A Review: The Gospel Hymn Book

Harold S. Paisley

The publishers of the new edition of the Gospel Hymn Book have asked me to review and assess its suitability for assembly use. The Gospel Hymn Book has been in continuous circulation since 1913 when it was designated the Pacific Gospel Hymn Book. The last revision was in 1994. It has been used in the majority of assemblies in Canada and the U.S.A. in gospel meetings.

The present edition is an acceptable improvement. Many useful additions have been made in well known, old time favorites suitable for gospel usage. The four hundred and seven choice hymns are in five categories: 240 gospel hymns; 36 adoration and praise; 82 christian life and testimony; 13 believer’s baptism and 36 missionary outreach. All the hymns are as originally written by their authors, whose names and life spans have been included. The book itself has a very attractive soft binding, clearly printed on superior paper and is handy sized. A CD of hymn tunes will be available later. Price is $4.75 Canadian or $3.50 US and may be obtained from: Western Publishing Foundation, P.O. Box 88017, Richmond, B.C. V6X 3T6 Canada. Email: horizons@ultranet.ca.