreciation wrapped around Him. The others also sensed it.

She also saw the Omniscience of His wisdom. He knew all of Simon’s thoughts. It is true, she realized He also knew her through and through. He also knew what kind of a Christian she would be, her future failings, and He saved her anyway.

She saw that wonderful Forgiveness. It was free. It was full. It was final. It was forever. Her heart was bursting in a song of praise. She poured out the melodious fragrance as her tears rained down softly.

She saw Peace. What precious words! Short, pointed, inspiring, satisfying. "Go in peace." Yes, she would go with it. She would go to her home with it. She would go to the market with it and take it to her neighbors. She would take it to the assembly. She would pass it along.

As she left that table with the fragrance in the air about her, there was a deep change inside. Somehow, a key, lost very long ago, had opened a new door in her heart. Her feet must have felt so light as she skipped along, walking with God. His words, like a gleaming treasure, still dazzled her mind. The sun on her face had never felt so fresh. But back in Simon’s house, the clouds were still gray and stormy.


There are four things that we can appreciate about Simon. He was a man with a right desire. He wanted the Saviour at his house.

He was even in the right place. He sat at the table with the Lord. Perhaps he even had the text on his wall, "Gather my saints together unto me" (Psalm 50:5).

He was doing the right thing. He was eating, having fellowship with Him at his table. Perhaps others who had been invited to the supper were elsewhere. However, he was there! It was right.

He even had the right answers. And the Lord personally commended him in verse 43 as he correctly answered the Lord’s question. Perhaps his friends often looked to him for the right answers from the Bible.

But there was something wrong also. Very wrong. "Thou gayest Me no kiss." No kiss? No love or appreciation? But wasn’t the outward form of things seemingly correct? Yes, but his heart was cold. His heart mused on her, on problems and on doubts. It wasn’t warm for Him.

Sometimes as I rise from the Breaking of Bread, I think about these words of the Saviour at another table long ago. Have I esteemed His matchless grace and beauty and given Him a "kiss" of appreciation? Have I "loved much?"

Gazing on Thee Lord in Glory, While our hearts in worship bow.