Reports, Conferences, Home Calls


The commentary on 1 Corinthians, some of which we have carried for months past, written by our brother, M.A. Rudge, (350 pages) has now been published and is available at Steers Christian Supplies, 150 St George St., St Thomas, Ontario. Tel: (519) 631-6069. Email:

Copies available at: Ards Evangelical Bookshop, Crimond House, 48 Frances St., Newtonards BT23 7DN. You may contact MA. Rudge directly at, 15 Tamar Road, Brockworth, Gloucester, U.K. GL3 4JR. Price - 10 each.


East Aurora, NY - David Boies, 7357 Boies Road, West Falls, NY 14170, (716) 652-6935; and I or Joseph Smith, 10758 Partridge Road, Holland, NY 14080, (716) 537-9302,

Stout, IA - Gary DeGroot, 28073 Westbrook Street, New Hartford, IA 50660, (319) 983-2713.


Alpena, AR - Harry Rodriguez and Jack Saword gave much help in English and Spanish meetings at the hall and in home meetings during August and September. The October conference was well attended and the helpful ministry of William Lavery, William Skates, and Jerry Jennings encouraged the believers.

Phoenix, AZ - The Sunnyslope assembly was encouraged and stirred up by visits in October from Aubrey Kelley (Mexico) and Jim McMaster (England). Much prayer is evident for the planned distribution by the Seed Sowers group at the end of the year, D.V. Spanish-speaking areas of Phoenix are being targeted with follow-up gospel meetings as the Lord directs, with John Dennison and Shad Kember, Jr. expected for this effort.

San Diego, CA - Tom Baker held meetings for children and young people in November, with some of the parents also attending. The assembly has been encouraged with several women professing salvation.

Terryville, CT - The assembly was cheered by the good attendance and the quality of the ministry at their 78th conference in October. Walter Gustafson, Eugene Higgins, Murray McCandless, Peter Orasuk, and Peter Ramsay gave help in faithful and searching ministry.

DeLand, FL - Please join us in praying for a gospel series planned to begin on February 4 with Norman Crawford and John Abernethy, D.V.

Saugus, MA - The believers enjoyed visits in October from Murray McCandless and Walter Gustafson with helpful and practical ministry.

Springfield, MA - Jim Smith held three weeks of encouraging gospel meetings in September. There was some interest, and the believers are still looking for the Lord to grant blessing.

Watertown, MA - The assembly was encouraged by the attendance of several neighborhood children to the annual Vacation Bible School held during mid-August. Parents of some of the children attended on the closing evening. This effort was followed up with weekly children’s meetings on Friday evenings, continuing through November.

Livonia, Ml - The October conference was perhaps the largest yet, and the assembly was most happy with the large percentage of young people present who showed a real interest in the things of God. Norman Crawford and Dan Shutt began gospel meetings at the end of October, and the reports following the first week indicated good interest.

Sault Ste. Marie, MI - In November, John Slabaugh held excellent Bible readings on Marriage and the Family. Some from the Soo, Ontario, assembly also attended regularly and gave good help.

Omaha, NE - Four weeks of gospel meetings with Eric McCullough and William Skates concluded in early November, with the believers cheered by blessing in salvation among the young people.

Livingston, NJ - In October the assembly enjoyed Frank Tornaquindici’s visit and help in ministry and the gospel at the baptism of three new believers. Eugene Higgins also visited in October, with excellent practical ministry and clear presentation of the gospel.

Akron, OH - The saints were encouraged in the fall with good numbers attending children’s meetings in Barberton. Robert Surgenor visited with helpful ministry.

Hatboro, PA - Eugene Higgins ended a brief gospel series on November 8, the Lord having blessed in salvation to the encouragement of all.

Chippewa Falls, WI - In September, Eric McCullough and William Skates had two weeks of gospel meetings in a rented room in a Senior Citizen Center. Some good contacts were made and future work is anticipated, D. V.

La Crosse, WI - The assembly was greatly encouraged when two people were saved during the conference weekend in October. Alan Davidson, Albert Hull, Robert Orr, John Slabaugh, Stan Wells, and Danny Ussher gave help.

Ontario, WI - Robert Orr and Stanley Wells ended a gospel series in October.

Waukesha, WI - In late October, the assembly appreciated a visit from Stanley Wells, ministering on the epistle of Titus. The ministry was refreshing, timely, and practical. Also in October, the believers rejoiced in the baptism of two young believers.

Calgary, AB - Please pray for a gospel series to begin in February, 2001, D. V., with Dan Shutt and Bryan Funston.

Vancouver, BC - The conference ministry was of a practical nature to meet the needs of the present day. Jim Flanigan and John Grant had ministry meetings the week following the conference in Victoria Drive. The November 5 monthly ministry meeting in Carleton was shared by Jim Currie and Brian Currie, who had begun a gospel series there in October. Attendance from those in the neighborhood has been an encouragement. In Fleetwood, Jim Flanigan and John Grant spoke at the October 15 monthly ministry meeting, and brother Grant continued in ministry on the following Monday and Tuesday.

English Point, LB - Malcolm Radcliffe and Jack Gould shared a ministry meeting after the Lance Au Loup conference on the 18th of Oct.

L’Anse au Loupe, LB - A good number of the Lord’s servants were present at the October conference to help in the ministry of the Word. There was a good meeting in Red Bay on the Monday evening following the conference, with seven brethren taking part. Malcolm Radcliffe and Jack Gould had two ministry meetings following the conference.

Buchans, NF - During September, the assembly enjoyed visits from Gaius Goff and Bryan Joyce.

Corner Brook, NF - Jack Gould gave appreciated ministry on the family on October 23. Earlier in the fall, Gaius Goff, Malcolm Radcliffe, and Alex Dryburgh visited with helpful ministry.

Flowers Cove, NF - The assembly enjoyed encouraging ministry from Alex Dryburgh, Malcolm Radcliffe, and Jack Gould between the conferences. Eric Fowler and Carl Payne began gospel meetings on November 5.

Gander, NF - A combined report and ministry meeting was held on October 25, with Jack Gould speaking about the Hutterite Colonies in Manitoba and Alex Dryburgh ministering on The Man of God. The assembly rejoiced at receiving a sister into fellowship on October 15.

Gander Bay, NF - The believers appreciated ministry from Alex Dryburgh on October 23 and 24.

McIvers, NF - The assembly enjoyed a visit from Jack Gould on Oct. 24.

Parsons Pond, NF - A good number gathered for the October conference, with good wholesome ministry given. The Bible study on Ephesians 4, opened by Alex Dryburgh, was practical and helpful.

Rocky Harbour, NF - Gospel meetings with Bill Bingham and Wallace Buckle began on October 25, with good attendance to date.

Sandringham, NF - Alex Dryburgh and Jack Gould shared a ministry meeting on October 26.

St. Johns, NF - The believers were encouraged by the variety of ministry given at the October conference. The Bible study on Giving, opened by Jack Gould, was very profitable. Peter Ramsay stayed after the conference for three nights of appreciated ministry. Earlier, the assembly enjoyed ministry from Gaius Goff and Marvin Derksen on September 24, followed by a week of children’s meetings with local brethren.

Blues Mills, NS - Peter Orasuk had one week of appreciated Bible readings in October on the subject of the various meetings of a New Testament assembly. The readings were profitable and encouraging.

Weavers Settlement, NS - Fred Bartlett and James McClelland began gospel meetings in early November.

Cape Breton, NS - Albert Hull visited the four assemblies in Cape Breton the first week in September. It was a cheer to see the interest in the ministry of the Word and the continued rejoicing in earlier blessing in the gospel.

Clementsvale, NS - James McClelland continued gospel meetings through October with encouragement, as there seems to be a further stir in the area.

Niagara Falls, ON - The conference in October was excellent, with good teaching for all ages. Bible studies on The House of God and Prayer were particularly instructive. Seven of the Lord’s servants were present to help. The believers want to thank all who helped in distributing 8,000 Seed Sowers texts and invitations for the gospel series, ongoing in November.

St. Thomas, ON - Fourteen of the Lord’s servants were present at the October conference. Many believers reported being helped by the ministry. Peter Simms was with the assembly for two nights of ministry. The assembly has begun its weekly Monday night children’s meetings.

Charlottetown, PE - The assembly held a week of special prayer meetings prior to gospel meetings that began on November 5 with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay.

Freetown, PE - Peter Ramsay had a week of well-attended ministry meetings in October on the Life of Abraham in response to the assembly’s exercise and care for the young Christians and new converts.

Longueuil, PQ - Gerard Roy and Leslie Wells began gospel meetings in the hall in October; they have four nights there and one night in Iberville as a follow-up to the summer tent meetings.

Ste. Flavie, PQ - At the first winter ministry meeting on November 4, ministry was given by Gerard Roy and four local brethren.

Maidstone, SK - The joint conference with the Mervin and Paradise Valley assemblies was one of the best. There was a variety of encouraging ministry given by John Abernethy, Cap Van der Wetering, Bruce Rodgers, James Ronald, Jr., and Learie Telesford.


Northern Ireland - In Kilkeel, Co. Down, W.J. Nesbitt and a local brother, Robert Shannon, are having gospel meetings. The assembly is greatly encouraged by seeing some of the local people attending. In Martray, Co. Tyrone, John Thompson and T. W. Wright are having gospel meetings. Some from the district have responded to the invitations and also there are Christian’s children attending nightly. In Omagh, Co. Tyrone, two local brethren, Alex Wilson and Samuel Nelson, began in a portable hall on November 5. In Newtownbreda, Belfast, Robin McKeown and Brian Graham from the Plantation assembly are preaching the gospel. There is an interest and evidence that God is working. Matt MeKillen and Willie Fenton are in Bloomfield where there is good attendance and some interest. In Bushmills, Co. Antrim, Brian Glenndinning and Harry McKenzie began gospel meetings in late October. They are being encouraged in seeing some local people attending and there is help to preach.


Hitesville, IA - Annual all-day meeting on January 1, beginning at 10:00. Corr. Larry L. Brandt, 609 Lincoln St., P.O. Box 683, Parkersburg, IA, 50665. (319) 346-1084. Gospel Hall (319) 347-2333.

Pennsauken, NJ - January 6 and 7, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Rte. 38 near Rte. 70. All other meetings in the Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln Ave. and Chestnut St., Haddonfield. Breaking of Bread at 10:00. Corr. David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ, 08033-1142. (856) 429-4443. Gospel Hall (856) 662-1201. School (856) 429-9620 or 429-4175.

Seattle, WA - January 27 and 28, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30, and gospel meeting on Sunday at 7:00, in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings in the West Woodland Elementary School adjacent to the West Woodland Gospel Hall, 516 NW 56th St. Bible readings at 8:45 A. M. both days; Saturday, Phil.3, "The Knowledge of Christ;" Sunday, Phil. 4, "The Power of Christ." Saturday, meetings at 10:30, 2:30, and 7:00. Sunday, 10:00, 2:30, 7:00. Corr. David Hale, 16813 19th Ave. SW, Normandy Park, WA 98166, (206) 243-0557. e-mail Hall (206) 783-1368.

DeLand, FL - February 3 and 4, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:00. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 109 E. Rose Hill Avenue, east off N. Woodland Blvd. Meetings both days at 10:30, 2:00, 3:30, and 7:00. The Bible reading topic will be Creation. Corr. Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand FL 32724, (904) 943-4000. Gospel Hall (904) 736-1009.

Tampa, FL - February 10 and 11, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Ave., Tampa, FL. Meetings on Saturday at 10:00 and 2:30 for ministry, and for testimony and gospel at 7:00. Breaking of Bread at 10:00, Sunday School at 12:00, ministry at 2:30, and gospel at 7:00. All in the will of the Lord. Corr. Oronzo Dalfino, (813) 265-2757. Gospel Hall (813) 932-9530.


South Main St., Vancouver, BC - Everett James Vernon, age 86, on August 19. Our brother was saved in 1934 under the preaching of Eddie Fairfield. He was baptized and received into the fellowship of the Fairview assembly. Brother Vernon was one of the twenty-seven who first broke bread in September 1936, forming the South Main St. assembly. As a faithful elder in that assembly, where he is missed, he maintained an interest in the gospel throughout his life and loved to hear it clearly preached. He gave liberally of his time and substance to promote the Lord’s work and the welfare of His people. For a number of years he hosted an annual dinner for the senior believers in the Vancouver area. More than 250 attended the funeral service, which was taken by Earl Ritchie and Harold Paisley, who gave words of comfort to the family and a clear gospel message for the many unsaved. His wife of 63 years, Jeanette, and a son Bob and daughter-in-law Carol survive him.

Earlton, ON - Mrs. Marjorie Potter, age 79, on September 30. Marjorie was saved at the age of sixteen and was a blessing and help to the Earlton assembly where she remained in happy fellowship until her home call. She was predeceased by one daughter and is survived by her husband John, two sons, two daughters, eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild. Keith Edwards and Murray Pratt shared in the funeral service.

Blue River, WI - Mrs. Myrtle Studnicka, age 91, September 30. Our beloved sister was saved in 1932 during the first gospel series in the community, held by the late Steve Mick. She and her late husband Raymond were among the believers who formed the assembly in Blue River. A cheerful sister who was faithful to her Lord and the assembly, for the past year she was a resident in a Care Center. Four sons and one daughter survive her. Robert Orr and Jim Frazier shared the service at the large funeral.

Chatham, ON - Clara Getty, age 83, October 6. Our dear sister was saved at age 18 during cottage meetings in the area, with brethren McGeachy and Sylvester. She rested her soul in the truth of John 3:16, and maintained a consistent testimony for the Lord throughout her life. She and her husband Donald were in fellowship in the Merlin assembly and later in Chatham when the assembly moved there six years ago. She was confined to a home for the latter years of her life and testified happily about her Savior while there. Her husband, two sons, a brother, five grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren, many of whom yet need the Savior, survive her. Jim Beattie spoke at the funeral.

Springfield, MA - Mrs. Margaret McIntyre, age 97, on October 12. Saved in Ireland as a young girl, our sister and her late husband, Robert, were both faithful in the assembly. For the last few years she was in fellowship in the Livonia, MI assembly. Prayer is requested for her daughter and grandchildren. William Hanley took the funeral service.

Willmar, MN - George Arends, age 87, on October 12. Our dear brother was saved in 1955 during gospel meetings held by Leonard DeBuhr and Oliver Smith. He and his wife Ann, who preceded him in death in 1998, were among the believers who formed the assembly in 1957. Our brother suffered a stroke several years ago and was confined to his home, yet appreciated his salvation. One son, Kenneth, with his wife Gloria and their family survive him. Robert Orr took the funeral service.

Stout, IA - Ferdinand "Fred" Henze, age 93, on October 16. He was saved in 1954 in meetings held by Oliver Smith and William Warke. A few days later his wife Mary was also saved. They were received into the Stout assembly and continued through the years. Besides his wife, he leaves a son, Gary, and daughter, Kathie Karsjens, and many grandchildren. Many relatives, neighbors, and friends heard the gospel preached at the funeral, which was shared by Eric McCullough and Richard Van Mill.

Armagh, No. Ireland - Mrs. Susan Cassidy, age 93, on October 19, after a short illness. Saved in 1926 and received into the Erryroe assembly, our sister was in the Newtownhamilton assembly following her marriage in 1939. Predeceased by her husband by 27 years, she was faithful to the assembly in Newtownhamilton until her home call, bearing a godly consistent testimony to the end, with clarity of mind. She will be much missed in the home and in the assembly. Please pray for a son, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and granddaughter - one family member not yet saved. S. McBride, T. W. Wright, N. Tinsley, and W. J. Nesbitt shared in the funeral service.

Earlton, ON - Mrs. Winnifred Fergusson, age 84, on October 21. Winnifred was saved during meetings held by brethren Brice and Widdifield in 1929 at Englehart and was one of the original members when the assembly was formed in 1933. In 1936 she married Norman Fergusson and moved to Earlton where she continued as a faithful helper and encouragement to God’s people till her home call. She was predeceased by her husband Norman and one granddaughter, and is survived by four sons, two daughters, fifteen grandchildren, and fourteen great grandchildren. The funeral was taken by her sons, Ron and Stan Fergusson, and Larry Pratt.