Poetry: Wonder of Wonders

Elspeth Duurloo, New Zealand

The world is in His hands,
Controlled by His great plan
But, wrapped in swaddling bands,
Behold the Son of Man!

The root of David’s line
Yet offspring of his seed
From Eternity to Time,
To meet the sinner’s need.

He and His Father One,
Daily His delight
Yet God’s Beloved Son
Came into earth’s dark night.

He made the moon and sun,
He made the earth and sky
Yet no penny - no, not one,
Had He with which to buy.

Worshipped and adored
By hosts in Heaven above
Yet men hated Christ their Lord
And spurned His truth and love.

Many diadems adorn
The blessed Saviours brow
Yet mocked and crowned with thorn,
Cruel men before Him bow.

Creator of all things,
By Him all things consist
Fountain of living Springs
Yet hear Him cry "I thirst!"

By His own might and power,
He built the universe
Yet in that darkest hour,
He became a curse.

He was the Lord of Glory
On rainbow circled throne
But for redemption’s story,
He bore our sins - alone.