The Coming of the Lord Draweth Nigh

Harold S. Paisley

Words in Season is the oldest magazine of its kind in circulation, as this is the beginning of the 93rd year of continual publication. Two brethren, Lane and Suitert had the first copy introduced in Philadelphia in the year 1908. They stated that their purpose was to help the Lord’s people understand the "lovingkindness of God," by exalting the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and encouraging work and witness in accordance with New Testament church principles. For twenty years until 1933, Dr. Edwin Martin was editor, followed by Charles Keller for six years and his brother, Samuel, for nine years. Mr. William Ferguson continued for thirty two years until his homecall in 1980. These brethren were marked by faithfulness to God’s word and spiritual desires for the old paths of serving in accordance with the pattern of assembly principles as set forth in the Acts and the epistles of the New Testament. Brother Matthew Brescia has continued as editor for the last twenty years with the present associates, who have all cooperated to continue in the same spirit as those who have gone to be with the Lord.

The present writer, with the brethren, are deeply concerned to maintain the exercise of the former servants, now with Christ. To restate the faith, once for all delivered to the saints and to continue to stir up the saints to the looking for "that blessed hope" of the Lord’s return.

There is a growing conviction in the hearts of many believers in the blessed Lord, that His coming in very near; an event which may take place at any moment, and as the Word of God shows clearly, will take place in two stages with a short period of seven years between.

In Paul’s first epistle to the young believers at Thessalonica, he refers to "the coming of the Lord with all His saints." The great purpose of the Lord is revealed. He Himself will descend, at any moment, from heaven, summon all that are in the graves who have been redeemed to join those who are alive and are the remainder of the church, to meet Him in the air and thus be with the Lord forever. This catching up, or rapture, is the immediate prospect of every child of God and is imminent. It may take place at any moment .

Some of the saints had died, and the living believers feared that their loved ones would miss the coming kingdom of which Paul had taught them. How tenderly the Lord dealt with the fears of those who mourned their departed brethren, and thus directed Paul to give this special revelation. His coming will be with all His saints, as he will rapture them secretly to meet Him, with a view to coming with Him in glory.

May it then be our endeavor, day by day in 2001, or whatever part may be left, to work, walk, worship and wait to welcome our beloved Saviour at His return. He will fulfil His last promise, "I come quickly."

What wonder, joy and glad surprise,
Shall fill our hearts as thus we rise
To meet Him in the air!
To see His face, to hear His voice
And in His perfect love rejoice,
Whose glory then we’ll share.
O may this hope our spirits cheer
While waiting for our Saviour here,
He’ll quickly come again.
O may our hearts look for that day
And to His word responsive say
"Lord Jesus come, Amen."