Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


Strongville, ON - Lord’s Day, Sunday school and Bible study 10:00 A.M., Breaking of Bread 11:30 A.M., gospel meeting 7:00 P.M.; Tuesday, prayer meeting and Bible study 7:00 P.M.


San Diego, CA - A terminally ill woman professed faith in Christ. This was a great cheer to the Christians, particularly her son, who is in assembly fellowship.

Newington, CT - Gene Higgins had an appreciated visit on Lord’s day, October 8, with practical ministry, and also gave help in the gospel. Please pray for the Friday night children’s meetings that started October 6. It was encouraging to see so many children attending, and some are also coming to the Sunday school.

Hampton, IA - The assembly appreciated two weeks of children’s meetings in August conducted by young brethren from Hitesville, Stout, and LAnse au Loup, LB.

Manchester, IA - Stan Wells had a week of ministry in late September for young believers who were saved earlier this year.

Methuen, MA - Ken Taylor’s ministry on Lord’s day, October 8, was appreciated by the good number that attended the first monthly ministry meeting of the season. The word was timely and instructive. He also gave an encouraging word in Byfield on October 9, and visited the Augusta, ME, assembly on October 10.

Detroit, MI -Dan Shutt and Norman Crawford planned to begin gospel meetings on October 29. The dates and subjects for the bi-monthly Bible readings this season are: November 18, Major Old Testament Prophecies about Christ and The Birth and Boyhood of the Lord; January 20, The Miracles of the Lord and The Parables of the Lord; March 17, The Betrayal and Death of the Lord and The Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord.

Albuquerque, NM - William Lavery and Matt Smith were with the assembly for three weeks of gospel meetings in August. The entire area around the hall was covered with Seed Sowers. Attendance at the meetings was very good, and the believers were encouraged with some blessing in salvation. Please pray for others who showed an interest during the meetings.

Midland Park, NJ - The conference in September was large, with a number of the Lord’s servants giving faithful and searching ministry.

Akron, OH - Jack Nesbitt and Gary Sharp had much appreciated visits in September. Jack Nesbitt also visited Clyde for ministry and a report of the work in St. Lucia.

Cleveland, OH - During September, the assembly enjoyed visits from Gene Higgins and Ernie Moore. Brother Moore gave a report of the work of God in Chile.

Mansfield, OH - Stuart Thompson, Robert Surgenor, and Dan Shutt gave excellent ministry in visits during the fall.

Ontario, WI - Robert Orr and Stan Wells had a series of gospel meetings in the fall.

Waukesha, WI - The assembly anticipated baptizing two young believers in October, both fruit of regular gospel work here.


Burnaby, BC - A very successful week of children’s meetings was held August 14 -18 in a rented building. Numbers were very large this year, and a nice number of parents were present. Please pray that a suitable building may be found to house this work.

Vancouver, BC - The monthly ministry meeting on September 3 in Fairview was taken by J. Blair and Hans Bouwman, and the meeting on September 17 in Fleetwood by Alex Dryburgh and Stewart Wilson. A one-day conference was held on September 30 in Squamish to encourage the small assembly. The October 1 monthly ministry meeting in West Richmond was taken by Earl Ritchie and Ross Smythe. At the beginning of October, Jim Flanigan had one week of interesting and profitable ministry in Langley on Revelation, using a large chart. Jim Currie and Brian Currie planned to begin gospel meetings on October 15 in Carleton.

Bathurst, NB - Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells had two and a half weeks of tent meetings in August, which were well supported by Tracadie believers. Helped by local brethren, they visited with Seed Sowers. This is an entirely new area.

LagacÚville, NB - Leslie Wells, helped by a brother from Tracadie, held gospel meetings in September and October in a rented store. The brother sharing the preaching succeeded in bringing some of his relatives for the first time. Visits in the community became increasingly difficult as opposition grew, and fear hindered those who came once from returning.

Moncton, NB - William Lavery began a gospel series on September 17, with encouraging attendance.

Sussex, NB - The 20th annual conference was one of the largest to date. Nine servants of the Lord from the Maritimes were present as well as visiting brethren James Baker, Malcolm Radcliffe, William Lavery, Alvin Cook, and Murray McLeod. Personal devotion to Christ, submission to His will, and the importance of prayer were consistent themes in the ministry.

Clementavale, NS - The Labor Day conference was held in a new location on the former Cornwallis Base. The move to the new facility did not affect the quality of the ministry, and a definite sense of the Lord’s presence was experienced both in ministry and the gospel.

Sydney Mines, NS - The assembly was encouraged when an 82-year-old sister, saved during gospel meetings a few months ago, was baptized. Robert McIlwaine spoke a timely message at the baptism, and had a week of appreciated ministry from September 17-22.

Clinton, ON - The assembly enjoyed encouraging ministry and help in the gospel during a visit from William Metcalf on Lord’s Day, September 17. The October conference was encouraging, with evident help in timely ministry given by seven of the Lord’s servants. The Bible readings on Christian Marriage and The Christian Home and Family were ably conducted by David Oliver and James Beattie.

Deseronto, ON - During the fall, a young man saved in last year’s tent meetings in Silby was baptized. Eugene Badgley, G. P. Taylor and Murray McLeod shared in the ministry, with a good crowd present, including some unsaved family members.

London, ON - Jonathan Procopio and Frank Sona had more than four weeks of gospel meetings, going into October. The meetings were well attended, and the Lord blessed in salvation, to the encouragement of the assembly.

Strongville, ON - Brian Crawford and Clarence Black had two weeks of children’s meetings in the morning and gospel meetings at night during the summer, in the Lisle/Everette area near Alliston. The assembly was very thankful for blessing seen in salvation in this new area, and plans to continue children’s meetings there over the winter months. Peter Simms planned to be with them for ministry during the first week of October.

Sault Ste Marie, ON - The Labor Day weekend conference proved to be of spiritual profit, and was larger than in recent years. Five of the Lord’s servants gave practical ministry, and the two Bible readings on the Rapture and the Judgment Seat of Christ were very instructive.

Sudbury, ON - In the past few months the assembly enjoyed visits by Alex Dryburgh, Walter Gustafson, and Brian Owen. Their profitable ministry was appreciated.

Toronto, ON - The gospel meetings with Eugene Higgins and Albert Hull in the Leacock Auditorium closed on October 1, with very encouraging blessing in salvation. A large number of unsaved attended every night, and the believers united to labor in the gospel, with an excellent spirit of prayerful exercise.

Charlottetown, PEI - The assembly was encouraged with the excellent response of believers from other assemblies in the Maritimes who came to Charlottetown on September 23 to distribute Seed Sower texts. The day began with a prayer breakfast, after which more than 10,000 texts and gospel meeting announcements were distributed. Peter Orasuk spoke on Personal Evangelism at lunchtime. Please pray for the gospel series with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay beginning November 5, D.V.

Crapaud, PEI - On September 16, Gary Sharp had an excellent and encouraging ministry on children’s work. His weekend with the assembly was appreciated, as well as his ministry in Charlottetown on September 9.

Sainte Flavie, PQ - Gerard Roy had a week of appreciated ministry especially to help young believers, using his chart on Egypt to Canaan.


Northern Ireland - W. J. Nesbitt helped by his wife, Helen, completed the visitation of towns and villages where there is no assembly testimony in Co. Fermanagh during August and September. Gospel tracts have been well received and led to many profitable conversations about salvation.

Republic of Ireland - Sam McBride and Tom Wright continued into October in Erryroe, Co. Monaghan, having gone on for more than 11 weeks. Door to door visitation was done and some strangers came, with many of the children of the Lord’s people attending nightly.


Newington, CT - All day meeting on Lord’s Day, November 19.

San Diego, CA - The conference next year will be the weekend of February 17 and 18, D. V. Further details will appear later.

Fredericton, NB - All-day meeting on November 26. Breaking of Bread at 9:30; Bible reading at 1:15, Treaching the gospel in the local assembly - Do’s and Don’t’s;" ministry at 2:30; gospel at 7:00. Corr. Rob Griffin, 1192 Rt. 105 Highway, Douglas, NB, E3A 7K1. (506) 472-5512. Gospel Hall (506) 472-1125.

Wilimar, MN - All-day meeting on Lord’s Day, December 3.

Saugus, MA - December 2 and 3, with prayer meeting on Friday at 8:00. Meetings on Saturday at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St., just East of Route 1. Corr. Joe Procopio, 11 Forest St., Saugus, MA, 01906, (781) 233-5780. For accommodations please contact Tony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940. (781) 334-6363. Gospel Hall (781) 233-5570.


Langley, BC - Ralph G. Broadhead, age 61, on July 22. Our dear brother was saved in 1948 in Maidstone, SK, and was in fellowship in assemblies in Calgary, London, North Vancouver, and Surrey. In 1972 he came to the Fleetwood assembly, where he has been appreciated as an elder and will be greatly missed. Ralph will be fondly remembered for his genuine care, commitment, and sound judgment. He was given to hospitality, a service shared by his wife, Connie, who survives him as do a daughter with her family, a son, a brother, and two sisters. The funeral service was shared by his brother Philip Broadhead, David Jones, and Stuart Thompson.

Vancouver, BC - Mrs. Elizabeth McKinley, age 98, September 15. Our beloved sister was born in Scotland and saved in N. Ireland in 1938 through the preaching of T. Campbell and William McCracken. In 1946, she and her late husband George were commended by the assembly in Lurgan, N.I. to full-time service in North America. A widow for 22 years, she served the Lord faithfully and was fervent in spirit to the very last. She is survived by her daughter Rena (Mrs. Dave) McGaughey, two married granddaughters, Barbara Frith and Lois Alves, and six great grandchildren. The funeral service was shared by Philip Broadhead, David Alves, and Jim Frith.